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  1. I spoke with Tiger at Delorme last week and he said there is nothing new coming that he knew of. Bass Pro Shops has the PN-60 for $199. I almost got one but bought the Oregon 450t instead.
  2. If you use GSAK this is the easiest way I know. NuviExport.gsk
  3. Too bad you won't be here the 12th. Event Cache January 2013 After Christmas Meet & Greet
  4. For $284.56 you can get a PN-60 off Amazon.com with FREE shipping. DeLorme Earthmate PN-60 Portable GPS Navigator
  5. If you do not sign the log INSIDE the cache it is NOT a find. The only aside to that is if the log is mush and you cannot physically do it. Logging it online is completely optional.
  6. I got my Maglite XL50 at Home Depot. $29.99, waterproof, good throw and famous Maglite warranty!
  7. Everything you need can be found Here. Registration required but it is free.
  8. Do a complete reset and give it about 30 minutes outside to download a new almanac.
  9. TL, what would these folks have said if they saw GC.com back when WE started caching? Tons better now than what it started out as...
  10. Best place for DeLorme info is at http://forum.delorme.com/viewforum.php?f=1...a0217f07659e4ae
  11. Give these guys (and girls) a shout. MTGC http://www.mtgc.org/mtgc_forum/index.php
  12. Ok, couldn't spank him/her either I guess.
  13. I use NGS>>GPX myself. Get it here http://ngs.tsqmadness.com/help/
  14. Sorry if this has been covered before but I didn't see anything when I searched. Cross posted to GSAK forums as well. I have a Nuvi 205W and I want to load pics from geocache pages to it. The pics are not spoilers so spoilersync wont work. The pics may be hints or just pics others have posted that may be helpful. I have GSAK setup to grab offline images but that is probably not helpful either. If my PN-40 did pics that would be all I needed but alas this is not so... Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  15. In the grand scheme of things you paid $5 for version 1 and $5 for version 2. Cheap enuff in my book. I have tried the new version, even though I own TOPO 9, and believe I will stick with GSAK. It lets we work things more to my liking. Just my .02 worth...
  16. Quicker to pull SD card and put in a reader than to fool with serial cable. Just my .02 worth.
  17. Have had my PN-40 give negative numbers as well. Checked my butt, cache wasn't there...
  18. Lots of great info to be found at http://forum.delorme.com/
  19. Yes. Download the .loc file if you are not a Premium Member, .gpx file if you are. Open them with any software program you wish and send to GPS with the serial cable. If no serial cable load to an SD card and put it in the unit. List of software and more good info at http://www.geocaching.com/waypoints/default.aspx
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