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  1. Here is some good news for the Victory Junction Gang Camp. I like the last sentence!
  2. As being a family member of a aviation crash victim, I would encourage anyone to visit the crash site. I just wish I could visit it as much.
  3. All Good News... Seems like a race now, just about everybody got the green flag! Our 3 drivers are moving now, and thanks to a biker that picked up K Busch while doing bike week. A bug was heading for NY, good thing Mexico is not on the route... But who knows, there's still time!
  4. Here is the waterproof matchstick holder in green from army surplus. The ones at wally world are flaming bright, but like someone said, they can be painted, or taped. I did find some waterproof, heavy duty velcro at Office Depot.
  5. A Very Special Thank You To Agent K. from HJ & Julie for picking the Earnhardts. Here is the owner of the Dale Jr TB, Julie:
  6. I like it, and it should be lots of fun! I was thinking the Goody's Headache Award was for somthing like that, but I see now how that works. My dog Julie and I are tied in second place. The Wife, Susan, has Kurt Busch and did not move yet!
  7. Great Idea! Maybe by having your questions, the Cacher's have to use the web site to find the answers, or information. Then maybe this way, they would stop by the forums, and could learn something new. From what I learned, there are many Cacher's out there that don't bother with any information the Geocaching web site has to offer, except the cache pages, and their profiles.
  8. I read an article in the National Geographic News on-line. Went to Geocahing.com's web site, put in my zip-code, and was amazed how many caches there were close by. Then I went to Best Buy and purchased a GPS to find them with. It didn't take long to convince the wife to come along. All in the same day. I was lucky to do a Geo event, a few weeks after We had a few finds under our belts. That's when I met lj&company (Lois) at the event who taught me the ropes about caching. The forums were a very big help with the learning curve, even more for hiding caches. I guess our style is a combination of good things.
  9. Now you need a separate award for most miles accumulated, getting to the finish line. Did you do that already? I thought I saw something like that?
  10. Always Rubber Gloves. And a hand full of first aide goodies.
  11. I found some nice places to ,, lets say, to change clothes, while Geocaching with the other half. AHHH the fresh air!
  12. I like it, you can sell snow to a Eskimo! You have the gift that many people lack in trying to explain Geocaching to property officials or potential new-be's. Time to bottle up that recipe RK, and pass some out.
  13. I have been collecting the junk out of the bottom of caches. I am going to place a cache that will be a trash cache only, and will contain all the junk from the caches I cleaned out. I will ask that the visitors to the cache to do the same. The place I will be hiding it is near a very large land fill, Mt Trashmore.
  14. There was a tread, with a list, about a month ago for the airlines that allow you to use GPS in flight. I know you can carry guns in your luggage.
  15. I know now to check out the cache page before heading out. Can't depend on month old PDA pages, I learned the hard way. So now giving up is quicker than it was at first, because I'm thinking I still missed something on the catch page, that might have been posted after I left the house to go find the cache.. I think it's like a cache 22!
  16. With GPS technology on the rise, indoor caching will be available to cacher's. Then, when that time comes, caching in malls will be the norm? Just better find the spot where the cleaning people don't clean up.
  17. I was born and raised in Connecticut and now been living in South Florida for almost 18 years. When a post or article I come across with a cache page link, to a cache in New England area , especially Connecticut, I will take the time to check it out. With my family still there, I lookup the caches near them for when I visit. What I have noticed, it seems the majority of cachers in New England really take the time to write up a find on the cache page. More so than here in S. Florida. I enjoy reading them, but I have not found as many good logs here, as I would like to. I mean they are just vmore creative up there. I do try to be creative when writing up a find, and of course I came across this statement someone said here "If you found as many as I have, you would just leave TFTH." Kinda lame to me? Maybe the sport gets boring if you play to long? Before I get attacked here with "what about lame caches", the issue of lame caches is already posted in the forum, I not going there. Does anybody notice other areas of the country where there seems to be more creativity in the logs instead of to many just TFTH's?
  18. Firefighter/rescue diver, turned arson investigator in the private sector. Now retired.
  19. Thanks for the heads up, I,ll mention that to the MD. And hope it all works out for your health.
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