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  1. 'Windmill Hill' (Avebury) was our downfall with the two passenger side tyres let down and one screwdrivered ! Fortunately, this is a cache and dash so we were very very unlucky and it could have happened anywhere. However, the just desserts of flaming ammo-boxes from the sky are waiting to / or have happened to the perpetrator(s)! At least we found the wheel-lock key eventually.
  2. It wasn't well hidden and we though that that was the intention so that those tempted for that first expedition wouldn't go away disillusioned - so we left it 'almost' as found. What we saw on the TV then was true, it was just 'left' and not buried under a 'twigwam' It should be safe but we will take responsibility for a replacement if it gets rumbled before its next find.
  3. We use an Etrex and an iPAQ/TomTom/MMap combination. However, if we actually went out and did a bit more caching, we could give you a more accurate preference I do prefer the Etrex as Memory Map does take a lot of fun out of it. In the beginning, we simply had the raw North and West coords from the iPaq's navman driver which was hilarious and frustrating............. try it !!
  4. Both of us absent minded, eccentric and started caching with no maps and just the basic North/West readout from SmartST Pro. One driving and one doing the 'Up on the west' , etc.... BTW - We still have TinTin books and still read them.
  5. I plan to ask for a replacement battery for my iPAQ 3630 (Still going strong after 4 years) from Mrs Cuthbert and also some time off work to use it !! (Half a century of caches after 18 months !!)...... claw...claw...shiver...shake !! Andy
  6. We enjoyed the chase for the 'Westing' bug and, out of honour, we refused to get the coords for its 'Northing' counterpart. We got beaten to westing and the email nur-nur-ne-nur-nur that entailed was great. Very good fun... We're all for them. (although in our case they were not strictly travel bugs).
  7. Our belated, sincere condolences. Only met him once, but what enthusiasm and kindness.
  8. We have done only one in the past down in Devizes and, like previous cachers, had the problem that the webcam site was offline so had to plead via the cache page to allow the 'find' to be recorded by our own digicam. We would much rather have a virtual to prove being there rather than having to tie a friend to being ready to take a .jpg over the net. Don't we spend enough time on this medium anyway ? <grin> Just our tuppence-worth
  9. Was there anything going on near Savernake on Saturday as there was about a dozen hits on one cache ?? We thought the Groundspeak site had gone into SPAM mode for a while. A couple of the logs mentioned a BBQ ?? thanks for the Surprise
  10. I popped in on the way home and found the cache missing. In retrospect, a 'temporary disablement' would have been more appropriate just in case a cacher had taken the box for a spring-clean, etc. Andy
  11. After having archived a cache recently after receiving 'not found' emails and subsequently checking the cache-site, I had an email from another cacher asking me to unarchive as the cache was still there !! After losing a couple of our other caches, I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe there's another convert out there now in Wiltshire who realised that ammo-boxes can contain other, more exciting things. My faith in humanity has been restored somewhat. Andy P.S. And yes..... despite being one of the Cuthberts, I was in the right place !
  12. Congratulations, You're not a stowaway in Seasider's car-boot are you ??
  13. It would be fun if we could see everyone's Glad it's not an automatic system otherwise that thread that we had last year about English place names being censored would have had us locked out
  14. We have lost a second one of those Groundspeak 'rocks' that we had placed as a microcache. I guess that they are quite useful outside the Geocaching circles for hiding housekeys, etc. so I guess this is a warning to us to use these only off the beaten track to minimise the discovery by muggles. We did think that this was quite well disguised give its location. Has anyone else fallen victim to losing one of these ??? Andy
  15. At least, if he can ignore the conversation, he has a choice of two chauffeurs I'd better go before Mrs Cuthbert reads this !! Andy
  16. Can we come out of the woodwork too ?? We are just down the road from Lacock but had to dig out an atlas to find out where the forest of Dean was. Duh !!
  17. I use MM and would agree that the management of routes/marks/tracks could be improved. I also haven't found a way to easily turn off the proximity alarm on the PDA apart from edit the properties (or move away from the mark which somewhat defeats the object). However, apart from that it is an excellent piece of software that came in very handy when doing the final leg of 'Spring Fields' yesterday. Andy
  18. We echo your excellent service Mark.... especially as our orders have been those very heavy rocks amongst the other things. Thank you.
  19. Sounds like fun a good preliminary before Euro 2004 Not sure about London though. Us inbreds in the West are a bit averse to playing squash at lunchtime with guys called 'Gerald' Any chance of a western venue ?? Andy
  20. Congratulations Greenmantle from us couple of plodders.... NattyB - How many hamsters in your avatar ? One glutton or two amorous ones ?
  21. "Look after your car mister...... only £1 for the day ???" I suppose it's the same down here..... Premium is 81.9p / litre ! .... oh, sorry.... Talking of cache density though, when we started not so long ago, we could have covered all the Wiltshire caches in about 3000% of the time it would have taken Seasider (even with his beer-breaks) and Mr. Womble became more active in the GAGB as the fuel-bill would have been huge otherwise. Now, the story is changing and it's nice to see. A great activity down here in 6X-land ! How's the Boddingtons ?? Andy
  22. I was always told that a 'nigger' was a romany name for a hedghog - the hibernating version of which caused problems when trying to get firewood without disturbing it. Normally, a hedghog would have been eaten but during the winter, their body composition becomes more fatty and less palatable. Maybe my father was winding me up but I still have fond memories of this phrase. Andy
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