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  1. Check out Sanford NC (27330) for a fresh run just approved/published (7/20/18) by NC Reviewer & Dogwood Reviewer (Thanks, guys!) . . . perfect to get your souvenir icons, if you can make a plan! Check our cache # GC7TCN0 for the dope on the run, it is #1 of 100. Be careful with containers, gentle, please & have fun!!!
  2. Have to change my primary email address fro my account . . . entered the additional (new) one and asked for a validation email to be sent (clicked on that request) - it does not send to either the old or the new account. If it does not, I can not validate the new address and then make IT my new primary . . . any suggestions????
  3. One thing that you can do is study the local cachers and pick ones with whom you might like to work . . . study an area where you might like to work (park, run, trail) and then email them to go with you offering to share expenses for gas etc. You get to meet some people who share your interest and share some fun . . . it can all lead to long friendships and future trips together. With the costs of gas today, we all would like to share the expenses while making friends! I do this regularly and we have great fun, great production and extremely low costs for it all. Just got back to NC from a 2-day trip to two other states with hotel, gas, rental car and food for less than $85.00 per person.
  4. These signs usually have metal bolts for sign attachment . . . perfect for attaching magnetic nanos - have seen flat head roofing nails added for this purpose, also. No magnetics are required for a small flat plastic baggie (container) with a log that is slipped between the sign & the post . . . I have done this on seveal hides but elevate the difficulty!
  5. As a newb, any cache with a paper log enclosed where I can apply my geo-name is a great cache for me . . . I love all the traditional cache hides of any terrain/difficulty rating but have no use for mystery/puzzle ones (kinda a different game where solutions are the focus and not caching). BTW, I am holding on to my Confederate money in case somone comes along and wants to change the rules, again.
  6. Met some newbs at a cache in another state and did not get their names branded on my diminishing mind but wanted to send them an encouraging note ~ watch list helped so that when they logged the find, I got their names. Will never see them again, but wantied to make 'em feel welcome!
  7. Went out on a windy Saturday to get 10 kayak caches on Jordan Lake & Robeson Creek (near Raleigh NC), about 6 miles of paddling . . . windy, where you paddle two feet forward and get blown back a foot. After a storm had elevated the lake some 11 fett, was prepared to replace some caches and did. All of this followed five mile of hiking for caches on Friday. You bet, sleep came easily and lasted the night.
  8. I think the term 'power cacher' often indicates a numbers-oriented cacher, when used . . . however, how can you measure that numbers guy against one who targets high difficulty/high terrain caches as his choice of cache . . . running near to 5/5 as a rule is really power caching to me.
  9. Not real sure of what I did . . . but after a few hours of grinding on the problem in GSAK, it began working again - using the original PQ that had failed before. THANKS for the help that was proffered, apreciated. Now I don't NEED to buy a new GPSr (is that a good thing?)
  10. Finds are tracked for your personal record . . . DNF's are not, so to log them is of no value as an added service to the CO or to you.
  11. THANKS for your help . . . it reads . . . C:\Document and Settings\ADMIN> Does this tell us anything? Can a correction be made or is one needed? When I shutdown my laptop to 'standby' and come back, I get an icon called Admin that I must click to re-open the programs (if this adds an help).
  12. Someone hid a multi-cache for night cachers that made you be at an exact spot at a certain time/hour (ie: midnight) of night to hear an alarm sound to guide you to the ammo can (enclosed was a digital battery operated clock) from which you got final coords to a nice cache hide nearby . . . it was really a fun one. You had to change the batteries, I guess but it was a kick!
  13. fegan, I am not lying to anyone and it serves no one to provide a provacative derogatory, insinuative and contrary comment to my query that redirects the OP. Clyde has not responded to the direct query but only suggested that I seek another thread that was not applicable. I sent him a DIRECT email, to which he has not responded and THAT was what I referred to in my comment. All said, this is not the address of the concern that is begged and needed from my peers. If you have some constructive and helpful input, let's hear it . . . help is appreciated!
