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  1. I'll give that a shot tomorrow.... Also, I tried swiping across the screen and it seemed to help a little bit. The problem was that this sometimes made the GPS think I was trying to target a point on the screen for a waypoint or something and would enter a menu. Also, not very safe or practical if I'm driving.
  2. I should have clarified, I've already tried that. I've played around with zoom levels and have it set to the level I've had the most luck with. Also, I played with the settings and made sure detail level is set to max. It still does it though... I'll try what Splashy suggested and see if that helps.
  3. Hey folks, I'm a police officer and I'm a big fan of having a GPS unit up in my car at all times while working. I'm currently using a Garmin Nuvi 255. The only complaint I have about this particular unit is that it frequently doesn't display the street names of streets you're approaching. It's very sporadic. It'll often just show the street as a line on the screen intersecting whatever road you're currently on. It's a pain because I'll often reference the GPS to call out my location, but it often doesn't show the cross streets. This is huge advantage during pursuits and whatnot also... Can anyone suggest a GPS that doesn't do this? I'd like to know the name of EVERY street around me at any given time. Thanks.
  4. Howdy, I got my hands on a monster-sized ammo canister and my friends and I would like to make it somewhat challenging to find. I'm wondering if it would be acceptable to make 6 micro caches that are all registered on the Geocaching website as normal micro caches that also double as multi-caches in that they'll contain a piece of the coords to the final cache which I'll submit as a mystery cache (would mystery cache be correct?) The micros will be placed all around town. Would this be acceptable? Thanks, Cap'n Cache
  5. I agree. I've owned several of both. They both have theirs ups and downs...
  6. I'm not so much bothered by it as I was concerned that it was defective.
  7. Mine does the same thing. Sometimes it does, sometimes it's sold black. The lines are almost always a different pattern. My first one did it with just lines on right hand side, the new one does it with lines all over. Another annoying thing to look for... Go to the NAV screen that shows the little battery in the right hand corner and turn the backlight on, if you look at the battery where the screen's really dark sometimes you can see spacing between the pixels. It looks like cat scratches. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not.
  8. Sounds like that's the normal thing with these. It's very annoying. I'm considering swapping it out for yet another but it sounds like it won't fix much!
  9. Do you occasionally see spaces between the pixels that look like they shouldn't be there when you have it on? They're particularly easy to see when the backlight's on.
  10. Hi, I got an eXplorist 400 about 2 weeks ago and I noticed right away that when I turn it on on the right hand side of the screen there were vertical lines that appear for roughly 1 second before the GPS turns on. After a short while where those lines would show up I could see what almost looked like cat scratches between the pixels after the GPS was on for a while. Sometimes I would turn it on and it wouldn't do it at all. I exchanged my old one for a new one and the new one does the same thing with the lines on startup for a seconds but it's all over the screen. I just got the thing so I haven't noticed anything unusual after that point. My question is, when you start up your eXplorist, do you see vertical lines on the screen for a moment before it starts? Thanks, Cap'n Cache
  11. Wow. I can't believe I didn't think of that. That fixed it. Thanks very much
  12. Howdy, I recently got an eXplorist 400 along with Mapsend Topo 3D USA. I’m trying to use the Magellan Geocache Manager program but it won’t recognize that I have an eXplorist 400 connected. I’ve followed Magellan’s directions on the proper order to connect the cables, I turn the GPS on and it goes into “USB File Transfer” Mode automatically. When I try to send a Geocache to the GPS with the Magellan Geocache Manager it takes a few seconds then I get the error, “No Unit Detected! Magellan eXplorist Manager was unable to detect an eXplorist. Check that the USB cable is connected at both ends and that the GPS is on.” I’ve installed the Magellan USB drivers that came with the GPS. I’ve tried this on every USB port on my computer. All have the same results. I don’t know what else to do. Any tips are much appreciated! -Cap’n Cache
  13. Yes, it's actually scenic. There's a family of deer that live in this area and you're almost sure to spot them everytime you're in that area. It's quite nice.
  14. I'm pretty sure it's intended for apartment residents only. It's really not a park, it's more a worn-down swing set and a rustly slide in the middle of a wooded plot of land. No one goes there. Ever. I suppose I should get permission from the manager. Thanks, Cap'n Cache
  15. Howdy, I live in an apartment complex and I'm wondering if it would be within the guidelines of Geocaching to place a cache in this little park that's in our apartment complex. I've read the guidelines and I'm not sure if this qualifies as private property??? I'm assuming it does, but I just wanted to double check. Thanks, Cap'n Cache
  16. Howdy, I just bought myself a new Etrex Vista and Mapsource Metroguide. My computer didn’t have a serial port so I bought a serial to UBS adaptor cable. The drivers installed automatically when I connected the GPS to the computer. Also, under the device manager a new port is added when I connect the GPS in this manner. My problem is I can’t for the life of me get the Mapsource software to recognize that the GPS is connected. I’ve also tried running the Garmin Webupdater but I get the error “Some devices were found, however none have the necessary capabilities. Please make sure your GPS is on and the interface is set to ‘garmin’ or ‘host’. My interface is set to “garmin’ as there is no ‘host’ option. Anyone had a similar problem? Any suggestions are much appreciated! -Cap’n Cache
  17. I tried what greengolftee87 suggested but it's not the same for Magellan GPS units. Anyone know how to project a waypoint with a Sportrak Map?
  18. Weird... Is anyone else having this problem? It's mostly getting the initial fix that takes a long time, but it's still a weak signal. If not solar flares, could it be some of the GPS settings have changed? Would that affect it?
  19. The problem with going back is that the older Firmwares aren't compatible with the software. Software requires you to upgrade
  20. You do have to just press the button for a few seconds but I never really use my GPS at night and sometimes I forget and waste batteries ALSO, it's hard to tell it's even on during the day or if you've turned it off so you have to hold your face to the gps and cup your hands around it to get it dark enough that you can tell. This is really a hassle when using the gps while driving...
  21. Hi everyone, I've recently tried to get a couple caches that left me stumped because I wasn't sure what to do... One cache says to go to listed coordinates and once I'm there to "Walk towards a bearing (azimuth) of 2 degrees magnetic" What does this mean? I'm not sure if they even apply, but if the original cache coordinates where N 44 04.359 W 123 02.013 what would the new coords be? The other cache has several puzzles to get single digit numbers for A, B, C, D, E, and F. Then it says "Project a waypoint for A.BC miles at DEF degrees magnetic." I have no idea how to do that? Here's a link to the cache page... Stewarts Pond I guess I don't have GPS navigation lingo down too well... Thanks for any help
  22. Hi everyone, I've just recently purchased DirectRoute for my Sportrak Map. Now when I start a GOTO the light automatically turns on (wasting my batteries) I can't figure out how to turn that off. Is is possible? Any help is appreciated! -Cap'n Cache
  23. Hi everyone, I've had my Sportrak Map for quite some time now. Since about a week ago my GPS has had lots of trouble getting a good connection. It takes about 5 times longer to get a "3D Fix" than it did before, and it loses it easier. It's not the batteries. One thing that may be effecting it is the fact that I've recently installed DirectRoute. But it wasn't having this problem when I first installed DirectRoute, it was a while later. Could that have changed some of my settings? Any ideas? -Cap'n Cache
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