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  1. Well done Erik. Just goes to show that Landrovers have a serious effect on people!!!!! Turns them into really great reviewers. Many congratulations.
  2. I thought one of mine had gone AWOL, but after a short period (actually a fairly long one!) it reappeared and got underway again. "What A Wonderful World" has now travelled many thousands of kilometres, sending back fewer photos than I had hoped for, but is till going strong. If a TB or two go missing - go get a new one on its way - it's seriously cool to check every so often and read about its travels - especially when they go to places that you haven't even heard of!
  3. Quite right. If the rankings are causing hassles, do as I did - ask to be removed from the listings. As I said to QFC when requesting removal, rankings are of no interest to me - it's not why I play the game. Quality caches in superb locations is what it's all about for me.
  4. Thanks for the fast response, QFC! I would be grtateful if my name could be deleted from the ranking system. It's not why I play the game. Many thanks.
  5. I've only recently come back into the game and have been checking out the forums to see what I've been missing. THIS post is unbelievable! Who actually gives a hoot about rankings. Geocaching is NOT a competitive sport. It's a fun pastime that takes you out and about, more often than not to places you didn't know existed. Each of us plays in our own unique way. If a player wants to grab virtuals - his choice. The rankings? Not his choice - one of the other cachers decided to publish a ranking system. Why? Because he wanted to. The fact that ALL players are ranked on that site, without the permission or consent of the others is arrogant in the extreme as it implies that ALL players are keen to be ranked. If you want to turn this into a ranking competition - then those cachers who WANT to play like that should be ranked. Leave the rest of the players alone and stop whinging about them. Each to his own. This game is a lot of fun, but how easily it can be ruined by sniping attacks on people who play in their own way and inadvertently stuff up some competitive players rankings. Jealousy? Just get out and find or place caches and have fun. Rankings actually mean nothing.
  6. Thanks to all who replied. EasyGPS supports both units as well as the USB interface (if the others do it's well hidden!). I successfully transferred all waypoints - thanks again!
  7. I have been using a Magellan Meridian Platinum for some time now and have a number of important waypoints stored in the unit. I now have a Garmin StreetPilot 2610 as well. How do I transfer the waypoints from the Magellan to the Garmin? I can extract the waypoints from the Magellan and get them onto my computer. I am totally lost as to how to get them from there to the Garmin. The Magellan has a serial interface, the Garmin has USB. If software is available - please advise where I can download. Help and suggestions will be gratefully received!!!
  8. Thanks - done! Breath easy, Deego, your info was spot on, Dragonlass will be eternally grateful and will hold her breath whenever in contact with you!! Thanks again for the prompt reply.
  9. The "Azaruk" team has unfortunately split up. One member in England, the other in South AFrica. We released two Travel Bugs under the team name. One of them is particularly precious to Susan (in England) and she would dearly love to assume ownership. How do I transfer the ownership of "Heffalump" from "Azaruk" to "Dragonlass"? Don't be be put off by the name ....... Dragonlass is a really, really nice person and will NOT breath fire over any of you forum helpers!!!!! Thanks in advance...........
  10. Nope! Snakes are deaf. All of them. They are, however, very sensitive to vibration and will usually get out of your way before you get too close. The main one to watch out for is the Puff Adder, which does NOT move. It relies on its camouflage to avoid detection. Easily stepped upon - resulting in a lightning fast strike and serious problems if far away from help. The Puff Adder is responsible for more fatalities than all other snakes put together. Word-wide!!!!!
  11. I had the same problem. I went to the local distributor and begged one of their (empty) demonstration units. The cases were swopped - all worked 100%. Cost me nothing but the time to track down a dealer and beg!
  12. Not a business card as such, although it has a company name and contact details on it - I leave a few discount vouchers from a company that specialises in GPS equipment, two-way radios and so on. Believe me, when they run out, I get passionate emails about the problem, requesting immediate cache maintenance from myself, and the request for more of these cards. So I don't think there's anything wrong with it, and neither do the players who have found them. They pertain to the game, help players buy more goodies to make them more effective in the bush and save money. Always a good thing. And no - I get no kickback from the discount cards, they ARE tagged with my nickname so the players know where they came from.
