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  1. Oh, and stupid me - I'd always thought that our letters are of Latin origin. But on the other hand - those funny old Romans probably learned how to write on the British Isle... SCNR, BS/2 On topic: does GC.com support UTF-8?
  2. That "someone" must have been me - but I'm still convinced of the idea. Yes, please!
  3. Not that this and things like that haven't been discussed before: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=120932 No change since, halas.
  4. Maybe just because waymarks are not caches? You can't make a multileg or puzzle cache on Waymarking.com.
  5. Any news on that, Jeremy? Thanks for updating us on GC's progress on the topic. BalkanSabranje _bump_
  6. IMHO that cache wouldn't qualify as a traditional, but as a mystery/puzzle cache.
  7. Over here, the answer (standard interpretation of the guidelines) to your question is simple (sTeamTraen already pointed that way): There already is a simple way to distinguish those types of caches: the cache type. If the cache type is "Multicache", the cache has to be solvable in the field. If it's not solvable in the field with basic school knowledge, it's to be classified as "Mystery/Puzzle". BalkanSabranje
  8. You might outnumber us, but we're still the ones with the licence to sue. On topic: this thread has turned out to become very interestuing. The "spinner" and MS logos could (theoretically) develop to VERY interesting (but different) "cases".
  9. No. I agree. I'd be more likely to decide not to do anyone else any favors and stop placing any new caches. Exactly my thoughts.
  10. They're just in and defintely the most beautiful coins (not only Geocoins) I've ever seen. Thanks a lot! BalkanSabranje
  11. Thsnks for the kind offer. You got mail. BS/2
  12. Given all the positive comments on how the coins look just make us more eager to get our hands on them... Chris, do you send out notifications to inform customers that the coins are on their way or is there no tracking system applicable? BS/2
  13. Feel free to contact me via my profile: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/default.aspx?ID=180150 BalkanSabranje
  14. Tried asking there: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=31 ?
  15. Still hoping that they will be here in time for the event....
  16. Hoping to get our hands on ours soon...
  17. Ours came in last week, while we where on holidays. Nice surprise and goodlooking coins. Thanks! BS/2
  18. 2 Lizardtoadz Geocoins (great coins, thx a lot!). BS/2
  19. Just ordered a set. Can't wait to get them and pass one on to the lucky winner at our next event. TIA, BS/2
  20. The website doesn't allow orders yet (nearly Fr. Aug. 11th) and I'm off for holidays, so could you please reserve me a pair? TIA, BS/2
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