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  1. Hello... I have an 89 that is in great shape...I'm not really in need of money right now (though not opposed to it), but would like to know if you have anything interesting to trade since you mentioned that... Please let me know! Thanks!
  2. Must be a typo, because the one in the auction is clearly a Vista...
  3. If this topic doesn't interest you, then go do something else I think their point is that nothing is going to be solved in this thread...It just continues to go around and around...Arguing over the internet is pretty much useless and acomplishes nothing... You also pointed out that Duane acted like a normal everyday nice guy in person...But, it's kind of funny you should say that...I would be willing to bet that about 95% of people who talk trash on the net do not have the back bone to back it up or say it in person...I'm guessing that is the case here...
  4. CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG! THIS IS A GAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! I mean, all of this just over some dudes screen name?? Honestly, I see nothing wrong with the name, I see more of an issue with the guys attitude than anything...It seems to me like he is bringing a lot of this upon himself, but for whatever reason people seem to be missing that fact and focusing more on the name... Brainsnat made an excellent point with his last post and I feel he hit the nail right on the head... That reminds me of something...A lot of people say they are insulted by the name, upinyach** or whatever, saying it is offensive to kids...But, if I remember correctly there was some sort of musical or family movie way back when called "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" I think his name has nothing to do with going to the bathroom or human waste...I think he simply expressing his love for that movie!?!? :lol:
  5. I say if you have enough people interested in taking part in it, go for it! It would basically be a one time thing and I don't think I would even try and put the coords. on the board... The way I look at it, it is one part geocaching and one part paintball...Sounds fun if you ask me...Once again, I say go ahead and try and pull it off, I mean everyone on here might not agree with it, but it's not like the geocaching police are going to raid the event and shut it down!
  6. Which Meridian is it? Gold, platinum, ect...Thanks...
  7. Thanks Robert, I appreciate the tip! I am still fairly new to the sport and did not realize it was quit this popular, so I figured I would ask... Thanks for the help!
  8. What I am wondering is what makes you think if you placed a cache like this that someone would come looking for it in say the next 48 hours? I can see the animal rights activists hammering down on geo cachers for animal abuse I'll give you one thing though, it's an intersting idea!
  9. That geo cache? Are there any active groups or clubs organized? *Edited so "robertlipe" could better understand what I was asking. [This message was edited by Riverwind on July 30, 2003 at 09:02 PM.]
  10. quote:Originally posted by Criminal:Quality_ hand made items are cool. If a guy worked in a machine shop and simply turned a spare chunk of steel on the lathe into a weird shape, I think that would be a good trade item. Things the average person can’t get. http://fp1.centurytel.net/Criminal_Page/ You hit the nail right on the head with that statement! It's too bad more people don't leave stuff like that in the caches...Personally I would rather find something a person took some time and made by hand, rather than having something store bought, even if they spent upwards of $20 or more on it... But, really it all comes down to the hunt...Either you love it or you don't! Finding stuff in the cache is just icing on the cake if you ask me!
  11. Where is this in relation to Nashville? Just curious...
  12. Hey man...I'll help you out if ya still need it...Let me know! Take care...
  13. I was wondering how the rebates worked on the offroute.com website...Are the prices they list before or after the rebate? Say for instance, they have the Meridian Platinum for $281, but also advertise a $50 rebate...Does the $281 already take into account the $50 rebate? I am guessing it does, but it is not really very clear on their site...Thanks for the help!
  14. That is your website isn't it? Just curious...
  15. Just wondering... I was wanting to get a couple of the patches and it said that they were on back order until 7/22 (yesterday)...Anyone have any idea when they might expect more? Thanks!
  16. It seems to me that the fact that the liquid you are going to be putting in the CamelBak is going to be colder then the outside temp, thus causing moisture or sweating...It has to have some way to evaporate otherwise it seems to me it will just pool in the bottom of the pack...
  17. quote:So now the quandry is do I fork over the 100 or do I wait for the GPS VI and get that? Seems to me it would depend on what the VI is going to cost when it comes out...And also how much a used V is going for these days...
  18. Just wondering what everyone out there is using right now...Also, why are you using the current GPS? Thanks for the info!
  19. Ok, I think I must have missed it, but I was wondering who the person is you were wanting the autograph from? Just curious
  20. This is my first post and I would like to start off by saying hello to everyone! I was a lurker on this site for a little while and finally decided to join up...So far I love the hobby! So, to my question...Whenever you guys head out in search of a cache, what sort of gear do you take along with you? Just curious, as I feel I made need to revise my current setup... Thanks for any info you might contribute!!
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