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  1. My only goal is to have fun. Setting arbitrary targets seems more like a job to me and I already have one job.
  2. As I mentioned, in many states hunting is a year 'round thing and in most others hunting goes well beyond the traditional bear, bird and deer seasons. Some seasons aren't particularly popular (coyote season for example), however you may well have walked past a camouflaged hunter without knowing it, especially in bow season.
  3. You don't consider 2006 the early years of geocaching?
  4. It's very different. A listing service can write it's own rules as to what is allowed and when items can be removed. They can control what their site is used for.
  5. Then there is the phenomenon of DNFs feeding each other. Something I've encountered a lot as a CO. After a long string of finds, Cacher A posts a DNF. Cacher B figures it might be missing, but searches for a bit and posts a DNF. Cacher C sees two DNFs, thinks its missing, but gives it a cursory look and posts a DNF. Now you have three DNFs on a cache that nobody else had an issue with. So you check on it and it's right where it always was.
  6. I have one that turned 20 this year (still with its original logbook). A lot more that will have their 20th cacheday in 2022.
  7. As I understand it, virtuals can't be adopted. No caches can be adopted if the CO doesn't initiate the process (with rare exceptions). This is a listing service. Gc Com doesn't own the caches, so they are not theirs to give to someone else. Because virtuals are so few, every one that is taken off the board is bound to upset people. If the CO is not maintaining their cache they should be archived, virtual or not. Of course with virtuals, maintaining doesn't mean fixing a container, it means policing the logs. If a virtual is consistently receiving "armchair" logs, then it is a candidate for archiving. So technically, you did nothing wrong. You encountered an unmaintained cache and posted a NA (A NM might have been the better choice), however you need to understand the people who were angry with you. A popular virtual that was under GC com's radar, was brought to their attention thanks to your log and was taken off the board. .
  8. I've hidden over 360, mostly high quality caches. Nothing elaborate, just caches hidden in interesting areas, with many involving longish hikes of a few miles. I spent much of my time maintaining them, hence my relatively low find count after 20+ years at this game. Now that I've gotten older and have health issues that preclude long hikes (dadgum knees), there are some that I can no longer realistically maintain. Thankfully I have a network of geocaching friends who have helped me maintain some of them and pick up the ones that I chose to archive. Kudos to you for choosing to hide a few high quality and consistently maintained caches.
  9. I'm sure there is a FB page for your former area in Maine. Posting this there might garner more responses. Here is one https://www.facebook.com/groups/20365072704/ Another option is contacting prolific cache owners in your former area directly through the website to see if they are willing to adopt your caches. Whatever you do, please don't leave them behind, unmaintained, to rot.
  10. In many states hunting is basically a year round thing for one species or another. I live in NJ, not what many would consider to be a big hunting state, however there are only four months out of the year where one species or another is not "in season". Of course deer season is by far the most popular and what most people refer to when they say "hunting season". It's when a geocacher is most likely to encounter hunters. Even with deer there are bow seasons, black powder seasons, shotgun seasons, doe seasons, rifle seasons and more. In some places there is a buck season that only hunters who previously harvested a doe that year can participate. Sometimes even in "deer season" there are days or weeks when deer are not in season. So a geocacher needs to be aware that hunters might be out nearly any time of the year. I recall looking for a place to hide a cache in a county park. I had to use "nature's bathroom" and squatted in what I thought was the middle of nowhere. As I pulled up my pants I suddenly noticed a camo ladder set against a nearby tree. Following the ladder up, I noticed a well camouflaged bowhunter in a tree no more than 40 feet away. He never said a word. I motioned an "I'm sorry" and got out of there quickly.
  11. In the early years of geocaching, at least in my home area, a pen or pencil was expected. I received numerous NM logs because there was no pen or pencil. Of course that ethic changed once the micro became king. Still, I managed to fit a small pencil or cut down Bic pen in my micros.
  12. Not really a getting started issue. Moving to the general forum
  13. When I started geocaching I signed my geocaching name and my real name for the first few finds. This was in 2001 when there were not a lot of geocaches. Shortly after logging my first find I received an e-mail "Hi Brian are you related to X and Y? " Yep X is my brother and Y is my father I answered. It turned out that the CO was friends with my brother and dad and served on the same police dept. with them. It's certainly a small world when the CO of your first find in geocaching knows your family. Especially considering that back the there were perhaps 20 geocachers in the entire state.
  14. Definitely the low level Garmin eTrex units. They don't cost much and do the job.
  15. Units don't become unsupported by Geocaching com. You can use a 20 year old unit on this site. What happens is that certain methods of directly loading caches to your GPS may change or become unsupported. For example some of the old "plug-ins" no longer work for sending caches to his GPS. It is not the GPS, it's the method he is using.
  16. About where on the river did you find it?
  17. I had 4 gallon sized ziplocs stuffed with old logbooks going back to my earliest caches in 2001. I didn't feel right about throwing them away. Especially the older ones, where people used to fill up the a half or full page with the story of their adventure. Some were interesting reads and logs brought back memories of some of the area's geocaching pioneers who either left the game or passed away. Alas, I made a move in August and I was combining two households with my new wife into a 1 BR condo. Lots of stuff had to go and the logbooks didn't make the cut. I kept 3 or 4 but the rest went in the trash.
  18. There is a learning curve with all GPS units. Probably the easiest is the Magellan eXplorist GC series, but there is Magellan's rep for awful customer service and it isn't the greatest unit. Next to that for ease of use would probably be one of Garmin's touch screen units, such as the Oregon, Montana and eTrex touch series.
  19. I think they are usually easy to find. 97.3 percent of the time they are on the street sign. The rest of the time they are on the fire hydrant or under the park bench.
  20. The fact that there are waaaay more micros now then there were in 2002 could be a factor. Micros are generally harder to find than the regular sized caches that were the predominant type back then.
  21. You might be better off posting this in the general geocaching forum https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/forum/6-geocaching-topics This forum is meant for novice cachers who are looking for help and may not be ready for such a concept. You will probably find a better response in the general forum .
  22. Which Bath? The one in ME, TX, NY, SD, KY, GA, NJ, MN, MI, NC, OH, PA, SC, IL, IN or GA? Or the Bath in Pakistan, Netherlands, Canada, Jamacia, UK or Belgium? You are more likely to receive a helpful answer if you are a bit more specific.
  23. There is no need to pay anything to geocache. I assume you mean premium membership. Many thousands of geocachers regularly enjoy the game without paying for a premium membership.
  24. The people who run the Berkshire Geobash usually come to NJ for our Metro Gathering Mega event and give out those wooden coins like candy in order to promote their event. I usually wind up with a bag full and put them in caches.
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