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  1. I've used three volt, blinking red, LEDs, in one night cache. I powered them with four C batteries, and they blinked for over a year. Combining the 35mm canister, and the blinking LED, would certainly prevent the trail from being visible from other directions.
  2. I research all caches I hunt, if the cache takes me to an unpleasant spot, I blame myself. The owner if he fails to mention this on the cache page. Some degree of mystery should be expected when hunting multis and mystery caches. Myself if I failed to research the cache first. Myself. To satisfy my own caching ethics, I do lots of research. Depends on the cacher.
  3. Yes! That's pretty much the kind of tasks I was thinking of, TerryDad! How do people manage to solve them or do people have problems of any kind? I was looking at some kind of mapping exercise before, on the 'back spine' of Qatar, but my stay there was running out and I didn't even start testing how people could measure angles without having any equipment (I thought about providing a plan for building that from cardboard). Being the person that has adopted the first cache on this list, I can vouch for its difficulty. I get many answers from finders, the majority of the answers are way off.
  4. Anyone else notice the "cancer" of short, uninspired logs, has sadly spread to remote, and high terrain caches also?
  5. Am I the only person, who can no longer read logs on my caches now the "logbook" feature was enabled?
  6. I grew very tired of lame TFTC caches, so I went out of my way, and archived many of my easy access caches. This has reduced my lame log emails tremendously.
  7. I no longer search for high visibility caches, in public areas (don't care for them). However, back when I did, I preferred not to be discreet. If someone puts a 35mm canister, under a lamp post, in full view of the general public, they should expect it to disappear on occasion.
  8. Nobody in this thread (unless I missed it) mentioned the fact that there are still plenty of geocaches that were hidden, well before attributes were even available. Many of the cache pages have never been edited. I used to use the old 9Key Selector, before they were made available on the cache page.
  9. My Geocaching Bag A snapshot and a list What equipment do you use? whats in your geocaching bag ?, i'm shocked at mine This is an old picture, I added a bunch more to my kit.
  10. I've already begun that process. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I would gladly read nice logs like these, versus one hundred thousand "TFTC" logs.
  11. Sadly, many of the nice caches are being found by "copy & paste" cachers also. Once you weed through their lame logs, you can tell if the cache is worthwhile to find. I like it a whole bunch. Thanks to the spew of lame cut & paste logs, and "blank" logs, I stopped hiding any easy caches. All my future caches will be 3 1/2 terrain or higher. I've actually pondered archiving all of my 1 to 2 star terrain hides, so I don't receive any more park & grab logs.
  12. Six finds in (two months shy of) nine years. Are You Experienced? GCG2V8
  13. I'm two months away from 7 years of geocaching. I can't wait to be an old timer.
  14. Maybe in your area. I've watched FTFers tear places up, just trying to make a find "quickly". The end results: Mulch on the sidewalk/road, damaged plants/shrubs, disassembled bricks (even after the cache advised that it was not hidden in any of those places). FTFers also hop fences, and ignore hours of operation signs. No offense intended but, your experience isn't the norm.
  15. Some geocachers should visit these giant trails, and permanently anchor all the film canisters. This would tick off the Leapsters, and swappers.
  16. LeapFrogging and Container Swapping need to be officially added to the list of shameful logging practices.
  17. Leap frogging and container swapping are new, and very shameful additions that should be added to The New Numbers Game thread. Both practices are nothing more than a new way for "couch potato cachers" to inflate their find stats, and flood cache pages with those "glorious" cut & paste logs.
  18. I've noticed that most "other," and "not chosen" caches are nano sized micros. I once hid a bison capsule inside of a 30lb rock, and didn't think micro was an accurate description, and large would have made it a dead giveaway. I used "not chosen" for the size. A while back, their was a thread about unscrupulous cache owners realized people were skipping their "nano-micro" hides, so they started mislabeling their micros as smalls.
  19. Have you ever put 800 to 1000 caches on your ignore list? Lazy, because we want tools to better enjoy geocaching, that does not require hours of tedious ignoring of geocaches?
  20. My most remote cache The Last Flight of the Hercules has two different routes. Start at the Alimony Truck Trail, and hike East along the mountain range, until you're close to the drop in point. Distance 9+ miles R/T. Gain: 3600' total, 2600' out plus 1000' on return. This road used to be a passageway to Littlerock Dam via Juniper Hills. Park near the locked gate, and head up and to the East. This was my chosen route. Start at Buckhorn Campground (possible closure, increasing hiked distance). Hike north down the Burkhart Trail (10W02) about 2 miles to where the Cooper Canyon Trail comes in from the west. Follow the combined trails upstream (east) 1/3 mile and cross the creek (5600') and proceed 100' to a trail junction with the Rattlesnake Trail (signed). Follow this trail upstream to the north and continue on to Burkhart Saddle. Hike west up a steep use trail to the summit of Will Thrall Peak. Continue northwest along the ridge to a saddle. Then follow the trail on the south slope of the ridge to a point where the trail is only 20' below the ridge; here climb up to the ridge and follow it to the summit. Distance Hiked = Approximately 15 miles R/T +/-. Gain: 3600' total, 2600' out plus 1000' on return
  21. I can spot them fairly easily: I don't care to share the techniques though.
  22. I wouldn't say 240 times better (I found both mentioned caches). The Ape is going to be more popular because it gives you the "APE ICON." Throwing out the Ape Icon, I truly enjoyed the amazing hike and journey, when I made my find, on the Tunnel of Light cache. The scenery along the trail is amazing. The sad part are all the lame "park & grab / cut & paste" logs that "power cachers" leave for the Tunnel of Light cache.
  23. Oakley Sunglasses gives great deals for Military and Government Employees. www.usstandardissue.com
  24. Why would the FTF game be important on an earthcache? How about, First to Answer the questions?
  25. If anyone is interested here is a five part tour of Chernobyl.
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