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  1. If someone is up & running, would you kindly do a search of newly released caches in connecticut for me, and send me coords to the newest Cachemas & Grinchmas. a print screen would be wonderful....need hints, and parking coords too! quiet Skippermark
  2. Can someone feed the hampsters & get it running again?!! IT'S CACHEMAS/GRINCHMAS TIME HERE IN CONNECTICUT, AND WE'VE ALL BEEN UP SINCE 4AM WAITING FOR OUR SERIES TO BE PUBLISHED!!!! Thank you Emerald City!
  3. ok, so now how do I get copy of that DPH permit? Do I go straight to the DPH, is this public knowledge? or do I continue to email landmanager back and ask them for copy? suggestions?!
  4. My email to them today: DPH=department of public health: "Thank you for your reply! As a hiker who's family with small children finds both, I am curious as to what the restrictions are from the DPH on a geocache and not a letterbox ,and how this landmanagement defines the difference between a geocache and a letterbox. " and here is their reply: "You are very welcome! Our permit with the Department of Public Health specifically states that recreational activities are to be conducted on approved trails. Any activity that could possibly lead a user off trail (like geocaching, frisbee golf, orienteering) cannot be allowed. We did institute letterboxing because we felt we could keep people on the trails. While some letterboxes do make use of coordinates, we specifically steered away from that method for the same reason described above" . still dont understand what resttrictions the DPH would have or why, but this is what they say.
  5. Thx Skippermark I am 'the' said friend Now let's add to the discussion that this landmanagement allows fishing, thus creating those 'social trails', and off trail walking by fisherman. My husband fishes here, and seen the fishing litter, but we wont go into fishermen litter vs caching CITO. You can letterbox You can fish You cannot geocache Someone in this thread they'd be interested in knowing how the land management defines the difference, as would I, so I emailed them back...........stay tuned.
  6. Great Video Team R.Lion!!! Loved the music-nice touch! also clicked on the similar video of blackbear getting into a hammock.....too cute!
  7. Just tell me where the State page went! Where can I find all event listings and new caches for my state??? Hrmph!
  8. 1NatureMom


    For several days, I cannot access a user's gallery. Any user's gallery, even my own. I know of a cacher who has been to a certain cache, I forgot the cache name, but their gallery will tell me; I click on gallery, and it just thinks about opening it forever! Never opens! What's up???
  9. So how does it feel to be a Mama again Planet? WooHoo! We're expecting!
  10. That's Cool! This one is the coolest though, Check out this one : - MoHo's Wedding Surprised he hasnt rang in here yet
  11. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! Any tax refund money left to buy a kayak? There are water caches too! Soon, you'll find that seeking geocaches isnt just reserved for the weekends.........it's before work, lunch break, after work, and night caching too! I think it's wonderful that your 15 year old-brother is joining you! May you never log a frown! Wait untill she scores her first FTF!
  12. Kettletown has power in the bathrooms There is an outlet for hairdryers, but that's what bandanas are for The showers are freezing cold & you have to continue to press the button every 30 seconds There is a kitchen style deep wash basin on the other side of the bathrooms for kitchen utensil clean up - again, freezing water. But hey, this is what it's all about ... getting close with nature
  13. Hello from the GeoJamboree Team! 1 - Just a friendly lil reminder that Kettletown State Park/Campground has NO ELECTRIC HOOKUP. Keep this in mind if you rent a rv. The majority of us are in tents. no stumbling drunks welcome here Mr.Snat *I don't know if the rangers will bark at sleeping in your car, I imagine not, espically if you did bring a tent & it broke 2 - The GeoJamboree is VERY KID FRIENDLY! There is always a kids cache & kids games, even an ez kids night cache!. Bring their bikes or skooters as the campground is paved. Dozens of kids on bikes. Here is a link to Walt's profile: CT Ateam profile He has always run the GeoJamborees. You can view the past Jamborees & email him any questions. Hope to see all of our NorthEast friends again this year!
  14. Hello from the New England section! I just wanted to share that I often visit your "Bear" threads, and am always amazed! Keep them pix coming! I'm facinated by Bears.......I can't explain it I'm glad I am not alone The other evening, I read the thru these Bear threads right before bed lurking for new pix, and what do you think happened? I had the most bizarre bear dream! Woke up in a cold sweat You need to place warnings on your threads! Have a Beary special caching year & Stay safe!
  15. Remember when.......... You actually put on your hiking boots, wandered onto a new trail, discovered how much you enjoy nature, got some fresh air-n-exercise, felt peaceful, found a geocache, smiled, made a legit-n-equal swap, signed your name into the log book, and smiled some more knowing you actually earned the smile?! Does anyone remember actually geocaching or are you now just playing another online game? Quality over quantity. It is that simple! Remember when........ we said: "There isnt a geocacher that I didn't like". Would you let your children play the way you do? Would you hire this type of person? Someone mentioned Character in an earlier post. Ponder that definition. Remember when..................
  16. I'm sure you'd be pleasantly surprised of how ez hosting an event would be, and how much of a turn-out you'd have! "IF you build it, they will come" Especially if your area has not had this type of an event before. I'd be willing to bet the yak, that your local geocachers would LOVE it! Hydro-events will most likely cache on quickly too! Enjoy yourself by paddeling around the islands one day by yourself, and hide a few caches, then post the caches & the event for the launch site & have a tailgate party. Whola, there's your event! May I suggest that the caches you hide hold rite-n-rain paper for a log book (waterproof paper). Micro's tied to trees wtih fishing line work well too. These are my fav. micros! Doesnt have to be a fancy container for trades. It's about the adventure, not the container/trade.....and paddeling to a cache for the 1st time is an AMAZING adventure! Happy Paddeling!
  17. Yes, LisaS has one of the sweetest yaks I've ever seen! And Planet's yak has to be the lightest & fastest one! Someone above me said 'you've created a monster' by asking to post pix I see that 90% of the replys are from Conn. cachers Mopar is right,,,,we LOVE our hydro caches here in Conn.! I too have the itch for spring! I just posted in ctcachers.com about having a CITO event with yaks! Here's my lilest 1NatureGirl navigating around a Beaver Dam at those White Memorial Caches LisaS linked to.
  18. I like my redfeathers! Check SIERRATRADINGPOST.COM often for great deals & recommendations!
  19. Vinny & Sue, Vinny & Sue!!! This has Vinny & Sue written all over it! Ha, I got the referal in 1st! May I have my $1000 now?
  20. WooHoo! I just received it in the mail yesterday! Can't wait to dig in & dream on! I will post in this thread when I am done to see if Cliffy wants it next or PirateJimmy okedokie? Happy Hiking!
  21. WOW! AWESOME PIX! Can I make a mouse pad of this for my desk at work? Talk about a daydream! You take some good shots Criminal; the birch trees are amazing......the kilt ain't so bad either
  22. You got it Cliffy! When I'm done with the book, I'll give it to you & post the story of it in CCC forum.
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