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  1. Two bouts of poison ivy, second one was so bad I had to be put on steroids to clear it up, which unbeknownst to me and my doctor, was allergic too and bloated up like roadkill on a hot summer day! I don't know how those body builders do it
  2. Great News! Now wipe those tears and get out there and find some!!
  3. Maybe make it a McToy themed cache! Can only trade McToys. That should keep it pretty full of what you want and fair as trading goes.
  4. You should see your avatar everytime you you post. Did you try and log off and then back on again? Give it a shot.
  5. Mark, This is a great idea, please include us. I sent you an email as well. Thanks. The Gecko
  6. It is honor enough to see that we have been nominated. We too will donate the amount to Groundspeak for keeping our sport going! Thanks.
  7. All the above would be my choice as well. We enjoy the entire concept of geocaching, it is a great family outing everytime we go. I think our 6 and 9 year old are worse than my wife and I.They are developing their own themed cache to hide...awesome! By the way we voted "Finding the Cache"
  8. Out back I sent you an email, try it and let me know how you make out. The Gecko
  9. Did you leave any left to find in the greater Memphis area? WOW! Post a picture of the spoon when you figure it out
  10. Great Stat's Junglehair! We have done 38 caches since joining in June 03, we are very addicted and my lawn shows it, no time to waste on cutting grass with so many caches to find! By the way I will be sending an email to you at the NYGO website to offer our help! The Gecko
  11. This is a great idea! Your staffs are awesome, Please count me in. The Gecko
  12. BullDogBob....is CoachBaldy entering the waypoint manually or downloading directly form the cache page? If he is not downloading them directly have him try it, once he does that it will automatically be saved as a waypoint and as a GO TO. Let me know how you guy's make out.
  13. My family and I were just interviewed last week about our beloved activity by our local paper. The interview went great due to the fact that the reporter was very interested in getting into it herself. After the Q and A session, she asked if we would take her on one after the article was printed....another cacher is born!
  14. I agree that ammo cans are hands down the best all around container. The only problem that I can see is using them in public park areas. If accidently found by muggles, the box looks suspicious and one quick 911 call and all hell breaks loose!
  15. See my posting from 6/26, unless I am an unusual case (in which most of the time I am), I received mine fast...3 business day's! Let me know how you make out as I will be ordering more real soon. Thanks. The Gecko
  16. Received mine in three business day's, I could not beleive they came that fast! You should have them well before your trip Lesley. Have fun in Atlanta! The Gecko
  17. I just ordered a 4 pack of TB's myself yesterday using paypal and I received an email from Groundspeak today telling me that they were shipped! I hope the Woodsters curse has been lifted! The GeoGecko Xtreme Team
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