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  1. There's your problem. .kml files only from GE
  2. Nice Job!!! ~Amy of familyO'foxes
  3. It was a wonderful wedding!!! They make an awesome couple! I sure wish I could of heard the bride say her vows....thought I was going deaf until Jim spoke. Couldn't miss his! ~Amy
  4. Our sig item is Riggin. The logo on his chest is representative of the Arthritis Foundation logo. Our 8 year old daughter has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (diagnosed @ age 2). This is our way to help get the word out that "Kids Get Arthritis Too". Check out our profile or http://www.gotcache.com/jra for more info.
  5. Hey Jeremy, What is the distance for notification of YJTB's in your area??? Just curious.
  6. I wish I would of seen this post before we left. We left Thursday morning for Champoeg and Dorenbacher's Children's hospital! Sorry, we didn't stop by with the kids. Who knows, maybe my kids went to your campsite on their own. ~Amy
  7. Starting at 2 p.m. there will be a kid's Parade through loop A. Meet at the entrance to A loop near campsite A47. All kids attending Champoeg are invited to "dress-up, ride bikes, walk pets, roller skate or whatever" in the parade. All adults are invited to sit along the route and enjoy and cheer. At the end of the parade all kids will be given scavenger hunt list which should be completed by the end of dinner break. Meet at campsite A36 to check in your finds and collect a prize. (around 6 p.m.) At this time all kids are welcome to participate in a "make-it and take-it" craft activity and for the younger kids there will be coloring books available. Pooh Princess aka Mrs. SugarBeats will be placing a kids only cache with clues posted on a bulletin board (located near recycling area). That will be a find anytime cache. Only one visit per child. TMG has mentioned having a kid's only pinata. So watch for her post on time and location. We will be using the bulletin board mentioned above to post any other kids activities. Kid activites are done by Stampin' Granny, Mrs. Sugarbeats, Team Tired Feet, and familyO'foxes ~Amy of FoF
  8. This should be great to watch!!! I want to be one of the judges!!! hee hee! ~Amy of FoF
  9. Emerald Valley Cachers Started out in the summer of '03 as a yahoo group - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/evc Recently launched http://gotcache.com and forums. We are located mostly in the Willamette Valley, Oregon but have members from all over Oregon and some from Washington. -Jay
  10. I saw your post to their e-group. Nice touch.
  11. That was my thought. They got hacked???
  12. Has anyone else seen this??? http://www.letterboxing.org now takes you to http://boxcaching.com NOW MERGING WITH GEOCACHING?!?!?!?
  13. Die out in July?! Well, then the discussion will start up again about Champoeg 2005. Planning and talk will start in August. Campsite reservation will start in September or October (can't remember which month it is that we can start "holding" our spots). ~Amy of FoF
  14. The page has been updated to include more than just a forum. Stop by and have a peek: Got Cache? -Jay
  15. Congratulations!!! That is awesome! We still have our caching "stick" that you made (Fresh_Meat bought one for us)!!! Keep on Cachin! Amy of FoF
  16. The Willamette Valley has a caching group. We are moving beyond the Yahoo! Groups and have started putting together our site. Check it out: Got Cache?
  17. Yes, please stop by and say "hi!" Looking forward to meeting you! You mentioned you can't ride a trike anymore and that reminded me about Jay riding a trike for a contest. It was something their reserve unit (Navy) did to raise money for a charity. Grown men racing trikes. Very funny sight. Amy
  18. I'll bring the larger ammo box and a logbook for starters. LazyBoy, that is nice of you to donate a cache container. I'm sure the kids will have fun! Amy
  19. There will be a "planning" meeting next week if you are in the area... EVC ya real soon One thing for sure that will be discussed is the Pancake breakfast! Amy
  20. What is happening now in the love story??? Amy of FoF
  21. Not if it gets burried at the bottom of the forum thread. I must agree though, this is one weekend NOT to be missed. -Jay
  22. At the risk of sounding like "the mature one" I would like to throw out a few of things: 1. We have a terrific relationship with the folks at the park. I would hate to see it get wasted for a water balloon fight within the confines of the campground. 2. A water fight sounds fun, especially if it is hot. This would be a good thing for the area where the Apparatus was held last year......provided we clean up afterwards. 3. I know I don't want my camper trashed, and I can probably speak for others who will be decorating their sites. Electronics and water don't play well together. -Jay
  23. Yes, there will be a pancake breakfast!!! More details to follow at a later date. Amy of FoF
  24. Another thought... could have the kids trick-or-treat through Yurtville and tent-way. Amy
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