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  1. Hi there, I just got a PDA (PEG-TJ25) for caching. Sony Clie` w/ 128 mb memory stick. Is there someone who could email me the way I could put a number of cache sheets on this PDA? Reading above notes, cachemate is a good program. What I need is step by step instructions. If you have time. ScurvyDog
  2. I was wondering if there was a spot around zip code 90713. That could be used for a "Accuracy Checker" Reading some other posts, they have mentioned spots where GPS's could be checked for accuracy. If you know of any within 5 miles of this zip code. Please let me know. Thanks, ScurvyDog Lakewood,CA
  3. What if you were able to share pictures of your cache containers/camoflage items,and some trick of the trade. Would you want to trade ideas with another cacher? Would you want to learn what someone else knows. There's always more ideas to dream up "Just close your eyes" ScurvyDog Lakewood,CA
  4. I have found boxes that look simular to yours for lest than $2.00 @ Michales Crafts, they are unfinished. spelling may be off. They are made I think of bass wood. Hope I haven't messed something up for you.
  5. If each GeoCacher could just pick up a half pound of trash at each cache. Think how much of a differents we could make. Most litterbugs don't throw out that much at one time (do they?). 8oz(s). will fit in a small pocket and just think we all have about 3 pockets left of other stuff. I do this, how about you?
  6. May I have permission to use the logo for cache in trash out. I would like to print some labels to put on empty film cansters w/ trash bags inside of them. So if a GeoCacher wanted to help clean up when leaving the cache site he could without bring it with him or her. ScurvyDog Lakewood,CA
  7. Hi there, what if you made a groov around the top and bottom and put in an o ring. If the two o rings hit each other it should be pretty water tight. Like someone said, basswood has lots of holes in it. Is box sealed both inside and out? How does this sound to you all?
  8. Are you sure it wasn't down near balboa on PCH near or past New Port Beach? If in the area check it out. I could be wrong. ScurvyDog Lakewood,CA
  9. I have been reading some of this thread. I have a Kodak DC290 and was thinking of adding this extra to my camera. Sounds like it could be cool to take a picture of something and have the corrds printed right on the photo.
  10. I would like to throw my Avatar into the ring. What would I have to lose...Nothing. This was a very nice offer. Good Luck to the winner.
  11. I use a Garmin GPSmap76 and I love it. It's even better now that the software has been updated.
  12. I am pleased to say I am a happy owner of a Garmin GPS Map76. I had a problem with my on & off switch. They fixed it and sent it back with no charges. They were able to save my waypoints, updated my GPS. Just wanted to tell someone. Turn around time was great. Best of all a friend loaned me his Garmin GPS so I wouldn't get the shakes. ScurvyDog Lakewood,CA
  13. From day one this has been worth every penny. Wish we had a ground speak store in SoCal. So I could spend more money. ScurvyDog Lakewood,CA
  14. Like it's been said many times. The websie is getting better looking every day. This is something to be proud of.. Thank you the site is nice to look at and easy to move around. "Would it be possible to have a spot on the page to show the amount of visits to your cache hides". (How many cachers have visited a cache you have made?) ScurvyDog Lakewood,CA
  15. I would just like to say how nice the website is looking these days. To all of the Admins "Jeremy" and the guys and gals who ok caches.. Thank you, I think your doing a great job.
  16. When setting up a new cache. I leave the corrds for the second and third for the approvers use only and ask if they could delete before oking. The Admins oking mine have done a great job and quickly. I would like to think, by adding the corrds it helps them too. ScurvyDog Lakewood,CA
  17. What is the strangest container you have used or seen to hide a cache in.
  18. What is your choice of cache prizes? The GeoCaching coin, a lapel pin, hand made items,tools,stamps,what does it for you? I like coins or paper money from other countries from around the world.
  19. Thank you for your insights on what you like and do not care for in caches. Feel free to keep this going. I like reading what you all have to say. ScurvyDog
  20. Are you the kind that doesn't want much of a hint. On the other hand do you want, it almost given to you? This is a big question I have when I make a cache up for hiding. Let me know how you feel. Do you several way of telling where to look, like "Magnets" stuck to a road sign telling you the next corrds? Pad locks, hooked to a fence or chain telling you to got here or there? What make a good hint to you??
  21. My most favorite part of Geocaching is making the cache. Planning something to make others really think like you (I) do. When I put the hints to the cache, it's like I want to tell them but not wanting to say anything. Making the cache look like a tree root growing out of the ground is so cool. Using trash in an area to hide the cache in is also neat for me. I do like finding the spot where someone has taken the time for me to see.
  22. I hope this is in the right area. I would like to see this some day if it is possible. I would like to be able to open the website and have the cursor go directly to the usersname. Being lazy, I would like to shorten my keystrokes. It just seems like the natural place for it to go. I log on to this website about 10 or more times a day. Thank you for the nice website to be able to come too.
  23. Well, that should about finish this thread. I think I have made up my mind. Thanks you for your input. You all have come up with some good and poor reasons to or not to nail. I will try some other ways of working out this plan. ScurvyDog
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