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  1. The local PUD was near my house clearing land of blackberries. I walked over to check out the work and found a GC that had been archived 2 years ago because it was lost. I contacted the CO and its been 3 weeks with no reply. What should I do with the GC? There are no trackables in the container.
  2. I can't send to GPS with my PN-40 after firmware update. See: Waypoint ErrorWasn't sure where to post this. Please remove from the incorrect place here on the forums. Thanks
  3. I have a Delorme PN-40 that I recently upgraded the firmware on and when I click on the "Send to GPS" I get and error that says "Waypoint Indexing Problem" on step 3. I am not sure if this is a GPS problem or not.
  4. I use my iPhone 4 for the caches that are easy enough to do at work. When we are hiking or camping I use our Delorme pn-40 which works great.
  5. A price range would be the first bit of info needed. You can get a cheapy for about $30 at stores like KMart or you can go up to the $$$ Zodiacs. I am eyeing an inflatable kayak AirHead that would be all around fun.
  6. Recently found a cache out on a floating walkway across a pond that had a setup like this The cache is one of the lower blocks of wood that supports the rail. It pivoted out and there was a PVC pipe inside of it.
  7. Code is GC2VEDD, it is a premium cache, but I am a premium member.
  8. I type in the GC code and it doesn't find it either. It is a traditional cache and my settings are set to show all as well.
  9. I have the GeoCaching App on my iPhone 4, there is one particular GC that I work near that doesn't show up on my App. I am not sure if that is the only one, but it is a new cache and all the others in the area are not. The GC in question shows on on the GC website itself and I got the notice email when it was published. There was another GC that was new a month ago and it showed up. Any ideas?
  10. Smallest was at the end of this multi GC133C2 Largest was this GC1Q6CW
  11. Well, not quite the distance traveled as others: Find Nearest to Home GC2AEP1 - (Washington, United States)0.022mi Find Farthest from Home GC22T9W - (Arizona, United States)1124.86mi Find Farthest North GC1VA5K - (British Columbia, Canada)231.4mi Find Farthest South GC22T9W - (Arizona, United States)1124.86mi Find Farthest East GC1BAV7 (Arizona, United States) Find Farthest West GCPKPH - (Washington, United States) My Antipode is the same as FunnyNose.
  12. I just spent the Holidays in Yuma and was suprised at the # of snowbirds driving Side x Sides like the Polaris Ranger. My grandparent's is street legal and had a good time caching with it! Now for a dual purpose rig I would go with a 90s Jeep Cherokee with the 4.0 litre straight 6.
  13. might have to connect with my Expedia friends!
  14. My 2 coins arrived today! One will be auctioned off with proceeds going to Susan G Komen under my aunts name who is a survivor! No Golden Ticket though.
  15. #s 1 & 8 Been doing this off and on since 2003 and have 101 finds. Now when we plan hikes or camping trips I will load up most of the caches in the area and plan on grabbing at least a couple of them.
  16. email sent- Yes name received- Yes card sent- Yes card received- Yes Thank you TonyaLynn! A nice Card/Ornament as well as a Tools of the Trade coin (2006) & a 2007 Itialian Geocoin. Will try to remember to take photo tonight.
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