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Easy: I Love Africa: The dark continent, the forgotten third world continent (with a couple of emerging economies and first world suburbs). A place of controversy, plagued by civil wars and raped by the colonial past. Africa is still being raped by the power magnates.


A place of untold riches: Diamonds, Platinum, Gold an a host of other mineral riches. Cultural diversity like nowhere else on the planet. Languages past and present. Architecture from 6000 years ago, as well as modern wonders. Wildlife you can only dream of, home of he big five. Sunshine! Adventure looms around every corner.


The cradle of civilisation!


I travel this African Road with pride.

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A wonderful thing is a Tigger;

A Tigger's a wonderful thing.

Their tops are made out of rubber,

their bottoms are made out of spring

They're bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy,

fun, fun, fun, fun, fun,

The most wonderful thing

about Tiggers is:



Well there is actually two of us Tiggers in this team . But we chose the name because Star is obsessed with all things Tigger ! :blink:

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I put myself through undergrad delivering pizzas. I knew our city like the back of my hand. For some inexplicable reason, whenever I am driving anywhere with anybody else, I always ask 'Is this the right way?', or 'Do I turn here?' The fact is that I know where I am, but the dialogue helps me remind myslef of where to go. It drives my wife crazy, and subsequently, she always thinks that I am lost, hence the name. The caption under the avatar is a reminder of the worst case 'lost' scenario... :blink:

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Wasco is the small unincorporated town we live near. Until two years ago, we lived in an old farm house with a barn, and had two horses of our own (and boarded a third for a while). We've also had as many as three Golden Retrievers at one time (though two most of the time), and two cats. There have been other assorted small beasts over the years, including a chinchilla, newts, fish, and birds.


The menagerie is rounded out by two teenagers. :blink:


So, with all the critters (of both four-legged and two-legged variety) around, we started referring to our home as the Wasco Zoo.


And thus, I am . . . . .


(As mentioned, we did move two years ago, but still close to Wasco. We're down to one horse, which is boarded elsewhere. But we still have two dogs and two cats. And oh yeah, we still have the teenagers, too.)


(Edit: fixed a tyop)

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Way back in high school, I started selling software online. I wanted a cool sounding company name, and not being overly creative, I turned to Greek Mythology. Pulled out a copy of Edith Hamilton's "Greek Mythology" book, and started thumbing through the index, looking for a domain that hadn't yet been take (somehow Nike.com was already taken, drat). Anyways, one of the first ones I found was ibycus.com. Ibycus was the name of a 500 BC greek poet. Pretty much all we know about him is how he died. Seems on the way to a big amphitheater where he was to be honoured, he was waylaid by bad guys. The bad guys killled him, and a bunch of cranes began circling overhead. The bad guys went on for the poetry reading, where it was announced that the great Ibycus had been killed on the road. At that time, the flock of cranes flew overhead. The bad guys stood up, and made some comment about the cranes comming from the scene of his death, and of course everyone knew that it must have been them who killed him. The crowd arose and killed the man who killed Ibycus. As userspace got more and more crowded, I started having trouble using my standard lastname/first initial combination for things (already taken) so I decided a good handle would be Ibycus. When I signed up for my account, Ibycus seemed only natural.

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Reading this thread has prompted me to come up with a different screen name. I have only recently joined the Groundspeak forums as jnbrack which is my initials and last name. Boring huh!


I have decided to change my screen name to propstruk because of the run in I had with an airplane propeller at a local museum a few months ago. I still have a 4 inch scar on my forehead from the prop striking it. Get this the emergency room doctor asked me if the airplane was running?!

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A nature sprite is a kind of mythical elf type creature that is a defender of nature. They are also known to have special powers to locate water and minerals. I adopted the name for my home business, which is the manufacturing and distribution of dowsing / divining rods. I thought it spoke well for geocaching too. Sometimes when the gpsr is acting up or I just can't find a cache I'll still pull out a dowsing rod ;)

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Being 10 months old and very inquisitive, I love my dad's geocache bag and go through the contents as often as possible. I always seem to end up playing with his TB's. He dicided that I'm a TB Hunter and that is how my handle tarted....


