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  1. I've owned this etrex venture for a number of years and have always had trouble with it communicating with my laptops. I've installed drivers for the serial to usb cable but this time it's still not communicating with any program (gsak, NG TOPO, mapsource). The computer will say its connected but then it won't communicate. Not sure what to do at this point since the other computer in the house is working with win 2000 prof and the laptop has xp home. Anybody else have similar problems and what solution did you use?
  2. site still down @ 18:00
  3. I use a laptop with NG Topo with my GPS tracking and GSAK . I watch my screen as I get closer to the cache locale , then just upload info to my GPS . I helps save gas too .
  4. c88m

    Pocket Query

    Well I've been having a problem with queries not continuing to generate after being scheduled . I will have it scheduled for a certain day of the week but after it generates it's not scheduled again unless I go back a check it off again . Before I'd check it off and it would run automaticly everyday or week it was checked . Any one have an idea why this is happening?
  5. I own 2 gps 12 and will never part with them . Great basic unit started caching with it before upgrading . Always carry one for back up on long hikes . A great starter unit worth the weight and money . 5 out 5 star rating in my book .
  6. my favorite log well this is my favorite log to date and she has some of the best caches in the area .
  7. Greenfield Community College offering course on geocaching . geocaching course they are also are offering a map reading course map reading .
  8. I've actually introduced people to caching that I'm seeing . My current loves the sport and is currently working on solving a puzzle that she made me promise not to find without her . She wants to learn more and is herself telling people about it and how much fun it is .
  9. Ok here is a vacation spot for caching and relaxing in the Berkshires . The Porches This place is in North Adams MA in the Berkshires . This topic could be in the New England Section but I think this is a topic that all who travel out this way should know about .
  10. ok after reading this is there a US multi state cache similar to the European IMC No.1 P - BE - Montgomery ?
  11. Well I've had (and still having ) trouble with one and would have never looked in a certain place (if it wasn't for my girlfriend who was a noncacher at the time) for another . Best advice I can give is 1) find out what type of container 2) read past logs for hints 3) use the hints 4) try going with another seasoned cacher for some experience . Oh yeah some luck and perserverance . Good luck and good hunting .
  12. This is one of the best written articles I've read . It gives a good basic idea of what caching is about . Who ever wrote this must be a cacher or had one help write it .
  13. look at the bottom of each cache page for the approver that's the local admin .
  14. oh yeah here is a forum topic that I started a while back on this Night Caches in N.E.
  15. well I have a bookmark list of (which I just did another tonight) night caches so here is a good start .
  16. just as I was reading this and importing it to GSAK the history channel had it on Modern Marvels "The Arches" .
  17. When placing a multi , cachers usually don't go for more than a 3 part though I love a good multi , find it to be quite challenging and fun . I'm currently planning a 6 part which will be twice as big as my normal ones . I don't have a huge probably bushwhacking but depends on the terrain and my mood . Best thing to do is check out some local ones and read some logs and cachers stats to see what the general cacher likes to do , than plan accordingly . Feel free to contact me or someone close to you (to see what they think) . Good luck and keep caching !! Oh yeah check out the logs for my Face Off cache . FaceOff
  18. Well I got some reflective vinyl from some of my customers (in the sign business) they're ok in a dark room with a flashlite but I will try em outside to see if they will work .
  19. how do I copy waypoints from one database to another ? I can copy waypoints to the same database but would like to move/copy them to another .
  20. The reason this is done so much is simple . lack of facilities for trucks , time (we only get 11 hours of drive time a day) , and it is dangerous to stop along the side of the road (we're much larger than the average car and take up 1.5 times as much space) . I don't do this (trucker bombs) because I do short hauls but I have these problems and now my body is paying a price . I've been dealing with plumbing issues for the last two months (possible longer) . If you would like to see less start writing your state and fed gov stating that truck(er)s need more places accessible to the for fuel , food, and bathrooms .
  21. There's one here in Springfield , Ma called Picture Perfect Place . Easy find . PPP
  22. After reading this I'm gonna ask a few of my customers about getting some reflective vinyl and see how it works , the one thing I do know this stuff is not cheap , it runs about $200+ for a 15" x 10 yd roll . Let you know when I get it how it will work out there .
  23. yeah seen it , thought it was cute after I thought about a cache I wanted to get to .
  24. Ok what type of card should I use for wireless access ? There are alot of different types wireless cards , I have a slot in the side of the laptop (PCI I believe) . Next how to configure when I do get one (win XP) and any other misc info I might need . I posted this in GPS Units and Software earlier original post . Thanks all in advance for your help .
  25. I had one of my caches placed back in the open , not where I placed it . log : Excellent multi-cache in a place that I have never visited. I sometimes believe the dificulty rating for multi's should be a star higher because I never know what I'm looking for or how it's hidden at first. Now, rereading the write up, I see it outright says the color and what I should've been looking for. Oh, well. Had a great time. I scared a fox on the way to the ammo box. Speaking of ammo box, when I got to the final, it was sitting in plain view (I noticed from 60 feet in front of me). Is this how it is supposed to be? If it was, I put some leaves around it so it isn't so exposed. I dropped the Seal Of Approval #2 TB and picked up Brother To Brother TB. So after this I went back and made the spot a little more obvious as to where the cache is suppose to be put back .
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