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I'm fascinated by archaeology, travel, antiquities and ethnographic items. I have quite a collection of artifacts from various sources, some of which I inherited from my great-great grandfather (who founded the Archaeological Institute of America it turns out, although I didn't realize this until well after my passion started to develop—guess it's genetic). It led to the creation of my Adventure Cache (which I can't post a URL to because TPTB keep deleting it). :rolleyes:


As for the Cojones thing... well, I'm from CO, so it's COJones, and yes, I understand the alternative meaning of it: I spent a number of years in New Mexico. :unsure:


Current project: Identifying a piece of prehistoric native american pottery. My initial research indicates that it appears to be Salado (Mogollon 4 period), circa 1000 BP.


Give me a mystery I can do some research on, and I'm in heaven.

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I was out caching one day with a friend, "The Rat." I had just started and at that time was using my email name. We met a couple of other cachers and the introductions convinced me that I needed a name that wasn't so boring and could be remembered. So I thought about what I was interested in-- motorcycles, travel, and travel bugs among other things, and MotorBug was born. Now if I could just solve a few more of The Rat's puzzles....

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My avatar reflects one of my long-standing hobbies. It is amazing how deeply that game makes one think...


My name... I just chose it to honor the witty dragon from The Hobbit Smaug really got a raw deal... He was a very cool character.


I think most of you have read the book. If not, do yourself a favor and read it. You will fly through it in 2 days. It is truly one of the great literary classics.


(Smaug was already taken; had to add the '1')

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Savoy 6- "A Team" leader in "The Green Berets". Saw it as a 13 year old, many years ago. Big fan of"the Duke"I'm not Special Forces, spent almost 25 yrs in USAF. but I used this as a business name too. (Had to come with something original) Have personalized Operation Enduring Freedom Plates with it too. My boys are my caching mates, Savoy 6-Alpha and Bravo.


Now that I told you, I gottta kill you :rolleyes:

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I have three loves, horse back riding, woodworking and martial arts. Just before I got into geocaching, I saw a wooden box in a horse magazine. The lid had a yin yang design using the shape of horses heads. It seemed like the perfect symbol. I managed to reproduce the design on some wooden ornaments and gave them away for x-mas presents, everyone really like them.


I use them now for FFP's in my caches. My avatar is a pic of my Tennessee Walker. Ain't he handsome?

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I recently posted this in another thread as a matter-of-fact reply, but I fgured I'd reply here too, no problem.


Since coyotes have moved back into the southwestern suburban Chicago area (among other areas), people have become a bit afraid of them. Yes, some cats and small dogs have disappeared... probably due to coyotes. But ppl seem to think that the coyotes will immediately attack a human if they come across one.


So one day I was out hiking (not caching) in the woods and came across three coyotes. I walked a little slower but still approached their general direction since that was my intended path. Even when I got within 25 feet of them, one just sat there and the other 2 milled around, peeking up at me. I actually stopped and looked at them, they looked at me, and then I went on my way.


I don't know how this sounds to some, but to me, I made a "connection" with the coyotes -- like now we have a mutual respect. They can trust me, and I trust them......


Coyote Trust.


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When we first started caching, my son and I picked different account. He became Creafronner, which didn't really mean anything...just some kids made up name. I took on SailorJim but my wife said it sounded like I was a member of The Village People :rolleyes: .


Since my son finds just about every cache I find, and since I usually ended up entering both his and my logs, we decided to combine and became Team J&J.


He's James. I'm Jim. J&J. :rolleyes:

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;) When we moved to our current home, we became interested in local history. Turns out the most interesting character ever to have lived in these parts was an elephant named Old Bet, the second elephant ever exhibited in the US, back in the early 19th century. Hence, The Old Bet Brigade, with a bit of local history posted on our cacher's page. Edited by The Old Bet Brigade
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Its really simple, folks. MCL is my name.


Originally it was (and is) my initials but 15 years ago I started getting people to actually call me MCL to my face. Now there are people who never call me anything else. I want people to call me MCL and I don't believe in using pseudonyms on the 'net.


OK so it's a radical opinion. It's MY radical opinion and I'm sticking to it.

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I have lived in the desert for 19 years, and I have only seen Kit Foxes 6 times. They are a rare and elusive desert creature. Since I'm a desert dweller, and enjoy desert wildlife, Kit Fox is what I chose.