  13. Azaruk


    It's possible that Firefox is the problem. I could view the image in the post OK, and then went to Google Earth and used the geocaching add-in. Went to Durban area and all our caches showed up, reasonably accurately too! Awesome!! PS I use IE.
  14. Azaruk


    See ..... Dicombobs known as Helga have problems that none of the others have. Is there a message here?
  15. I missed the very beginning of the insert (about three words!) but got the rest safely stored on my hard disc. I only have MPEG2 available in the capture software. The resultant file is around 630MB!!! I'll put it onto a CD. If anybody wants it, give me a shout and I'll post the CD to you. Maybe someone can convert it to a smaller file size. Good insert. Well done Discombob!
  16. Check my avatar. It's the real thing!!!! LandRovers Rock!!! (and sometimes roll!)
  17. The software came with the TV card. There are a large number of coding options for video capture. I'll check them this evening for Div-x and MPEG4. I imagine that if these are not available, the file could be converted as a post-process by other software. I have some other software that came bundled with the DVD writer. I'll check into that stuff as well. If they do manage to turn Discombob into a busty swede blonde bombshell, I will be charging for distribution of the resultant file!!!!
  18. I've got a TV card installed on my PC which is supposed to be able to record direct off-air onto hard disc AND do the compression on the fly. Which MPEG compression should I use? I see there are a number of different MPEG "numbers" to choose from. The resultant file will be quite large. Do you have ADSL to ease the pain of downloading to you?
  19. Yes. I have the necessary equipment but have never tried capturing off-air! Now's my chance! I'll practise a bit over the next few evenings and let you know how I do. Not sure how to compress a movie file, but again ... I'll play around. Looking forward to seeing the insert ......
  20. But then again, I have seen cache pages where there are so many attribute icons that they become totally intrusive. If you're going to use the attributes, keep the numbers down! Or, put a few lines on your cache page outlining the basic rules to be found at the site.
  21. A CHALLENGE!!!! Some of the cacher fraternity must be electronically minded - so .... build a tupper-ware detector
  22. Thanks for the help. Adoption went through without hassle. I am now the proud owner of two 'new' caches: Nkutu GCJM8V and That dadgum View GCM7GJ Cool!!!
  23. I have a major maintenance trip planned for the 15/16th October, during which time all my 'doubful' caches as well as those that have been tempoaraily withdrawn will be sorted out. If I have the time, I'll try and place a couple more as well. "Discodriver' no longer seems to be actively geocaching. I would like to adopt his caches which are very close to number of my own, which would make things a lot easier. What is the procedure for adopting a cache? I see no obvious method listed on the main site. Thanks
  24. I am a semi-professional wildlife photographer with a conservationist streak a mile wide. The environment is incredibly important to me and I will go out of my way to avoid damaging it. That is why, for all my caches, the encrypted clue is very specific. The normal clues will also let the hunter know that the cache is hidden in a place that needs no digging, removal of rocks, etc to find. I suggest that the clue system be used in a more detailed manner - not to show the hunter exactly where to look, but rather what not to do. If we all continue to hide our caches intelligently - and I will say here that all the KZN caches I have found so far have been extremely well placed, the locations awesome and the damage to the environmet absolutely nil - then we won't cause damage. I would be happy to represent geocaching South Africa with establishing communication with the relevant authorities, but before doing so, I suggest that, through the forum, we come up with a coherent plan of action, build up a set of convincing documented arguments for caching. I would like not only to talk to the authorities about this, but leave them with a well thought out and well presented document explaining geocaching completely. If we get this first step completed I have hope that we will be able to put forward a convincing argument to the authorites that we would be in a partnership with them in attracting visitors to their reserve and wilderness areas. And that can't be a bad thing!
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