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  1. What an interesting topic! My husband and I decided to try this cache as our first find. We did it in two parts since we started out late the first day. We found the first cache without much problem. I'm just glad it was during the winter....no underbrush or bugs! We went back the second day for cache #2. DH found this one after convincing me that it really wasn't in the water! Contents of the second cache were slightly wet, but interesting none-the-less.
  2. I cache with my husband, but daggone it!....he always seems to zero in on them first. It almost makes me want to go alone.
  3. My geocaching dog, Shea, ready to get on to the next one!
  4. How about just keeping the volume turned down on your speakers? I don't have my speakers turned on for anything other than what I request to hear.
  5. ....that require some hiking so my geocache dog, Shea, can stretch his legs a bit. Does anyone know if any good, longer hike caches located in Virginia or Maryland? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. My one observation....questioning a person in DC (of all places) if they have a PDA.... Now just how many people in DC do you think have PDAs? Why, I would say just about everyone. So why that particular stupid question. How would the answer differentiate the OP from any other person walking around? I just don't get it.
  7. Mine's pretty simple: Ladyhawke - a favorite movie 91 - the year I graduated college.
  8. Renegade Knight -- That is one funny saying!
  9. That coin is a genuine collector's item in my book. Good job!
  10. Congrats on your pick! I'm with the Nikon D70 users when it comes to digital. It handles like my F100 so I can learn more with the instant feedback that I can apply to black and white that I always load in the F100.
  11. I take my dog all the time when caching (and since I'm new, it hasn't been much ). Since my geocache partner cannot come with me at this time, I rely on my pooch to be a deterent for suspicious people and to be my great companion. He has not found a cache....he doesn't seem to be too interested in the sport, but he loves going out into the woods to hike.
  12. Supporting the army by keeping the home fires burning while husband is off playing in the sand. He has 18 1/2 years in the army.
  13. Can anyone offer any advice on books or websites that would help me start to figure out these puzzle caches? I like puzzles (easy ones, mind you) but I want to challenge myself but I have no clue where to start. TIA
  14. In the few I have done, I have very much enjoyed the hunt. I guess I feel obligated to trade or at least leave something behind and money is easier than trinkets for me. Thanks for the replies and advice.
  15. A quick question....I've been to 5 caches in our area, and they all seem kid-oriented as to their "prizes". Since I'm not interested in these items, I have either not taken anything, or I have left one-dollar coins, or two quarters. Is this appropriate? Would it be better to not take anything rather than leave money? TIA for any advice.
  16. Received my new GPS early, but took advantage of the day off, so hubby and I found 2 caches today. WOO HOO!
  17. Merry Christmas to all! One cache eluded us the other day, so today is our day!
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