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  1. A painter's mask, rubber gloves and a dark blue nylon winbreaker with "Bio-hazard Response Team" in 3" letters works pretty well.
  2. Boots, jeans and a plain blue windbreaker with the following iron-on letters on the back: BIO-HAZARD RESPONSE TEAM This with a painter's white mask generally precludes questions from the nosy.
  3. I have been using the trusty Legend for several years now. In fact, I prefer it to the PLGR (weight, size and most important BATTERIES!). Accuracy has never been a problem except in urban areas where there is masking and multi-path. Note, sub-meter accuracy is possible with commercial units. It's a matter of sitting still long enough and averaging the results. Happy Caching!
  4. It really has to do with the excuse to get some exercise and fresh air. A big plus is finding interesting and out-of-the-way places that we would never have visited otherwise. The contents of the cache container (other than the log book) is really of no consequence. We leave the signature card and coin and rarely take anything. To quite another famous geocacher, "Watson, the game is afoot!"
  5. Take a look at: www.fugawi.com it's a lot cheaper than ArcView and has most of the same features.
  6. Back in the very early days (2001), I think cachers were very casual about getting permission, if at all. However as the sport has grown, and some of the controversies on some cache locations, the importance of obtaining permission has grown. With my most recent cache it took a couple of weeks to determine who the property actually belonged to and then locate the person who had the authority to approve a cache placement. This took a little time, but in the long run it is good for public relations.
  7. If anyone is looking for a source of 35MM film cannisters, you can stop by the local Eckards or any other place that develops film onsite, they will usually be glad to give you a double or triple handfull. No questions ask. I wrap and tape the CITO labels that I printed out to the cannisters. Always keep a few in my pack.
  8. Let's see.... UK, Norway, Denmark, Germany , France, Netherlands and the US.
  9. Borrow or bring your own small child before seeking caches near playgrounds.
  10. I once found an immitation Rolex watch about 2 feet from a cache in heavy brush. The band had a broken link and was laying on the ground. Due to the remote location, obviously a Geocacher had lost it. I posted a note on the cache page and E-mailed the last 4 people that had logged the cache. No responses. I am still considering making it a FTF prize in mu next cache.
  11. Thoughts and prayers from Fort Worth. Hiemdahl and Mrs. Hiemdahl
  12. I made a basic error this weekend that fits right in with the theme of this thread. Before going out, I ALWAYS dust my socks, the top of my boots, pants legs, underwear and waistband with sulphur. A lesson painfully learned many years ago at Benning School for Boys. It was a beautiful fall day and Mrs. Hiemdahl and I were going out for a couple of easy caches. Interestingly, after one particularly bad case of chiggers, she will not venture into brush or tall grass under any circumstances. Anyway, I wandered off into the brush, found the cache and then made the big mistake. I sat my pack down for a moment while fishing around for a fresh ballpoint pen. We then happily went off and found a few more caches. That night I had multiple bites over my right shoulder and armpit. In the few moments that the pack had been sitting on the ground it had apparently become infested. Definitely a lesson learned the hard way. From now on, I will always dust my backpack.
  13. Not compulsive? You're here in the middle of a work day, right?
  14. If Muggle, or more properly GeoMuggle is not acceptable. How about Skraling?
  15. I couldn't care less, I use Buxley's maps anyway.
  16. And also a moment for those in the Pentagon.
  17. I have found the Mapsource MetroGuide Europe invaluable. I have used it extensively while traveling on business. Much better than any of the local maps (except the military ones) in some of the out-of-the -way places that I end up. I will be heading to the Pacific Rim in a couple of months. Hopefully I can find some good maps of that area. And the answer is yes. The waypoints will show up on the maps.
  18. Yep, the preident of the company will look you in the eye and with a straight face tell you there is no relatinship. BTW, it is one of the absolute best mapping software available. Used by the military from numerous countries.
  19. Check out www.fugawi.com they have a USB/serial adaptor with drivers that works with Garmin. I think it is under $30 US.
  20. In order for the averaging to be significant it is NOT the number of readings but the length of time over which the readings are taken. Accuracy dependent on the satellite geometery and to a lesser degree free electrons in the ionosphere. 100 evenly spaced readings between sunset and sunrise would probably be the most accurate you could get from a commercial GPSr. BUT, the searcher is probably no better off. They are still dependent on the conditions at the specific time they are looking. So.... when you get close. Put the GPSr away and use the force.
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