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  1. Thanks Chris! It sure was a great adventure I'll never forget!
  2. Man, sorry to hear that he passed away. RIP Bob.
  3. I got the Hcx for the altimeter feature. Very accurate as long as you calibrate it.
  4. Interesting idea! Hmm....this will guide me for this weekend's yet to be determined hike. Maybe something on the dry side.
  5. Really sorry to hear that Brian passed on. I didn't know him that well, but he seemed like a great guy. RIP man.
  6. Way I see it, the first person to find the cache gets FTF.
  7. I just noticed there's one over at nearby Storm Lake. Been meaning to check out that lake for fishing so I guess I'll go soon and kill two birds with one stone :-)
  8. That's tragic. I guess MA was out there yesterday. I saw his post in FB, but didn't know what the tragic event was until seeing this post.
  9. True. Although The Hanging Meadows will have to be removed if the pending wilderness bill becomes law. As will two of my caches in the Columbia River Gorge. Wow, that hike sounds fantastic! HOTM potential... As for the pending legislation, existing caches appear to be grandfathered in Wilderness Areas. You just can't place new ones. Yes indeed! I did this hike back in 1996 when I was living in the Vancouver area for my fisheries job. It's a good workout alright. The plateau is a cool place! Amazing how flat it is after all that elevation gain. Good to hear that the cache will remain as I definitely want to get it next time I'm in the area.
  10. Yeah, his logs sure were fun to read! Ran into him and Slinger91 at the Yakima cache machine back in '03. I was with Moun10bike and George1949 (or something like that) that day. MedicOne had just lost the rear driver's side tire. Somehow he was able to pull off the highway safely and got to a shop and went back caching later that day!
  11. Congrats on 10 K!!! Inmywoods and I'll have to do that old Half Moon cache one of these days...been on my list for a long time.
  12. Yep....got one last summer to put in the woods behind the house. Got a black bear filmed last fall. Other critters....coyotes, and deer as well. Hoping to get a mountain lion or a bobcat picture one of these days.
  13. Congrats on bagging the lake and nice trout!
  14. Thanks for the congrats. It was a great hike! That trail has it out for me though. I kept falling and falling and falling. I fell three times and postholed once. Luckily, I have learned to just flop and let gravity take over. I'd post a pic of the milestone pin Sassy gave me, but I think it slipped out of my pocket and under the carpet in my Jeep. Congrats TL! That's a hike I've been thinking of doing for years and years. Cool location!
  15. We got 7-8 inches here. Ridiculous! Last saturday we hiked around behind the house on DNR land and it was in the low 80s!!
  16. Or the Eastside as in bellevue, redmond, etc.
  17. I've heard of people tying small bells onto their shoelaces and carrying pepper spray to ward off bears. That might help for black bear but don't count on it for grizzly or kodiaks (which we don't have in western Washington anyway). The best way to tell what kind of bears are around is to look at their scat. Black bear scat will be dark and often contain the undigested seeds of berries. Grizzly scat will smell like pepper spray and contain small bells. But seriously, our black bears are very unlikely to trouble you. They really are scared of people. One time while out deer hunting I came across a mother black bear with 2 cubs. One of the cubs quickly climbed up a tree. The other cub ran away. The mother ran with the 2nd cub abandoning the treed cub. Cougars are a much more serious threat. This website has some good advice for dealing with cougars. Link to website Great link! it should be pointed out that while direct eye contact is good with cougars, with bears, you don't want to engage direct eye contact as that may cause aggression from the bear.
  18. Forty-n-Eight and TL are right. You usually won't run into cougars and bears and the like,but do be aware they are out there and keep your eyes open. Athough I solo hike most of the time, group hiking is the safest to be sure. I've only had one bear encounter and that was back in 1998 up on Bald Mountain. Hiking around Cutthroat Lakes in August. I remember that it was late in the afternoon...4ish or so when I came over a knoll and he was just a few yards away. We looked at each other for sec and then he bolted the other way. I did see one cougar with another cacher,but we were in the truck and it was just a brief glimpse as it bolted across the road. I believe this was up around Hadley Falls area give or take. I always make some noise out there...especially solo hiking. I'll talk to myself and look behind me every so often. I also try to avoid first light and sunset times, but not always possible. Any rate, inform others where you are going and have first aid, extra food, etc in your pack. The Ten Essentials. have fun out there!
  19. I've fished Lenore,but this was way before caching. Inmywoods and i'll have to do some exploring out there at some point. My grandfather and I started towards the caves, but we didn't go very far...the focus was on giant cutthroat!.
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