Of course, my dad (the fanatic), loves me and my mom, hunting, paragliding and geocaching - no awards for what I do in his sparetime...

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Mine is actually 20-25 years old. I was waiting with mom in the checkout lane of the grocery store. Of course there are always books and magazines to entice people to buy after they have started reading while in line. I picked up a baby names/ what your name means book and started looking up names, including my own. Spear and Fox were the meaning/translation of my first and middle name from that book.

I have been labeled with many nicknames over the years but when I started getting into computers I remembered this name. It seemed like a good one to use for logins. I have not had the difficulty of "this name is used, please pick another" routine.

One of the names does not have a correct meaning when I look it up on the internet, so I guess the book was wrong.

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My daughter and I were trying to come up with a name about the same time there was a Heritage Canada commercial on T.V. In it some Inuit were travelling by canoe with a non native. When they got to shore, the Inuit people made and Inukshuk and the man asked why do they do this? Their response was " So that people will know we were here."


So by signing the logbook "Inukshuk"ers, we are letting people know we were there!!! :lol:

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Interesting question. ANd just as interesting answers!


I'm known as "Birdsong " amongst my circle of friends because I can identify about 300 species of North American birds by their songs and calls. It comes in handy when the Audubon Society is doing fund-raisers and bird-a-thons (like walk-a-thons, but trying to identify as many bird species as possible within a certain area within 24 hours).


"Bud " is my son, because of 2 reasons, one of which I don't always share with folks, but here goes the confidential stuff out the window in the interest of geocaching, lol.


1) (the easy one to divulge) He's my "best bud."


2) I have a tattoo of a beautiful pansy blossom with a bud on top of my foot. I'm the pansy, he's the bud. We're attached by a strong stem, which represents the strength of my husband who is the cornerstone of our family.


So there we are: Birdsong-n-Bud.

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Well mine is car related, and is probably going to bore most people here.....but here goes.<BR><BR>Let me start off by saying I'm really into racing....basically if it goes fast, I'm interested. Anyhow I do a little drag racing from time to time as a hobby. A couple years back I bought an '89 Mustang Convertible that I was going to strip down, and convert into a more race dedicated car. It had the little 4 cyl. motor, and didn't run. The guy told me it blew the head gaskets. No big deal as I was going to scrap the motor anyhow and replace it with something bigger. A friend of mine who told me about the car started calling me Mr. 4 Banger (For those who don't know....basically poking fun at the fact that my stang had a much smaller engine than his). So after a little time of searching for the motor I wanted and coming up empty handed, I decided that I wanted to drive it, since it sat in my garage for a few months. So I started to tear the engine apart to fix the head gaskets, and discovered they were fine and that one of the pistons had blown up. It was laying in the oil pan in chunks. So at that point the same friend started calling me Mr. 3 banger due to the lost piston/cylinder. Then I went ahead and yanked the engine because I was bored....again that friend then started calling me Mr. 0 (Typed as the number zero, pronunced Mr. Oh) since I now had zero cyl in my car. I eventually got fed up and sold it on e-bay.<BR><BR><BR>I told you it was long and boring. icon_biggrin.gif<!--graemlin::lol:--><BR><BR>Mr. 0<BR><BR>"Remember that nature and the elements are neither your friend or your enemy - they are actually disinterested." <BR><BR>Department of the Army Field Manual FM 21-76 "Survival" Oct. 1970

I thought that was funny. I mean, when you know the progression, it is.

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I have used mine for almost 7 years online now. I belong to several message boards and it is just easier to use the same one everywhere. It came about because I am the second oldest of a family of 5 girls, no brothers. I didn't want children until I was in my 30's and had done some of the things I had dreamed of doing with my life. So of course, ALL my sisters had children by the time I started. After years of them telling me "you better hurry up", "you don't know what you're missing" "traveling is no where NEAR as good as babies" they all treated me like a star when I first got pregnant. So, it is pronounced First time Star. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking it says first trimester, since I am also in the birth business.


Brick walls eventually crumble precisely because people keep busting their heads against them.

