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  1. I'm going to be moving out of state next month, and I'm not sure what the best option for my caches is. There are two which I'm currently unable to get to, since the road to get to them is washed out (mountain bikers visit them once in a while, though), so retrieving those two isn't an option. I could pick up the rest if necessary, though. Is there an adoption process in place? Should I post something about it on the cache pages? TIA, S-
  2. When did they change this? I haven't been very active for a couple of years, but I changed my geo-name not that long ago - sometime this year, I believe.
  3. I've done it (see mountain lion post above), but it's very difficult to get a CCW in California, so I don't have one. I will only carry in remote areas when I feel particularly vulnerable for one reason or another, and have actually only done it twice. I would prefer to have the option to carry any time I headed into the woods, but I'd rather not get a conviction for it and lose any chance of ever obtaining a CCW anywhere.
  4. My biggest fear is probably mountain lions, although the chance of seeing one is pretty low, and being attacked even lower. Not afraid of snakes - I actually look forward to the possibility of seeing one on the trail. I almost stepped on a rattler once because I was looking at my gpsr instead of where I was going.. I only noticed him because he started moving once I was about three feet away from him - he could have just as easily struck at me. I think I got lucky on that one...
  5. Treo 650 w/CacheMate and log later, or if I'm feeling spunky, I'll log them from the cache site in real time (also with the Treo).
  6. I haven't done much caching in a while, because of my other hobbies! Off-roading (which is ironic, since I bought my Jeep for geocaching...), astronomy, spending time with the little woman..
  7. Try this. You definately want to find a club to join. Going wheeling alone is asking for trouble. What happens if you get stuck or break something? Going wheeling with someone else can be the difference between an inconvenience and a test of your survival skills... Happy wheelin'! Cruzin (another Jeep owner )
  8. IMHO, TG was out of line. Consider this very possible scenario: Bluespreacher places a hard-to-find cache. Few people seek it and the last two cachers couldn't find it. TG archives the cache citing maintenance issues. While we're all chatting about it in the forums, another cacher sees that his favorite part of his favorite trail no longer has a cache on it and places one there, which gets approved in short order. Now we have a situation where a cache was unnecessarily archived and can not be unarchived because a new cache is blocking it. I believe (based on the information provided in this thread) that TG should have e-mailed BP, and possibly disabled (NOT archived) the cache. BP should have some time (30 days?) to respond to the e-mail and/or do a maintenance check before the cache is archived. This would have achieved the same desired end-result (cache is either verified to be there and healthy or it gets archived) without generating any ill-will between the cachers and approvers. Just my $.02...
  9. City Select runs about $100 and you get all of North America. Some of their products either do or used to have regions that had to be paid for separately, but (at least) the newest CS is all-for-one. As for which GPSr to get... I started out with the Legend, which is a fantastic unit. Great starter. I upgraded to the 60C a while back - not for caching (any unit is fine for caching) but because I use it for a lot more than that. The larger, color screen and autorouting features were worth it for me. With CS loaded, I also use it to locate restaraunts, major stores, gas stations, etc. If you think you might use it for more than caching, especially if price isn't an issue, go for a better unit off the bat. You'll save money by not having to upgrade.
  10. I'm also the only riding cacher that I know of in my area. Sometimes I ride while caching, but it's always alone (or ocassionally 2-up with my g/f).
  11. If the person you bought it from isn't local (within a couple hundred miles), it'll probably need to be re-initialized. That's the process where the unit waits for all the almanac information to be received from the available satellites before it tries to determine it's position. It could be that it's trying to locate satellites that it can't see, because it thinks it's in a completely different place on the planet. Check the documentation for the unit to see how to initialize it. I'm guessing that's all it needs.
  12. Supply + Demand = $What the market will bear I've bought a fair amount of stuff on eBay, and continue to due so. Sure, not everyone has a clue about what things should go for, and those people don't sell their wares (0 bids). The fact remains, though, that if people are consistantly buying an item at a certain price point, then that's what it's worth. What it's worth to you may be different, so bid accordingly, but if it's a popular item then don't expect to get it at the price you want without spending some time and effort to do it.
