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  1. It took a while to figure out which app was the banned one. Even the mods wouldn't respond to PM's about it. Anyways I used the banned app a couple of times and really didn't like it. I can't figure why there is so much positive reviews for an app that has such a crappy interface. The only thing I can think of is all the positive reviews are from those who don't want to pay an insignificant $30 a year for Pocket Queries. Anyways the first app I downloaded was a legal query using app called GeOrg. I really like the 3D topo map. It doesn't have landscape view, but it's coming.
  2. Vantage Point is completely unnecessary. I switched to GPX 1.1 and loaded my GPX via Vantage Point and there was no benefit. It loaded so few photos, I just couldn't find a cache that it benefited. There is just no reason you couldn't drag and drop GPX files from your MAC and get 99.9% of all functionality. Vantage Point is pretty useless when it comes to the drag and drop of the GC.
  3. Yeah you can hate them. Their really useless. LOL
  4. I found the E compass in my Meri Plat useless. I have no use for them. I don't miss it at all, since I switched to the Meri Color and now the eXplorist GC. Couldn't care less. I do have an affinity for high quality earth mag compasses though. Since my very beginning I have always used a compass in the other hand. I search the cache location in a visualized grid pattern with the coord screen and a compass. Having a hard time with the new GC because it's hard to nav to the coord screen. I'm split now. The Meridian was the perfect GPSr for so long, but the ease of loading GPX on the GC is awesome. I just wish the GC was laid out like a meridian and loaded the GPX via cut n paste.
  5. WoW! My Droid failed me yesterday in the drizzly Western WA weather. It didn't get a lock the entire 40 minutes I was driving to a caching location. It was the Georg app I'm sure. When I opened Google Maps it locked on right away. I'm thinking Georg doesn't use the celltower assistance Google Maps does.
  6. WoW! I can't believe I made it all the way to the area I wanted to cache and had a major brain fart. I deleted all my geocaches from the GC database. I use an Android app that's a little manually operated. When I copy a new GPX to the directory I have to delete all the geocaches and load the new GPX. Need less to say my brain fart resulted in me deleting all the geocaches from my GC on location. My Android couldn't get a fix due to Western WA weather. Requiring me to drive all the way back home to reload my GPX to the GC. Now I only have two hours to catch a couple close to the house. Blah....
  7. there was a implementation to download the gpx-file from gc.com but noone from gc.com answered his mail where he was asking about if it´s ok...so he removed it to be save. I downloaded my GPX using the phone browser. Doesn't even have to be unzipped. Used my file manager to move it to the Georg database and loaded it just fine.
  8. Okay. I thought those would be included in the description of the cache. Good to know for paperless devices. THX
  9. Thanks. 1.0.1 will work with my Explorist GC and my Android, but will it effect how GSAK generates waypoints for my Meridian?
  10. I've used Queries for years. However never unzipped the Waypoints that comes in the Query. Are the waypoints duplicates of the caches in the GPX file? Only asking because I can load the unzipped Query to my Android. What are the waypoints doing, if anything? Searched already. Eyes glazed over...
  11. I can't find the mention of which GPX version I'm using anywhere in my profile. I did see that the site only supports the upload of GPX 1.0 to the saved GPX area. That doesn't mean I'm using 1.0. 1.1 isn't out yet?
  12. Actually they don't want to encourage members to use apps that access GC.com servers without authorization. Most of the apps in the Market do just that. Those using apps that do may have their accounts frozen. I don't know how they all function, but I bought one that uses GPX files like a stand alone GPSr. I doubt they have any issues with its mention here in the forums. Its Georg, pretty neat how I can use Google maps in satellite and 3D topo.
  13. The definitely said they were releasing several new GPSr this year. I'm excited to see what's on it's way.
  14. What he was referring to is apps that log on to the GC.com servers without authorization. GSAK works entirely with authorized GPX files. The log on info GSAK uses is for sorting caches in the GPX files.
  15. Yes. When connected the GC appears as a thumb drive. I don't know if Vantage point software works though.
  16. Do you (can you?) copy and paste the converted files to the SD card by taking the card out of the Meridian and putting it in a card reader to do the pasting (if you don't have the cable to connect the Meridian to your computer)??? Yes. I never connect my Meridian to my computer. I have only used the serial cable twice, for firmware updates.
  17. Big con, my Droid isn't water proof. I like looking at my quarries on my Droid, but when I head out of the vehicle I use a Magellan. I also don't like touching the screen after I've handled anything dirty.
  18. Sent an email to the development team about this concern. I hope I'm not to late for the update release.
  19. My correspondence with Magellan suggests that they are very new owners of the Magellan line. There is a scheduled Magellan.com opening date. The 15th I think. All things sound positive about the new owners.
  20. I read the reviews on the Android Market when I chose Georg. Not free but only a buck when I got it. I like that it has an awesome 3D topo option. I wish it worked in landscape though. When I dock it in the vehicle I have to swivel the dock to portrait.
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