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My screen name is from the time we lived on a small farm in eastern Washington. We called it Five Bales Farm, not because we raised just five bales of alfalfa hay each year (although some years it seemed not much more than that.) We called it that because our last name is Bales and there are 5 in our family. Just have always liked names that are a play on words. We were teachers, so our first boat was named Summer School and the dinghy was named Hooky from Summer School. The boat we have now is named Last Class and the dinghy is called Class Cutter. We have retired from teaching, so we consider this boat as our Last Class. <_<

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I've been a fan of the X-Men since I was a kid. Pt1

There are actually 4 of us and I am the one who got the others into caching so....

Clan X-Man







and well you get the idea each new clan member gets to adopt a nickname from X-men and gets listed when they accompany me on caching trips. <_<

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Back in May of 2001, I started posting in the forums of Little White Dog, a computer geek site. :o I joined under the name "perrito_blanco", which means "little white dog" in Spanish. I also joined their SETI@home team under that handle. They are a great bunch and we had lots of geek fun. <_<


Well time moves on and 9/11 happens. You see, I was working at the WTC when the terrorist attacks occurred. They actually put out an All Points Bulletin on their home page looking for me. Their incredible support and concern for me who, except for forum posts, was a complete stranger to them, really touched me. Here is a good example.


Hence, I am forever "Perrito Blanco" animal08.gif


For anyone interested in my account of that day, click here or here.

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And a good follow-up to Team Perrito Blanco is us, Team Doggiewoggie (I just changed my moniker).


Jordie is my new little pup, whom I picked up while geocaching in Havana, Cuba. He was about two or three days old when I found him, abandoned in a park in a plate of spaghetti. We schlepped him around Cuba and Central America (feeding him every two hours) and now he's living with me in NYC and MA. So I changed my name to honor him--because now he goes geocaching with me and is my buddy for life. <_<

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As a reader of the Phantom comic since the 1950s, it struck me that his alter ego "Mr Walker" was a natural for Geocaching.

"There are times when the Phantom leaves the jungle and walks the streets of the city like an ordinary man"

I have had more experience with the outback "jungle" than the urban one in my caching, but the idea of stealth, hidden treasures and a "secret" identity seemed to fit. I find the often understated ethics of honesty and environmental awareness in Geocaching (the game wouldn't really work without them) also fit the Phantom.

Secondly, I took up the obsession just after a triple bypass which gave me about 10 weeks off work. It allowed me to combine recuperation time on the computer with the increasingly lengthy walking required for rehab. :)

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Back in May of 2001, I started posting in the forums of Little White Dog, a computer geek site. :P I joined under the name "perrito_blanco", which means "little white dog" in Spanish. I also joined their SETI@home team under that handle. They are a great bunch and we had lots of geek fun. :blink:


Well time moves on and 9/11 happens. You see, I was working at the WTC when the terrorist attacks occurred. They actually put out an All Points Bulletin on their home page looking for me. Their incredible support and concern for me who, except for forum posts, was a complete stranger to them, really touched me. Here is a good example.


Hence, I am forever "Perrito Blanco" animal08.gif


For anyone interested in my account of that day, click here or here.

Even reading your account, it seems surreal. I can't even imagine what that must have been like for you and your family. :blink:

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Back before the Internet... Can't remember how may years that is... I was on the bulletin boards. Everyone on bulletin boards used a handle, patterened after CB handles. And, so, I needed a handle... (From what I find in the archives, I joined the new world about 1998. The Internet. Got rid of the Amiga, and bought a real computer.)

I've always liked dolphins. Back in the mid-60's, I used to frequent Asbury Park. I won a stuffed dolphin at a roulette wheel. He wasn't Harry. (Actually, his name was Adolph Finn.) A few stuffed dolphins later, a few years later, a friend named one of the stuffed dolphins Harry J. Dolphin (based on a popular euphemism). I liked the name. (Better than calling myself Adolph Finn.) So, when I needed a handle in the early 1990's, that is the one I chose. Whenever I'm asked to choose a screen name, I'm Harry Dolphin, and have been so for almost ten years now. Ten years of section hiking journals on the AT under that name. Harry Dolphin has a life of his own. [:blink:]

The funny thing is that people will accept Harry as my name, when it isn't, because it sounds like a real name. :blink: There are many people in this world who think that I am Harry. (That's perfectly all right with me.)

