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  1. I own a Bersa Thunder also. Excellent piece. Affordable, reliable and small enough to "palm" if need be. Packs just enough "whollup" for defense and is extremely accurate up to 20 yards. I have put at least 2000+ rounds thru it and have had only 1 jam, and that was on the second clip I ever fired. Just had to break it in. I wish it had a larger capacity mag (7 + one in the pipe) but that’s the price you pay for conceal ability. I'm sure that there is a larger after market clip but I'm very particular when it comes to clips. Only original manufactures clips for me. 8 in and 8 out.
  2. True story. The Alewife and I were enjoying a pint on a sidewalk seating area of a brewpub in Ann Arbor. Trying to cross the street: a young man of about 14 years wearing a foil helmet. Ah, only in Ann Arbor do the young folks have the smarts to protect themselves from alien abduction! Woo Hoo, only 32 posts until the gun/no gun debate started! The alewife and I are interested in getting our permits here in MI. If anyone can suggest a good class/trainer, please e-mail me through my profile. We have never carried while hiking or caching but a recent encounter with two young men with hammers and questionable intentions (while hiking) has made us consider this as a viable option. I was happy to have a snarling, hackle raised lab-x next to us (that made the two gentlemen re-assess their position). Cheers! 4HoundsBrewing I know of a great 1 day class ran by the NRA which includes range time, cheap too! Problem for you is that it's in Monroe. E-mail me if you are interested in details. Sorry that this post is a bit off topic, but I can't send out on my e-mail...only recieve. Should be up tomorrow. I now return you to your regularily scheduled topic.
  3. XD9...Nice piece! My old lady loves hers! Carries it on every cache hunt.
  4. I'm curious what part of your from? I'm from Northern MI and I can tell you that Yes cougars do exist in MI. Late last fall there was one hit by a car up here in Northern MI. I've talked with someone eles who was being paced by a cougar while hiking in the Leelanau Peninsula. He turned and looked eye to eye for what he thought to be an hour, but was only a few minutes. He made himself look as big as he could, kept the hiking stick handy and never looked away from the cougar. The cougar looked at him and made a few big cat growls and ran off through the woods. I think if you were ever confronted by a cougar, you would definetly know it's not the everyday house cat. I hiked this same trail last Labor Day with my dog and we ran across some critter, but never actually saw what it was. Whatever it was took off running through the woods. My German Shepherds hair stood straight up and she let out the meanest bark/growl that I've ever heard her make. Here's a website about our MI feline friends Cougars in Michigan EDIT: I forgot to mention we have a large number of black bears that are spotted all the time. Most of the time they will just run away from us unless of course you startle them or come between the mom and cubs. Then they become aggressive. They've even made their way into the local towns and had to be moved back to the country. With that said, I have not started to carry yet, but I do have a .45ACP. I've done a lot of shooting over the years and just recently applied for my concealed permit. Does that mean I'll carry all the time? Probably not, but it does give me the option if I so choose when I feel it's needed. The majority of the time my primary protection is my geodog. Well said. I was going to post some of the points you made CSI, but you beat me too it!
  5. I carry either a Bersa Thunderbolt 380 or a Springfield Arms 1911-A1 Champion 45. Rarley, I"ll pack one of 2 40's(XD40 or a PT140) The better half carries a SA XD9. I only break out the larger cal's when there might be larger hungry critters about but that is very rare, we usually cache in urban areas. Thank God we have never had to pull them!
  6. That's a CLASSIC! Can we bronze it, or somethin'? Are you kidding me??? This person could not be serious!!!!
  7. Amen to that! I usually lurk and don't post often but I read the flame wars and laugh at the trolls! It's pretty easy to hide behind a "puter screen." Your absolutely right...This is by far the mellowest forum I regularly frequent.
  8. Strange how its 180 degrees backwards. HMMMMM........
  9. Ok I have been trying to find this micro for a week and its driving me nuts! I'm a bit confused about his bearing and heading instuctions. I even called a coast guard captian and he was also confused. I must be doing something wrong because 13 people have found this! I took a heading of 349 but I'm not sure how the bearing comes into play. I tried going 310 ft. from the starting point in an arch and still no luck! What am I doing wrong?
  10. To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!
  11. OK, I gotta admit. Sometimes I would just look for threads that CO locked just to see what all the controversy is about! A guilty little pleasure of mine. Sometimes I agreed with him, sometimes I didn't but I would never want that job. Good luck CO in all your future endeavors.
  12. Did you just hold down the ctrl key while rotating the middle wheel thingy on your mouse? Menubar --> View --> Text Size --> ? DUH Thanks Hemlock Double DUH! I never new you could do that! Thanks! MUST...LEARN...TO...READ...ENTIRE...THREAD!!
  13. Hear Hear! Font size needs to be increased. Other than that so far so good!
  14. Never cached in Vancouver but I have in Ontario. Must say the neighbors up north are a friendly lot!
  15. Gotta agree with ya there Rob! Pursonily id lik a speel kheker. not Fer me of corse...butt for the morans who cant speel!
  16. Doggy douche? Get out!! I guess it could work thou...
  17. I acutally like virts. Granted, some are lame but some are really interesting. I did this cache recently and we really enjoyed ourselves. Its a bunch of virts that eventually lead to a physical cache. I've driven by these spots at least 148,959,846 billion times and never had a clue! I think you've got the right idea in making this one a multi TaS. Its more enjoyable...makes the finders actually use their brains instead of just following an arrow...plus you get your virt in and it is much easier to get approved! Win Win!
  18. Funny, the very first item I ever traded for was a golf ball. I don't even golf! I didn't know any better at the time. I think my dog buried it in the backyard.
  19. Read the FAQ list located on the main page under"New to Geocaching". This will help out bigtime! Oh, and welcome!
  20. I've done one like that also. I'd give you a link to the cache but I'd be giving it away!
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