The guy who introduced me to geocaching is even more elusive, he is a Mojave Jackalope. I have yet to see one of those.

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After initially trying my real name, I quickly decided I wanted something genderless. This one's worked perfectly for over a decade. My real name's in it, I'm a big fan of Monty Python and Dr. Seuss, and I've been putting something on the web pretty much daily since 1987.


Most people think I'm a dude with an email problem at first glance, and that's OK too. ;)

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I sold the same house twice, and the man from the bank, on the phone called me Honest John.


I told a friend the story, and it got around quickly.


It was back in the early 70's, and I did get the legal part straitened out.


Everyone that knows me calls me Honest, and has for many years now.


Suzie is Susan, my wife, and Jule, is Julie our dog.



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My Family on my Dad's side came to America from Sicily via Ellis Island.


With the Surname, I get lots of Mafia comments and also sometimes get great service at true Italian family Resturants.


I am not 100% Italian, only 1/4.

But since the family name is Italian, I am most familiar with it's past.


The rest being Cherokee indian, Irish and Scottish.


I can only imagine the fights between a Sicilian and Cherokee husband and wife. LOL

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I would say that mine is self-explanitory, but then that wouldn't exactly be the truth. No, not even if I tried. :o


So the day I trekked off on my first Geocache hunt, I thought a bit of socratic irony, and gave some satirically engineered wit, and.. -insert crack of thunder and clash of lightning here-

Wallah! Thus was born, the LostFool.

Or... am I? :)


;) -- LostFool

"Never Underestimate ..."

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I named my pup after one of my favorite spots in the world, Quoddy, Maine. When I began geocaching I used his name for my early caches, never realizing how my interest would explode. I'm now referred to as Quoddy and he is the REAL Quoddy. Some cachers refer to me as the "fake" Quoddy, though.

Edited by Quoddy
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:o well... let's see...


BIONICO is the Spanish word for BIONIC.. I'm Spanish-English Bilingual, so there.. ;)


BIONIC: Having anatomical structures (my eyes) or physiological processes (my vision) that are replaced or enhanced by electronic or mechanical components (my glasses).


I wear glasses... that makes me bionic.


And the Soccer Ball... well, like the legend says: "I Speak Soccer, The Universal Language"

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A lot of good stories. Now I'll add mine.


I have always loved dolphins, ever since watching Flipper as kid. Orcinus Orca [ aka Killer Whales ] are the largest of the dolphins and my favorite. So I try to use it whenever I can or a variation if it's already taken. I have spent hours at various oceanariums that have dolphin petting pools getting to know a few dolphins real well, and they grew to know me to the point that when they saw me they would come to me first over others at the tank. Once, one facilty even had a couple young Orcas in their petting pool, hence the photo in my profile [ hopefuly I modified it correctly so it displays]. I have been involved in a couple projects that attempted to communicate with dolphins. One was Lilly's Project JANUS and another was in Australia. From these experiences and other personal experiences that have happened to me at petting pools I have come to know that these are very intelligent beings. To say more would be off topic and should be a thread of it's own. B)


As to the rest, I'm here to refresh my navigation skills and have some fun. I was a quartermaster in the Coast Guard from 1974-1978. The ship I was on patrolled Alaskan waters checking the foreign fleets for quotas and illegal fishing. Back then, what was to become the current GPS was called SatNav. We didn't have it though as we only got the Navy's 'hand-me-downs', but all the foreign ships did. All we had were Visual Sighting and Radar or Loran-C when we were out of range of land which we were most of the time. The Loran-C tended to drift off-lock a lot, especially in winter when it was cold. The crystal oven couldn't stay hot enough to keep stable. My solution was to wrap a foul weather jacket around the crystal oven and that helped. High tech meets Low Tech. :D When we would board a vessel for inspection, one of the things that was always done was to report back to the ship the position on their SatNav so we could 'verify' it's accuracy with ours. In reality we were just using it to get a better fix. B)

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I have enjoyed reading all twelve (and counting) pages of this thread. Thanks Septic Tank for keeping it alive.


We have owned our river front property for over forty years and used it as a vacation campground. The fire pit is on a bend in the river under a huge clump of basswood trees. When, upon retirement, we moved here permanently our eldest presented us with a Maize and Blue flag featuring crossed paddles and the name Basswood Bend. Our property had a name. On fathers day 2003 we went out and found our first cache and then had a discussion about how to sign the log. Upon reflection the answer was obvious.

