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  1. I have several adopted caches. I try to do very little in the way of changes but will change whatever I want to change.
  2. The macro is great but I don't have the hint. I only get the name and GC number with the difficulty of the cache. I am using a Nuvi 255. Is there something I can do to change that? Sorry posted in the wrong place!!
  3. I never respond on a first dnf. For example I had one DNF'ed and a day later it was found. Also remeber that an owner cannot always jump up and run check on a cache. There are certain times of the year, month or week or what have you, I can't get to it. I hate it but thats real life for me.Be nice and patient.
  4. I agree with the others the Old Air Force Base is a really neat place to get a few. I particularly liked the Old Campground cache and the ARC was cool.
  5. Its been my experience locally that most are either drunks or drug abusers. Most in this area are one or the other and have absolutely no interest in doing anything but bumming money to get their next high or low. These people have been doing this for years. I understand that people do fall on hard times...been there and done that. Bumming gets them nowhere, well around here most of them have been banned from the property. Keep in mind these people are not homeless. One walks around telling people he has cancer and has 3 months to live. That has been his story for 14 years now. NO you cannot group them all in one pot but having this kind of knowledge makes you a bit more cynical. Help people if you can, but don't promote their activity.
  6. As an officer I can tell you that the suspicious person call is not a major issue for most officers. The wasted tax dollars etc. are on the I have a bat in my attic kind or snake in my yard calls. Suspicious person calls are a very common call and rightfully so. I don't see that these micros are an issue.
  7. Really a simple solution to this. Don't hunt the micros. Look at the maps and look at the area the cache is placed in. There are many ways to determine if it may or may not be an interesting location, and living in the area the cache was placed should give you an idea whether the cache would be interesting to you. Or don't hunt the caches that the person or persons place. I am very familiar with the caches you speak of. I am not offended by them. Some are very difficult to find. By the same token I appreciate every single one of them. It is as you say about the hunt and who you are with. Every hunt does not take you to an interesting place. Some hides are so down right simple that I and others miss them. I like that. Keeps you thinking. The old song says you can't please everyone so you got to please yourself. I live where you do and would love to see more caches in the area. Hint,Hint. Have fun,that is what it's all about.right?
  8. I see another category covering this has already been posted,Cool.
  9. Old depots that are currently in use or not. Sights that would be interesting to see for some history.
  10. I have a Garmin Etrex Legend that I started with. I won a Rino 130. I Love both of them.
  11. Thank you. I thought I had done that but apparently I did not. I guess that is one of those "thats what you get for thinking"........... Thanks again I am trying to learn GSAK looks real good so far. Sarg863
  12. How do I transfer just the caches I have not found from my database to my GPSr. I can transfer everything with no problem. I just don't want the found caches included.
  13. Thanks for all the replys.
  14. Not necessarily wanting approval. Just submitting it. I would not expect approval until the cache is placed. I would submit it but show it inactive until it was physically placed.
  15. Until you can get the cache in place. Is this OK? I have a location in mind but know it will take a little bit more work before I can physically place the cache. I am refering to submitting the cache before the physical placement is done.
  16. I also disagree. I recently adopted a cache. The owner had found 3 caches and had not logged on in at least a year. I emailed them over a period of about six months and got no response. By adopting I kept the cache intact and allowed the cache history to continue. I see no reason to archive and then place another cache in the same location. If the owner does come out of the woodwork he will see that the credit for the original hide was given to him and that it was adopted by me. If he would like to reclaim ownership I would gladly agree.
  17. any relationship of low battery and a decrease in accuracy? I am not sure but while caching last weekend the GPSr seemed to be a little less accurate when the batteries were getting low. I had pretty good accuracy according to the GPSr but was wondering if anyone had any experience with this kind of thing.
  18. Biased or not, I enjoy the magazine.
  19. I pass through from time to time. I may visit the Airborne museum. But the reason would be primarily to cache. If there are none there I doubt I would do anything except "pass through every once in awhile."
  20. Im speaking about caches in general, where do you draw the line to keep this game somewhat safe? Have you not read anything i have posted? So you dont care if caches are placed that someone who is not smart enough to leave alone could die from? What are those guidelines? Does anyone know. Thats what i've been trying to ask. Instead everyone whats to demean my comments. Some of those have regulations or regulated bodys. No one is telling you what to do and what not to do. It's a issue of safety. Do you not beleive in metal detectors or secruity checks at airports? Some would say thats against admendments righs and thier civil libertys. BUT GUESS WHAT. It's there for peoples safety? Still you have failed to answer one simple quetion i have asked. I have given an example, but it was made a mockery of. So thier should be no guidelines set for what is to dagerous, is that what your saying? Some of you might forget, thier are people of ALL ages that play this game. Some teenagers dont know thier limits as well as some adults. We cant keep an eye on our kids 24-7 but yet you want them to be safe. Would you want them or a loved one doing something that good kill them when you have a chance to put a regulation on what is safe and whats not. If you wanna smoke, drink, eat bacon, so be it. But when you have a chance to put a regulation on something and draw a line to keep the game safe and fun for everyone then why not. So once again im going to ask this. What is the line for something you cosider to be unsafe. What are the bounarys, where do you draw the line to help keep people safe? How hard is that to answer. Why do you need an example, do you not have a opinion of your own? You sure seem to use it to mockery of my posts? I think that anyone capable of using a GPSr has enough common sense to not look for a cache that is beyond their physical ability. Kids looking for a cache that is dangerous could happen. That tells me they are not very well supervised. Driving a car is one of the most dangerous things people do. Especially the teenage drivers. I am not my brothers keeper>
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