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  1. Jeremy, Thanks for the explanation. For the past several months I have been trying other methods of "going paperless" using the GPX files, but frankly none of them are as simple and straight forward to use as the eBook attachments. While GPX files may be more flexible, getting them into a format to download onto a PDA is much more complex. It is too bad that the simple solution has been orphaned. So is the reason that the other PQs I have made aren't running because they have an error flagged and are getting stuck in some processing queue somewhere due to the eBook processing?
  2. Just to update, it happened again last night with my PQ's.
  3. Anyone else having problems with their PQ's not running at all? I created a new one earlier in the week and checked it to run everyday of the week. As of today is has never been ran. I have another, long standing PQ that just stops running also. I'm lucky if it runs once out of five scheduled times. Also, two of my long standing PQ's have suddenly stopped including the eBook attachment. Each time when I've gotten the email without the eBook file attached, I've gone in and looked at the PQ configuration and the eBook option has somehow been de-selected. In each case I've checked the box again and submitted the changes, gone back out and then back in and the option continues to show that it is selected. But next time the PQ runs, the eBook file is missing and when I check the PQ config again that option is again de-selected. Anybody else having these same problems? Thanks!
  4. You can get 1GB SD cards for under $200 these days. I've never seen any even close to this price. Are you sure you are talking about SD cards and not one of the other card formats? Got any links? --Marky www.ecost.com has the 1GB SD card from SanDisk for $189. Link: http://www.ecost.com/ecost/ecsplash/shop/d...asp?dpno=401035
  5. This kind of goes hand in hand with a bigger screen because it would need it. I'd like to see the next generation (or the one after that) GPSr have 3D perspective topographical mapping, like you see in PC mapping software titles like Delorme's Topo. Of course I agree with all of the other features mentioned here also.
  6. You can get 1GB SD cards for under $200 these days.
  7. Thanks for the link trippy1976! That set of icons is more complete than what I've made. Nice job on them TheOfficeMaven! Had I known someone else had already done this I could have saved myself some time and effort. They look great. So, KaiserKlan, I guess there wouldn't be much use now in me putting up the few icons I made, but thanks for the interest in them. Also check out the benchmark icons by we3dements on that same thread.
  8. I've playing around with xImage a little and it is pretty cool. The screen capture feature is neat, but I'm not sure what I'd ever use it for. The custom icon part of it however could be very handy. I've been able to create my own waypoint icons for all sorts of stuff. I've tried shrinking icons off of the gc.com webpage, like the various cache type symbols and they look pretty good in the 16 x 16 bit mini versions on the 60cs. I even shrank down my avatar and turned it into a waypoint icon. Neat stuff! Here's a sample: (So, okay, I found a use for the screen capture feature....)
  9. We have both the 60cs and the 76cs. They are the same except for the memory and the physical form. I'd get the 76cs over the 60cs, especially if you plan to use it in the car alot. The Garmin 76cs cradle is much easier to get the GPSr in and out of than the one for the 60cs.
  10. I have both the MapSend Topo for my Meridian and MapSource Topo for my Garmin 60cs. Your right, both offer a huge improvement over the base maps and you really get the most out of your gpsr by adding them. I also bought the road maps for each one, Streets & Destinations for the Meridian and City Select for the Garmin. I used my Meridian with just the topo maps for a long time and that was sufficient for caching. I got the S&D maps because it adds a ton on new waypoints for loads of stuff like restaurants and shops. It is handy when you travelling. City Select does the same for the Garmin, plus it adds the real gem, the auto-routing feature . I haven't tried Magellans Direct Route stuff, but my guess is that it works just as well. I load up both types of maps, topo & street info, on to each GPSr. I mostly use my 60cs with City Select to auto-route me to the cache area in my car. I then will switch to the topo map for hunt on foot. I find that sometimes one version or the other or one manufacturer's product or the other will have a better representation of a given area than the other. I find it useful to be able to look at them all on my PC beforehand and making my decision of which to use during the hunt based on that.