Edited by basswoodbend
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Until recently, my screen name was "ttaylor181", which was my rather unimaginative AOL screen name. I've recently switched to Beowulf, which is what I use on several other discussion boards. It's more a nod to Beowulf Shaeffer, the intrepid star traveller created by Larry Niven, than a reference to the mythical warrior. That, and I like the avatar I found to match it.

Edited by Beowulf83
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Main Entry: sar·to·ri·us

Pronunciation: sär-'tOr-E-&s, -'tor-

Function: noun

Inflected Form(s): plural sar·to·rii /-E-"I, -E-"E/

Etymology: New Latin, from Medieval Latin sartor tailor, from Latin sarcire to mend

: a muscle that crosses the front of the thigh obliquely, assists in rotating the leg to the cross-legged position in which the knees are spread wide apart, and in humans is the longest muscle


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my sn was no more than an alias once.


Needed a login for a bank (or something) several years ago and my eyes fell upon a digital alarm clock. Have used it ever since -for logins that I don't want to use my real name for.


I've grown to admire it, I'd say. Carved my own alarm Clock stamp for logs.

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Mine comes from the name of my freelance graphics business.


Gridlox Grafix


I've always been artistically inclined and took every art class I could in high school.

But alas, growing up with parents scratching out a living in Southern cotton mills left very little moneys for continuing my education after that.


So, I have basically taught myself anything after that.


I got interested in Hot Rods after high school and was a member of a local car club.

We held several car shows and cruize nights during the year and would always pay someone to design our advertisements.


One year we decided to throw a cruize night event at the last moment and the person that we'd used before that couldn't fit us into his schedule. So, I took over the job of laying it out.

Up until this point no one knew of my interest in art and after doing this first one, they were so impressed that I ended up doing them from then on. Of course the price was right too, since I didn't charge them anything because it was my contribution to the club :P


Then the next year we decided to host a large car show with the support of a local car dealer. He wanted to have tshirts to sell at the show. Someone mentioned that I could probably work up something pretty good for them to use.

The dealer was impressed with the design and also wanted me to do some for his dealership that he could sell out of his parts department.


I decided I wanted to have a business name to place on the designs instead of just my name at the bottom.


I racked my brains for days trying to think of something. Then one night sitting watching the news they were telling about a huge traffic problem they were having in Atlanta that day. The newscaster said something to the effect of "The interstate is nothing but metal & chrome this afternoon, just utter gridlock."




Since all of my designs to this point were all car related I thought "Gridlock's Graphics" would be perfect.


This was the early 80's and the break dancing craze was in full swing and the musical artist and taggers (graffitti artist) all had these cool ways of spelling their names, so I decided I had to have a different way of spelling mine.


I went through several variations that just didn't do it for me.

Gridlokz Graphikz

Gridlocz Graphicz

Gridloks Grafiks



Later that week I was reading the new Hot Rod magazine that I got in the mail and they had an article on the drag racing team of Sox & Martin.




Gridlox Graphix.




Gridlox Grafix!!



So after that, everything I designed got signed with "Gridlox Grafix"


D-man :D

Edited by gridlox
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Well I moved to a remote part of Mississippi and the drive to my house is about an hour on one long Hwy. So I was traveling this Hwy twice a day (at least) since all my friends lived in town. One of my friends said "You must drive like a Bandit" :huh: , and being that I lived in Benndale...the rest is history! :huh:



(Benndale, Ms)

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When I was younger I played a lot of RPG's, and my screen names reflected that. I'm not into RPG's anymore and those old screen names didn't seem appropreate so a few years back I started looking for a new screen name. I used one from a book I had just read at the time. "Fiver" from 'Watership Down', which I use of a lot of other sites.


That name was taken on this site, so I went with my Japanese name 'Kenji'. I might change it if I think of something better.



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My screen name is totally groovy! :)


'Cause it's the new Mother Nature taking over

It's the new Splendid Lady come to call

It's the new Mother Nature taking over

She's gettin us all

She's gettin us all

:):) Guess Who?


Being a Nature Director at a girl scout camp for 5 years, I was named "The Nature Lady', then a I had a few substitutes, and the campers also called her the nature lady; they would refer to me as the 'best or the "#1 Nature Lady", then the campers realized I was a mom, so they'd refer to me as NatureMom; I thru in the #1 (for old times sake :) )


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