  13. Don't apologize - you did nothing wrong. Something like "It's unfortunate that you feel that I was being rude or neglecting you" would've been more appropriate, IMHO. Don't let the turkeys get you down.
  14. The Garmin eTrex Legend gives the best bang for the buck, IMHO.
  15. CASH! (Small, unmarked bills in bundles of 100 notes please).
  16. You choose a destination (waypoint, address, intersection, Starbucks, etc.) and select "Go To", then "Follow Road". It calculates the route and starts telling you how to get there.
  17. I can't speak for any of the other "power caching trails," but I was FTF on a bunch of the caches along the Thousand Oaks PCT. Those who think that these caches are just about the numbers should try one before they form an opinion about them. I've never been snow skiing and I don't think I'd like it, but I can't say for sure because I've never been. The Thousand Oaks trail is a great hike and each hide is unique in placement and the container chosen. Just because the ability to log a lot of finds in a relatively short period of time exists doesn't mean that the trail/caches are lame. Team Dakiba (the hider of the T.O. series) is almost legandary in these parts for both creative urban hides and exceptional trail hides. The reputation is well deserved and it bothers me to see people putting these cache series' down without ever having been on the trail looking for them. If you don't like the idea of a PCT, you're free to avoid those trails, but you'll never know what you missed if you do. Just my $.02.
  18. The last rattler I ran into was this guy last year: He was busy, but he rattled at me anyway. I guess he didn't want any company while dining. I've run into many gopher snakes since then, but no rattlers. Here in Southern Kalifornia, it's darn near impossible to get a carry permit. I've carried while hiking a few times anyway, although my main concern is mountain lions, not rattlers. Glock 27.
  19. If you're looking for a PDA just for caching, you can get a Palm IIIxe off eBay for $30-$50. 8mb is more than you'll ever need for caching and you won't be out too much $$$ if you drop it out on the trail.
  20. So THAT's where the problem is! I thought it was "feed the plants and water the children." Really explains a lot!
  21. I think they should be painted red - something like this.
  22. Check out the software section on PalmOne. If there's really nothing you can use out of the 20k titles listed, then you probably don't need one. Since you're a techie, I'm betting you'll find something that'll make you want to go get a Palm. Some examples off the top of my head that a techie could find useful: ASCII chart VNC client Telnet client FTP client Conversion tools Many DB apps IR printing Etc. A palm is a mini computer. There's a Palm replacement for just about any desktop app, hardware permitting (you won't see HalfLife for the Palm...). Spreadsheets, word processors, databases, games, etc. Besides caching, I use mine for: Wireless modem (built in [PalmOS cellphone]) Keeping all my financial accounts balanced (every transaction in every bank/credit card account I have is in there) Remembering easily forgotten dates (birthdays etc.) Tracking the mileage and maintenance of my cachemobiles Keeping track of rebates I've sent off Converting from one standard of measurement to another (great freeware program called Converter) Maintaining all information for all my contacts (both of them LOL) Games, of course MP3 player Much more... I don't consider myself a Palm "power user" and yet I still find it indespensible. It helps that it's integrated with my phone. When I had a Palm IIIxe, I found that I didn't use it as much as I wanted, mostly because I didn't want yet another gadget hanging off my belt all the time. The PalmOS phone is perfect. You can get a Kyocera 6035 off eBay for well under $100, if prices haven't changed from the last time I checked. It's basically a Palm IIIxe built into a cellphone. I used one for two years before I got my 7135 a couple of months ago. So are you sold yet?
  23. I loooooove my cellphone! I highly recommend it!
  24. Swagger


    Here's my very controversial thoughts on the matter. Note that I do not advocate breaking the law; this is only what I would do if I were in your place. The record companies are making too much money and the artists are making too little. It's a bit unfair and it ticks me off to no end. All this blabbering that the RIAA does about not pirating because it affects the artists is hogwash - it's their own wallets they're worried about. In that spirit, I would make the CDs and leave them in caches. I would also send (anonymously, of course) the artist a quarter for each one I left. That's probably more than they'd make from the retail sale of the entire CD and certainly more that they get from a CD single.
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