  11. I have a Merigreen basic model and use a 256MB SD card it. Works fine. I can load a ton of maps on it and then just choose whichever one I need at the time. This is the one capablity that I really miss on my shiney new 60cs.
  12. From Sebago Lake, Maine, ZIP 04075: 293 physical caches within 50 miles 953 physical caches within 100 miles
  13. Well said mikedx! You have captured in words how I (and I'm guessing a bunch of other geocachers) feel about this hobby of ours. What did we ever do without it? It is a great past time for so many reasons. It holds something for almost everyone. I know I for one think my life is better for it. Thank you all!
  14. I have also used my SporTrak neoprene case on my 60cs. It works great.
  15. This is my one disappointment with my 60cs. When I use the electronic compass I have to hold it flat and when I do that, my satellite reception gets bad and my margin of error climbs way up. It seems like a really dumb design. I wonder why Garmin doesn't use the 3 axis compass system like Magellan does in the Meridian Platinum?
  16. Smogman, I had a similar problem a few weeks ago, or at least I thought I did. How are you determining that only 50 waypoints are being loaded into the 60cs? What was happening to me was I was loading hundreds of waypoints into my 60cs in preparation for a 500 mile trip. It looked like they transfered okay, but the problem was that whenever I then went to look at the waypoints on the 60cs it would only find a dozen or so. It was maddening. I almost called Garmin. Then I realized that I was tell the 60cs to find the nearest waypoints. The vast majority of the waypoints were near my destination, some 500 miles away. Apparently the find nearest feature only goes out to a certain radius and I was only seeing those few waypoints I had transfered that were within that radius. I switched to alphabetical rather than nearest and low and behold, there were all my missing waypoints! So your issue might be that you are looking at the waypoints by telling the 60cs to find the nearest and it is limiting the number of waypoints that it shows you due to this radius limit. Then again, maybe not. I hope this helps.
  17. Sorry Mega Volt! I obviously got the names mixed up. So, Us 5 Camp, and anyone else who has one, what's the geocaching feature like on the 76cs? It sounds like it is the same as on the 60cs from what Animas saw in the manual. Any first hand account from a user with a functioning 76cs? Thanks!
  18. Megavolt, Can you please tell us more about the geocaching feature in the 76cs? Is it like the one in the 60cs? Thanks!
  19. I got the bundle deal at getfeetwet.com. Great price and quick service. I recommended them to a friend and he got the same deal. No problems for either of us.
  20. I ordered my 60cs from getfeetwet.com on 3/15 and it arrived to me by 3/18 via UPS 3 Day Select, and I live all the way across the country in Maine. I went for the 60cs + AutoNav kit deal. Its a real bargin. A friend of mine liked my 60cs so much he went and ordered the same thing from getfeetwet.com the next week himself. Don't let the answering machine message disuade you from a great deal. I found the service to be great. No regrets at all.
  21. jbclimber, thanks for the two tips! That one's so intuitive, I don't know how I could have missed that one!
  22. I went through the whole process and was able to unlock everything just fine. Web site even shows that I did. But I've never been emailed the 25 digit code. Any ideas there, Rubberhead?
  23. I've had my 60cs for a week now. I absolutely love it! So far I've used it to find 3 caches. I have City Select NA V5 with it and have used it to calculate (and re-calculate) several routes a day each day that I've had it. I have never seen any lock-up problems with it. I just love this auto-routing stuff. It is too cool! I too ordered mine through www.getfeetwet.com. The service was prompt and great. I'd recommend them. Plus they have one of the best prices around, especially if you look at their bundle which includes the 60cs and auto nav package. http://www.getfeetwet.com/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=S10-00322-31 There is only one thing I'd change on the 60cs. I really miss the expandable memory option that my Meridian has. The 50-some megs of memory on the 60cs just isn't big enough in my opinion. I'm toying with the idea of getting a 76cs when they become available, just for the extra memory.
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