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Google my caching name and you'll get a good chunk of hidden history (fair warning for you history and non-history sorts).


Anne Bonney was a woman pirate "back in the day". I really like the idea of a woman as a pirate, and the dicotomy of having a piratical identity as a geocacher in which one doesn't pillage, but plays along with finding hidden treasure is involved intrigues me as well.

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;) My name evolved from the fact that I spent four years locksmithing and never had very little time to do anything but be on call and work. I know its not a bad thing but after four years of being on call and not having a life it was time for a change. I have worked n the corporate security field, loss prevention, police department and community corrections. So when anybody has a problem or wants to bitch, compalin, or whine who do they go to? The KEYPERSN. It was so nice to discover Geocaching and be able to go out and enjoy all that God has made for us and get away from all the above. Thank You Jeremy. :blink:
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Mine is a contraction of one that I got way back when from my Brothers girlfriend when she looked in my room and said it looked like a tornado had swept through. I replied no just a small whirlwind that dropped everything in the place they stayed. I started using it as my CB handle and online found having it fully spelled out to normally being taken so I shortened to the current wrlwnd and use it almost exclusively online.



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Guess where I got my name ... c'mon guess! :lol:

"Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid." :anibad:


"But why is the rum gone? " :D:D

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I was sitting at the computer one evening with gps in hand. I was muddling over different ideas for a screen name. I wanted to use "GPS" in the title. And since there are at least four to five of us in our family going on cache hunts, I wanted a name to include all of us. We are an outdoorsy type of family. So I tried different outdoor themes with gps... hunting ,camping, hiking etc. Nothing clicked, so I broadened my thoughts(I'm not very creative). :laughing:


Anyhow, being a one time Star Trek fan, it jumped right out at me :lol: . So, seeing that we are a family, I just made trek plural, and added gps to it. I guess Star Trek is kinda like geocaching. The captain gives a heading to his helmsman, and off they go to find what lies at those coordinates.


There, how's that?


wanna these days, I'll find just the right avatar to post with our screen name.

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Mine was a service-provider-generated password to a now defunct mail service.


It's one of those vowel - consonant - vowel - consonant generators I guess, But "Azaruk" sounded real cool, so I adopted it.


Boring maybe - but I like it.


The avatar? Work it out! I like nothing better then strapping my old LandRover to my butt and exploring roads less travelled - with a couple of cache containers to be left where angels fear to tread!


Great topic!!!! Thanks


Edit: MUST get a new keyboard - this one can't spell

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We moved from the city to the country about a year and a half ago. My daughter had asked for a couple of rabbits. All of my girls now have at least one rabbit, and we have 7 total and are about to buy another for breeding. We often geocache as a family, so we chose the name Cache Rabbits. In fact our first cache find was at the county park where my girls were showing their rabbits at a 4h fair.


Havent taken any rabbits caching with us yet!

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When my niece was first learning to speak she could not say "Uncle" properly, she said "Unkey", so I was Unkey Brad. I have a penchant for apes and sorta look like a big gorilla, so Unkey Brad quickly morphed into Monkey Brad. I did not figure I would be into this geo thing for very long so I just started using the Monkeybrad name. After signing it a couple of thousand times I really wish I had chosen something shorter. Whenever I speak to a group of new cachers, that is my first piece of advice, "Choose a name that has some special meaning to you, and make sure it is short."

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The first cache I found was a micro with a tiny logbook and not much room to sign. I had never thought of what to use for my handle so I decided to use my amateur radio callsign since it is unique to me and reflects one of my other hobbies and is easy to write in small logbooks. I'd thought of changing it at times but with almost 90 logs it wouldn't make sense at this point.

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I decided to choose a name that identified me with one of my three favorite sports teams. I could have chose either SaintsFan, CubsFan, or LSUFan. Since I wanted at least a little respect from my fellow geocachers (instead of pity), I went with LSUFan. ;)

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My tag is not really a name....it is a kind of music.


I play fingerstyle country blues on acoustic guitar.

4 years ago I got a lab puppy that we named Pepper.

She was the puppy from hell. I discovered the only thing

that would calm her down was when I played my guitar.

She lays down and goes to sleep......so,

it became the pepperblues.



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My youngest daughter's nickname is "Moose", as given by her oldest sister many many years ago. It has always been a term of affection since she is rather short for her age. (When she was in 4th grade, there were on 2 kindergartners shorter than her). The drawing in our avatar has been on her lunch bags and school papers ever since.


The Group (her and I) started with the name "Moose Crew", but if you say it quickly it sounds like cows doing something.... so we found Moose Mob.

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Mine is a nickname my friends gave me. My first name is Jason so obviously that is where the "J" comes in. My second name starts with the letter W so thanks to our current President they started calling me "J Dubya". Eventually it got shortened to what it is today. Nothing too exciting. :lostsignal:

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My name stems from my native american zodiac, which is the cougar. It's called ghost cat or shadow cat by the native's because it moves silent and is highly elusive. I also think I must have been a cat in a former life. I was born in 1978, so "Ghostcat78" has kind of stuck through all the years. Plus I cache at night most of the time so it helps to be quiet and elusive :lostsignal:

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Night Stalker was already taken :-)


That was an online gaming handle of mine going back probably 6-7 years. Loved the old show.


