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  1. Marky replied with all the changes to gc he is not going to rebuild the site.
  2. Rummaging through stuff I found an unactivated 2005 California geocoin. I know Marky, a local guy who doesn't cache much. I've pinged him to see if the site can be fixed to work again. If I get a response I'll report back.
  3. I recently purchased a new Outback. While getting familiar with the web stuff I ran across this link for voting for 2018: https://www.badgeofownership.com/UI/dist/vote Please submit Geocaching for a new badge. One of these times it will happen!
  4. +1 And some good suggestions now that I have read the whole thread. For a major roll out it is good. I really agree with the 'About" being first. I've put a lot of work into that page over the years as have many others. It's why I would initially go to someone's page-- who is this person?
  5. I should have been clearer. I agree reviewers don't need an open ended anything on abandoned caches. I was suggesting the reviewer look at only this cache and take action one time only. And that action will not set a precedent for other abandoned caches. I was trying to buy some time for those who have already logged their start. I doubt it will happen but never say never.
  6. I'll never do this one but I have enjoyed watching 3 friends complete this cache. This is not a drive up nor for the faint of heart. While it probably meets the guidance for archiving I vote we don't. There is at least one legitimate effort in progress. I've changed my heretofore opinion for archiving in that shedding light on bogus logs has at least in the latest instance resulted in that being changed to a note. IRRC, there may be part of it now inaccessible, but short of that, let's keep it in play. There are a lot of watchers and bogus logs will be brought to the attention of the community. If not clearly prohibited by TPTB, I invite the reviewer to delete the other bogus logs with the express understanding that a precedent is not being set. This one is worthy of an exception to guidance and/or policy.
  7. Last summer I bought a Jeep and got interested in the badges available for it signifying going to certain trails in the US, like the Rubicon Trail in northern CA or a couple at Moab UT. When I got my Rubicon badge it reminded me of badges I had seen on many Subarus and thought that a geocaching one would be cool for a Jeep. I wrote to the program manager at Jeep, provided him info about the Subaru program and the long standing relationship between Jeep and Groundspeak. While he said he would check into it I haven't heard back from him. I know there is interest in such a badge here in Norcal and likely around the country. Instead of lobbying Jeep and Subaru for vehicle specific badges, I suggest that Groundspeak develop one of similar size for any vehicle. I bet they would be a good seller.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Sorry I wasn't clear, I want to create my own code like 15JEEP or some such. Okay, can't be done, got it. I like that Jeep and may do that one. I have a couple of unactivated TBs around. I'll hunt them down and see if I like the codes.
  9. Thanks, but I don't see on that page how to order a personalized travel bug code.
  10. I'll be getting a new Jeep in a few weeks and would like to order a travel bug with a custom number/code for it. I remember (at least I think I do) that somewhere these were available. Anyone know where I can order one? Thanks.
  11. Helping a friend get caught up in logging old finds that are stored in his eTrex30. The geocache_visits.txt file has a few hundred entries, most logged to gc.com but many not. I thought the publish feature in GSAK might show which are actually logged but apparently not. So I'm thinking getting the .txt file to load back to a GSAK database and then refresh might isolate those not logged. So, the question: Can a geocache_visits.txt file be converted and loaded to GSAK? Or is there a better way to accomplish this?
  12. Since you live in the San Francisco Bay area many events with town listed are posted on the Geocachers of the Bay Area calendar. http://tinyurl.com/GBA-Calendar
  13. According to the Knowledge Base on Attributes, http://tinyurl.com/netnp5r, the old Ape caches were given as an example a cache required for the Partnership attribute. Moun10Bike, would it be possible to add that attribute to Mission 9: Tunnel of Love? http://coord.info/GC1169 This is the last attribute I need for the Attributes Challenge, http://coord.info/GC55VVD Thanks!
  14. For South San Francisco Bay geocachers, there is one right here in our backyard-- Treasure Hunters Headquarters, 83 S Main St, Milpitas. Mostly it is for metal detectors and related. Last time I was there they had a good selection of branded geocaching stuff, a little more than our local REIs. Plus a ton of stuff that is not gc labeled but can do geocaching duty.
