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  1. Jellis called it. If I wait long enough the site show up. Out of date system, I guess. Thanks for the help.
  2. I can get in my wife's laptop computer. I'm visually impaired so maybe I hit the wrong key on my desk top. Been caching a long time, first time I've seen this. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. I'm using Internet Explorer 11. Example: I'm logged in, I go to nearby caches, I get the links for the caches. I click on any of them, and I get a brown screen, and that's it. I try going in from GSAK and the same result.
  4. I click on a link to a cache and all I get is a brown screen. What did I mess up?
  5. I'm a Charter Member. I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford the fee. I don't think the game should be for premium members only.
  6. I've had it twice and I didn't like it at all. I never go caching anymore without wearing long pants and shoes and socks. Being hot and uncomfortable beats getting it again.
  7. Anyone have the goods on this X Flare thing that's supposed to disrupt communications in the next day or so?
  8. I dropped one down a crack in the rocks once and made it inaccessible, I thought. I fessed up. The owner found a way to get it back. He insisted I log it. Pretty nice guy.
  9. Being told to put the cache back where I found it. Gee, really?
  10. My son uses his GPS watch for running, etc., and geocaching. Seems pretty accurate, but he has to manually insert the coordinates for each cache one cache at a time.
  11. The instruction video seems to say I can but I guess I'm missing something? Just downloaded Basecamp so I'm on a learning curve here.
  12. Yes, a great idea. My group does it all the time. GSAK is another program that works well.
  13. Celebrity Lines. I don't plan to take it. I do my own caching as you mention. I thought it might be of interest from the point of view of caching becoming more "mainstream", if that's good. And it is pricey. But you get to ride in a Hummer. Let's hope the captain has a GPS.
  14. Some of my favorite geocaching experiences have been from cruise ships. On St. Maarten in 2002, we grabbed a taxi and went out to Orient Yourself on Orient Beach. The cab driver thought we were hilarious doing this weird sport and took us home to meet her grandchildren. On Curacao in 2005, I took a cab to what appeared to be a trail entrance to Pittig Ding, and told the driver to come back in 90 minutes. I emerged just in time, scratched, bleeding, and having recovered my lost money and cruise ship ID that was torn out of my backpack on the way. They were both awesome adventures. Somehow I don't think a guided tour would have been the same. Gee, sorry I mentioned it. I merely thought it was of some interest. Didn't realize I was in such awesome company.
  15. Interesting that a cruise line is offering a geocaching expedition as one of its shore excursions in Alaska.
  16. Don't use one. I stick in my pocket when I'm not carrying it my hand. Which, come to think of it, probably means I will scratch it on something one of these days. Should get a screen protector one of these days...
  17. On GSAK,I edit the waypoint to '"cache name" parking' instead of the GC number. Helps to keep the parking straight. When I download to my Oregon 450, it shows the parking with a cache icon, and the actual caches as little, I guess, tupperware boxes. I have never played around with this set up.
  18. I met a guy from Texas who claimed they use them to mark where they kill wild boars, and come back to collect them at the end of the day.
  19. I fly from time to time and use it on the plane. I fly on board military aircraft (as a retiree, I have the benefit of catching military hops world-wide) and they don't have the "air show" the airlines have...so I hold up my GPSr to the window and track the flight. Very, very, very interesting! I get the same use on trains and buses. Very fun! I like to do the same thing on cruise ships. Making sure the captain isn't lost.
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