I ended up with Midnight Rider as that was also an online gaming name of mine. I am the biggest Allman Brothers fan you will probably ever meet and the lyrics of the song simply described my life at a pivotal time.

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Many people incorrectly call me Green Archers - wouldn't that make me a Robin Hood of sorts? Notice though how Achers only has one letter R! :lol: That's the proper spellin' for pain. And when the ma and me bought the farm... let me start from the beginning.


I grew up in the country in a house we built. [intro of Dueling Banjo's] My high school prom date, $ATM$ grew up in the city. After we got properly hitched, had a couple kids, couple dogs, couple cars, couple houses, $ATM$ decides she's fixin' on gettin' us some new digs. The farm life was her aim and she knew just the place.


Just a little sweat equity and it'll be home sweet home. Turned out to be seven months of sweat, working full time jobs and cleaning the place up during the non-work hours. It darn near killed us.


So one weekend our friends from Nevada came over to see the progress and help out. When they got to the place, $ATM$ and I were totally beat. They kindly suggested we take a break (or was it go get more supplies :() and they'd watch the kids and continue the project. How could we turn that down?! When we returned, there was a board above the door that said 'green achers'. [start the Green Acres theme song] He said we met all the bio for the Green Acres cast but we had something they never had experienced... Pain.


That's how it got the name Green Achers Farm.


$ATM$ on the other hand is simple to explain... she's a Mortgage Loan Broker.

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My girlfriend and I were in San Francisco together and stopped in a bookstore. She bought a book called "I Should Have Stayed Home" - a collection of travel essays about unpleasant travel experiences. One of these essays was written by a woman about her visit to Camp Leakey in Central Borneo where they study orangutan behavior. One of these orangutans was named Apollo Bob. He was, to put it delicately, very aggressive and randy.


Now let me state very clearly that I do not consider myself and an overbearing oversexed monkey to be similar in demeanor. The long and short of it is that the essay was very funny, and the name "Apollo Bob" just struck me as hilarious - it seemed so random. When I worked for a computer game studio and we would play Medal of Honor deathmatch at lunch, I chose the name as my screen name. I just like the way it sounds, I guess.


You can read more about the original Apollo Bob here:


Apollo Bob


I have no intention of making his image my avatar, either... :lol:

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Mine came from some kids playing a phone prank while I was at work. I work in a retail/wholesale automotive repair facility. When I first started I was doing telephone sales to other garages. These kids kept calling our 800 number which used to belong to "Meister Tire". For some reason every time they called, I would be the one who answered. Apparently they had an old Meister Tire ad with our phone number on it. They would call and just yell, "Meister Tire" over and over like Rob Schneider would say Meister on SNL. I thought it was hilarious{having been a phone prankster myself at one time} and kept repeating it to my co-workers. That led to some of my co-workers calling me "Meister".

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Well it's all fairly simple...

I was born in Roswell, New Mexico... or hatched or grown or something like that...

Several years ago when I became addicted to the internet, the whole AliensRus name just came to me... like a message from far, far away....

Also my husband (at the time) really grooved on the idea that I might be an alien and he was just waiting around for my mother ship to come back to pick me up...


Hee Hee!


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When my wife (Tomebug) and I first signed up on the internet, we were living in Los Angles. Our ISP (AOL) said that we could have up to seven accounts, but the base account - the first we set up - could never be changed. The other six could be added and deleted at will. Mine was going to be the base account so I didn't want something I'd be tired of later or something stupid or cheezie. :o So I followed the "you've got mail" movie method and used my city - "LA" - and the numbers in our address - "2047."


Now I've just come to like it, so even though I no longer live there I kept it.

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Mine was given to me by my friend Nichole. When I started I visioned this as a family activity only. So I created the Radakovitz-Family screen name. After a while the kids didn't want to cache any longer and I got more involved (obsessed). Nichole claimed one day that I was a total geek about geocaching and spewed out the name Geogeek! I tried to get that but it was already taken. I just added the year of my birth (1965) and Geogeek65 was born. I set out to find a logo and saw the little kid on a ink stamp and thought. "If I add glassed to him, he would look kinda geeky!" Now it's my crude stick figure representation of myself.

OK...let's update this post. My "friend" Nichole vanished from my life so the Geogeek65 name had no meaning. I looked to change to something that was more "me". Sox Fan is what I came up with. So I used that one for a little bit but my daughter said I should have called myself "Special Ed". Ed is my name and she says I act retarded sometimes. I told that story to my caching friends on a trip and since FallenFaery has become my regular caching partner and more. :o She's a Special Education teacher and made a wise crack ond day about teaching kids "like me". So it just kinda stuck. I decided to change it again to the confusion and shagrin of some of the locals. I feel this one fits better and with the recent addition of FallenFaery to my non-caching life I think it is gonna stick!


Whew! That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

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