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  1. The new cache owner can feel free to amend the name of the caches if they like. I talked eh = Edith Lake As for the neaby fawndling the parabola, the tree the cache was originally hidden at was shaped in such a way that it resembled a parabola I was reminded of a song called 'She offered only parabolas'..... and so it went, fawn + parabola
  2. Low cache find counts are indeed fashionable... I have given up logging finds..... and at that, there haven't been that many since I hit 500 and decided that was more or less it. So today I sit on a gate near the current location of my moving cache. And the ole Magellan Meridian Marine is just not cuttin it. Can't initialize it properly... can't find my cache... drive up the road a bit, try to get it sorted out, not gonna happen. Go Back to Ross/Peardonville to give it one last try. Now, if it turns out the Silver Jetta wagon that had newly arrived was some caching family, I've got a Moun10bike geocoin and 25 caches up for adoption.... Couldn't get a word out of them edgewise, but I'm pretty sure there was a GPS in someone's pocket. I'm sitting on a fence wiuth a malfunctioning GPS, and that's how it ends? We'll see.
  3. I've hidden an entire series you'd best have a 4x4 or quad to do. Chilliwack, BC
  4. I'm going to try and log the caches I found in 2009.... LOL
  5. Cool stuff. Been way out of the loop for awhile doing the fuel economy thing, but I'm going to be doing a few caches in August...
  6. smart Canada held a scavenger hunt on May 27th in three cities - I took part in the Vancouver event, attended by about 75 cars, and their owners/friends. The hunt was strictly driving - with 4 locations to go to, and a final BBQ destination. There were 4 routes as well. The clues were mostly good, and there was an obvious Amazing Race type feel to it - with clues in envelopes etc... They called the events 'The Mystery Revealed', which was done in support on the Da Vinci Code. We received some promo items to boot. Read more at www.clubsmartcar.ca under general discussions...
  7. I see your cache, and nothing else, except a few older caches closer to the start, and mystery spot, which I never noticed before. Hmm........ think I'll dig out my maps of the area and get reacquainted.
  8. Doctor's Point - there is an access road, two actually, I have been down there, but *not* in my Suzuki... you will need lockers or much clearance and determination... What caches are out that way? I'm going to have to look that up. I'd go, but my X-90 won't make it up Sloquet stock...
  9. A disk of some great forum conversations would be nice... (Hi Dan!)
  10. Obviously a fancy belt clip I thought as I started reading the thread... which was right. But I vote for Stallone. :-)
  11. In more ways than I can care enough to explain. Tick tick tick...
  12. You probably got the cacher right, but it was this one or maybe this one that was one of the first. Seeing as you have only posted a rebuttal to 2 of the 10 points... can we presume the other 8 points are accurate? Pareto's Law.
  13. There's some comedy in fairly good taste. Thanks for that. I was wondering if this thread should be re-titled. How about: Why I am not a BCGA member. That would have been more accurate.
  14. Time to take a week off methinks. Please. Gain some perspective. Trust me on this one. ***** Edit: For clarification (Since I received a PM from DBC.) Re: Trust me on this one. Means: Taking a week off would be a good thing to do right now. I speak from personal experience. There is no conspiracy here.
  15. DBC - If you're gonna quote, then let's start with one or two of your own: From here: That was a good idea you had. What happened? Here's another from the same thread: No kidding. And yet again, from the same thread: Funny thing is, you made good use of the you-know-who's website, and BTW - you never did join the BCGA.
  16. This thread is (with it's serious title) is not at all helpful to the cause of geocaching. For some reason DBC, you have taken some mysterious road, and I have no idea where it goes... You make reference to a geocacher bushwhacking here, but when I read the log, I take it as a tongue-in-cheek joke. I guess it depends on what filter you put on the stream of media that your eyes see. Have you considered changing the filter? What is your objective through all of this?
  17. What a pathetic attack DBC. You can do better.
  18. Take it from me... Wasting time and energy on the negative is just that, a waste... DBC, MrG's involvement in the BC Parks issue is not going to to do anything BAD for geocaching in this province. DBC - who and more importantly, WHAT are you representing through all of your posts?
  19. Never saw a moose- anywhere. I did get some photos at Rossport though. My site is in need of a few updates, which I will tend to now. Oh - I am back. I didn't end up doing any caches in MB, SK or AB on this trip.
  20. Now in Marathon ON. Tried to log a find tonight. Ingenious hide - too many muggles though to get it. Will try again in the am. Next stop will be the Fort Frances area... still working on my final week's itinerary.
  21. Back in Boucherville - did 5 caches I think. (Still to be logged) Slept in and missed one in La Romaine. C'est la vie.
  22. I've made it to almost Labrador now... I'm in Flowers Cove. In the AM, I'll attempt a FTF in near the ST Barbe ferry, which I must be at by 9:30 After that, I'll hopefully do a few in Labrador and maybe one in an isolated village in Quebec when the ferry stops for 1 hour. And in typical zuuk fashion, there's always something bizarre going on: http://100mpg.ca/?p=64 Oh, and the TB I picked up is now dropped off in Corner Brook. I was unable to locate the cache at Cape Spear - although that was a spectacular spot!
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