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  1. I found a suicide victim just after she shot herself in the chin (heart still pumping, but brain dead), a few days after Thanksgiving some years ago, on my way to place a cache. That was a tough day.
  2. Congrats on the win and the delivery of your prize! I'm jealous though, because that's the color I would have chosen had I beat you. We should feel fortunate for what we did win, as 2007 may have been the final year for the *JTB contest. Eartha notified another thread about the 2008 contest that the new owners of Jeep have opted to not do it this year.
  3. And so continues the downfall of Jeep. After the release of a 4x2 Wrangler, it became clear the legacy is no longer valued by those on top. Do they not realize the buzz that this created within a community that cherishes the outdoors? Personally, I feel fortunate to have won a contest month in what may end up being the last year for the *JTBs. How disappointing.
  4. The GP winner is out there, but I'm fairly certain it isn't me, since I haven't yet received any paperwork that was supposed to be out "on or about March 5th." Congratulations to whoever the final winner is!
  5. Considering by Wednesday they're supposed to notify the winner of the 2008 Liberty Grand Prize, I'm surprised the other winners haven't been posted. BUT...it could be that a winner failed to submit the proper paperwork in time so they could claim their prize. When I received my paperwork for the September contest win, I had it back at FedEx within an hour and received my 60Cx a few weeks later notifying me that I was ONE of FIVE Finalists as opposed to the SIX that was supposed to be initially. Perhaps that is the problem with the December winner not being posted yet?
  6. Granted, this is a post from July 2007, but...chains as a recovery 'strap' = incredibly bad juju. I know of a guy in 2004 who was doing a recovery in AZ with a hook instead of a loop at the end of a strap. It slipped just as he turned around in the driver seat and the strap was at full extension. He was killed instantly when the hook buried itself in his forehead. Besides vehicle body damage, a chain that slips/breaks could cut a body in half. I wouldn't rely on weights to hold it down either in that instance. I need to track down my pics and I'll post as well. Non-stock Green '94 YJ and non-stock Maroon '98 XJ sitting in our garage.
  7. I have not gotten an invoice yet. Guess that means the order must not have worked. I want two of the coins. Do I need to reorder or do you have the original order I placed? The invoices are being sent out manually by me, and your particular order didn't hit the inbox for over 2 1/2 hours. By that time, I was sawing logs. You should have the invoice waiting in your inbox at this time.
  8. For those who have ordered so far, invoices are out. Any incoming orders should be invoiced very soon after sending in your information.
  9. I know that I ordered some but I can't remember how many. If it was for two can you make it for three coins please. Thanks in advance. Done.
  10. Yeah, the request was received, and was already in our spreadsheet. Invoices weren't going out until we had the coins, so now that we do, invoices for existing requests will go out this weekend.
  11. I will definitely buy at least one. I was born in Aurora, and really like the plate side of the coin, but the dino side is...ok. A cool reference would have been the Durango-Silverton train perhaps as an alternative.
  12. 25 of the Arizona Season Geocoins! I haven't had a shipment of this size for quite a long time. In fact, not since Jake sent me....a whole lot of coins.
  13. Some of the coins are in my hot little hands, and I am extremely impressed with how the coins turned out. After using a combination of options provided in the proofs we were originally sent, this turned out awesome. Either Jake or I will post pictures later today. Very impressed...
  14. I have to laugh because I don't know how my name got on the Montana list, granted I was talking in one of the forums. I think it was Brian_Team A.I. who mentioned hosting an event in Billings (if I remember correctly). Besides, the Montana Grizzlies (college football) season is in full swing then and I can't miss a game (yes, football is more important to me....lol). When I'm not a full-time student anymore, would love to host an event (as long as it's not during football season ) tsun P.S. Brian, you were thinking of hosting in Billings or somewhere, right? Yeah, I was looking at hosting one here, so I'm not sure why random names were put in place of the offers for hosting. On that note, Jake - Team A.I. was the one who told me about this event concept, and even offered to host an event himself with an outstanding location. I'm confused why Nero was listed as the Arizona contact for that one too. Was there a problem of some sort with some of the folks who offered to host?
  15. I was lucky enough to land one of those coins in my collection several months ago. Very cool coin!
  16. I'm waiting for a response from Jennifer about whether or not anonymous voting can be turned on with IP tracking. If that isn't possible, then I suppose either here or the other forum, but I'll need to come up with a good way to track voting results. I do want the voting stacked more in favor of folks with Montana ties (past/present residents, for example), but there will be some way to factor in other votes, if only to determine preference.
  17. 2007 Montana Geocoin Vote Please cast your vote for the design you would most like to see produced. Voting concludes in 10 days.
  18. Whoa...the issues that were presented here were dealt with a few months ago, so the hostility is unfounded. It's all been addressed, and last I checked, everything was cool. All this serves to do is drudge up feelings that were put to rest once explanations were provided.
  19. As much as I'd love to see something in Montana, I honestly think flights are too expensive to and fro for many people, of course that is my opinion. On the other side of the coin (haha), I vote for Missoula during a Griz game, in the tailgating section. We can serve microbrews, Rocky Mountain oysters, with Mount Sentinel and Mount Jumbo as our backdrop and use Griz Vision for a coin slide show. Ok, back to reality now Road trip! That was a concern of mine as well, as far as airfare is concerned. But there are options here. Cachers could fly into Denver for much less than here, and make a road trip from there to Billings and cache along the way. It's about an 8-hour drive from there.
  20. I'd be willing to help put something together to get Montana on the map. Billings, MT anyone?
  21. Use of Organizational Identity and Program Symbols Ok, the link works for real this time. I just caught that I missed the closing bracket for the URL itself.
  22. I agree. CYA is the order of the day here... However, wouldn't it be prudent then that all profits go to the local unit?
  23. Corrected link...sorry about that. "Be Prepared" is a trademark term My concern is that everything is legit with usage, to protect the cacher producing the coin, and ultimately not giving a black eye to scouting by disregarded federal protection of any symbols and/or phrases.
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