  15. They have changed. The game has changed even more. Back in 2003 when I started, if a cache was in a large park that could support several, that was it, the park was taken. I asked permission from the CO of one like that to hide another. Now there are 20 or so. Things like PDAs with Cachemate, GSAK and any paperless ability was non-existent. I still have the paper copies of the first 500 or so caches I hunted. GPS units were quite basic by today's standards, and smartphones were years away. Cache saturation was such that if a "power" cacher found one an hour that was a torrid pace. But I don't recall that was really a word used much. It was all about the hunt, the find, reading prior logs and writing a good one. I never chased numbers for numbers sake. My largest day is just over a hundred, and truth be known, it was probably as much work as fun even though it the desert which I love. I was a certified FTF hound for a couple of years but rarely do that now. The first few years I found most alone, now, I only go alone if I have a special reason. Lately I have been filling in my calendar with double digits for all 366 days. 10 and 11x366 are done, 12x will be done this summer, and 13x next winter if all goes as planned. Then that's it, no more calendar driven caching. Caching has had a sea change a couple of times. In 2003 I was not amongst the original cachers which were an exalted lot. By 2005 it was getting very popular and soon I didn't know every cacher in my area. That was okay, by then I was hiding so I got a lot of real logs, not this smarty phone crap of today. Which leads me to the second sea change-- smartphones. They have really opened up the game, not all in good ways. Real logs are way, way down, people whine a whole lot more about logging but not being bothered to sign the log. Back in the day if you signed the book without a story of your experience that was an insult. And.don't.even.think.about.claiming.a.find.without.signing.the.log. Forget your pen? Go get one and come back. Or sign in blood or mud. I did that a few times. I still enjoy going for a few caches by myself but by far it is more fun with others and I look forward to that outing even if I have found some that we are after. Probably the 3rd sea change is Groundspeak. Years ago we operated way below the police and public radar and that caused some problems. GS is much less accommodating these days but I understand why. I guess I wouldn't really return to the old days, not that it is possible. I still haven't totally forgiven them for murdering locationless caches. Which prompted my sig line for a couple of years, "Friends don't let friends waymark." But that is long gone and the LCs are too, but with good memories. I wonder what the game will look like ten years from now.
  16. How do I get rid of it? I'd just as soon have my find count match my calendar. I don't care that much about the icon.
  17. Recently I noticed a one number discrepancy in the find count between the icon on my public profile page and my public statistics page and calendar. Through the miracle of GSAK, I traced it to the one-time lab cache allowed last month. This is an issue for a challenge cache that requires a different icon for 9 milestone entries. http://coord.info/GC4YKW3 Which number will GC use for the milestone entry? Why count it one place but not the other? Probably this has been discussed somewhere but I did not see it in any recent threads. If it is there please just point me to it.
  18. Probably said someplace in the previous 12 pages but I would rather gc spent my money and their time and energy improving PM features.
  19. Now and then I use my phone to find a cache but never to place one. My experience is that they just don't do a good job of getting accurate coordinates in any conditions other than perfect as they were for the article. I use my phone for too many other things to risk it to regular caching. And to quote niraD: "The main issues with using a phone in more challenging terrain that I have are durability, waterproofness, and battery life." Yep, and if you lose it the NSA will suck it up with their newest anti-gravitational toy and there goes all your secrets.
  20. This sounds fun, interesting and educational so I vote go for it! Since you are new and this will be your first hide I would strongly recommend you have a friend or two 'beta' test it to be sure all the stops work okay. Good luck!
  21. Not for about 5 years now. My name is a combination from MOTORcycle and travel BUG. I rode a motorcycle on and off for nearly 50 years until 2008 when my riding group broke up and my mortality became apparent. I found a couple of hundred caches or so riding I'd guess. I liked both the GC travel bugs and regular traveling but my interest in the GC bugs has waned and my travel is limited by a back injury. A few years ago I was at a small local event with Jeremy and a lackey where I mentioned that I would like to change my name. This was during the years that it could not just be done. The lackey said, sure, shoot up an email. Several of my friends there strongly objected so I remain with what it is.
  22. Thanks, that worked. The code we got was 16 characters. I wonder why the code is longer than required. Seems silly to me.
  23. I recently completed a cartridge by going with a friend. We got the 15 digit code but it would not work for either of us when later writing a log. Do you have to be at 'ground zero' for the code to work?
  24. I just installed this script on two laptops for the first time yesterday, version 02.33, and applied fizzy's correction to line 102. However, I still get "My Stuff" in the locked open position. I've redone it a couple of times with the same result. I usually get "Warning: all scripts should specify @grant metadata." I have no idea what to do at this point. Any suggestions appreciated.
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