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When I graduated from high school I hopped into my beat up Ford Ranger and went on a grand road trip across the U.S. I was just a kid and called home often to see how my family was doing. One time I called home from somewhere in Colorado and spoke with my sister who thought up the name Ranger Danger for me. It just has a nice ring to it I think.

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Back in 1966 my mother started writing a family newsletter at Christmas time about the families adventures during the year, she called it the Kookie Kaiser Klan Kapers sometimes Kronikals. You see all five of us kids had the initials KDK, even our cat was named Kleo and the dog became FresKa.


When geocaching first entered my and my wife's life we started inviting all the family to come along for a find, so it seemed only right to call ourselves the KaiserKlan.


After the passing of mom and dad I now write the KaiserKlan Kronikals in their memory, if you are really board, here is a link to all 39 issues of the Kronikals.




:blink: Enjoy!

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Way back in the early 90's I invested in an Internet provider (actually a BBS System that eventually offered Internet access at the low-low rate of $1 per HOUR). Anyhow -- I needed a screen name and thought I should look for something NEW! something FRESH! Something LEMON FRESH! -- what would be better with a lemon-fresh scent? - a dog.


Lemon Fresh Dog was born. It was better than wet-dog. I have since discovered that there is apparently some flower called a Lemon Fresh Dog -- wierd.


Anyhow, it has become my online name and the place where I post my BLOG (Lemon Fresh Doghouse). This whole internet has brought out the weirdness in us all, hasn't it?

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I've seen this thread several times in the past but have never taken the time to comment. I just scanned all 11 pages of this thread and didn't see a single "local" name other than Sept1c_tank, so I thought I'd jump in and add mine. My screen name is obvious if you check the image on my profile page. I use Stang Buff when I geocache alone, which is not very often now. Most of my geocaching now is done with my brother, and we use the screen name "The Wright Bros." I once had a cacher email me asking if I had ever been on some Air Force B-52 base in Thailand because that was a phrase he picked up over there.

I guess I need to come up with an avitar, but have never taken the time. Maybe after Christmas?

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Well my screen name is fairly easy ; The C is for chris and the 88m is the MOS (military occupational skill) of truck driver my occupation . I do have other mos' but prefer this one . People over the years have given me other nicknames (too many to list most I have forgotten) . A screen name should represent the person in a way that they will be remembered and associated with in the future .

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Roscoe... well... me being in college requires me to play video games. My buddy had a "name" he played under and it was his stret name. Well at the time i lived on Robin Hood Dr. and thought..."I don't want my name to be Robin Hood!" So i used the next street over as my video game-name... ROSCOE. As for the 615... well plain Roscoe was taken so I used my b-day.

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"garcma" was my very first user ID way back when I was a secretary and the company finally got email. I kept it because I was used to typing it quickly. Now I'm a RadCon tech and I'd like to change it to something fun linked with what I do for a living, but I don't want to lose track of the finds I have so far. I travel for jobs in different states and I've had a lot of fun finding geocaches everywhere I go. And learned some history and visited some really cool places, too. :unsure:

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Xangxa: the X is the IPA pronounciation, i.e., the harsh KH or CH sound as in the Scottish word "loch"


This name was given to me by cannibals in the South Pacific island of Papua New Guinea where I lived in the Highlands for a few years. It means "tall one" due to my relative height compared to the villagers. Ironically, I am also significantly taller than my parents or siblings (Dad is about shoulder height to me), although in America I'm just an average and unremarkable 6 foot.


A lot has changed since the 80's and if I were to return to the village (I think it was named Ukarumpa -- or was that the nearby mountain?), they would give me a much different name. Due to a wife who can really cook, I'm no longer a beanpole, and the cannibals would now call me "feeds family of 8" :rolleyes:

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