  14. Can not get GSAK to load my PQ of 'unfound' caches to my Garmin GPSmap 60Cx and wonder if there is anyone who has seen concern this & can give some guidance or resolution. GSAK forums are blank as to response and Clyde has not responded, either. Error code is 'Can not create file C:\Documents and Settings\ADMIN\Application Data\gsak\babel.txt' from my GSAK screen. Am able to d/l 'found' caches FROM GPSr to GSAK and am able to upload Garmin software updates TO GPSr plus can run other devices from laptop . . . all this tells me the USB connections drivers and cables are fine. Shutdown all of my anti-virus and other protection software to minimize potential problems, as well. Have stripped GSAK from laptop and freshly reloaded it. Then, with a new PQ of a different area to avoid, perhaps a bad file, and tried with no success again . . . am at a point where I do not know WHAT else to do. I feel like it is the GPSr since I have checked/replaced all else that I can think of checking. ANY advice is appreciated until I can borow a GPSr to eliminate mine as being the concern.
  15. So, you find throw-down several dozen geocaches that have no striking qualities or individual purpose outside of the power trail - and then THANK the cache owner for it? Uh, what? I do not use your terminology (power trail or throw down) and am not sure what you mean by the terms, not being a forum activist who utilizes the terminology BUT, I have placed a series or two that I call runs that would challenge your skills at finding caches AND, as I appreciate others doing the same for me - YES, I am gracious enough to express my appreciation. As I have about 35 times more finds as forum logs, I am not as adept with the terms you employ here but they seem derogatory . . . for instance, hiding a cache being called a throw down is unkind and negative, even if you do not like the hide type/placement. Mine runs are camo containers that are hidden well in plain site and challenging but I appreciate ANY hides and happily logs finds on them, having more finds than forum logs.
  16. I'll be 65 years of age in February, as are a lot of my non-geo friends who give me containers . . . hence, I have over a hundred pharmaceutical bottles that I camo for hides. If you have older friends, ask them to help you! I specifically request that the pharmacists give me my meds in the straight-sided bottles that are easy from which to remove the baggies (needed) and logs. Added advantage . . . no added costs for the containers!
  17. Don't know about the 62s, but I've dropped my Colorado in the mud, on the concrete, thrown it in my bag, pocket, glove box, etc. It's extremely rugged. As far as being proven, It's never failed me with over 600 finds. THANKS for your reply . . . I have caching several riends who got a new Colorado/Oregon and leave it in the car while using their old 60-series. For whatever reason, they are not as pleased with the units as with the tough old 60-series. THIS is why I have waited for a better answer for upgrade of my wornout 60-series.
  18. You might have replaced the 'missing' cache, logged the find telling the CO what you did in the log. Then email/call the CO to let them know you are fine if they care to delete your find log if they are not pleased with the help you provided them and future seekers. This has worked for me and I have found CO's understanding and appreciative.
  19. DUDE! What a wrong ratio(s) to track, so insensitive and selfish to the caching friends who cared enough to give you a cache to hunt. If a cache needs maintenance . . . DO IT yourself. Carry logs, baggies, small pill bottle containers, tape, string and/or other material to repair/replace caches to be a real gentleman and friend to your fellow cacher . . . be the cache finder that YOU would appreciate others to to be for YOU. NA logs should be reserved for caches where the location has become unsafe, the landowner has become aware/unhappy or some other sound reason that can not be repaired by YOU when on site. I can not imagine facing someone at an event when I have slammed them by my selfish and self-righteous tracking NA & NM on a number of their caches . . . it would make me feel like one who betrays the friendship that they provide for me . How much better to have them seek me out in appreciation for my care of their hides and see me a friend to them and the game.
  20. I am looking to get an upgrade and have avoided the Oregon & Colorado as they just don't seem rugged enouph to be thrown in the pocket, dropped in the dirt and, IMO, are not yet proven . . . at least as well as the tough 60-series. I want to know if the 62s really has all the features of the 60Cx AND can display the whole cache page description with logs . . . or, do I still have to carry the PPC to have my data at the cache site. Have found it for $379.00 (free shipping) but will have to add case, street maps, new type windsheild mount etc. which will make it costly to be disappointed in the added feature I really want (leaving the PPC at home).
  21. This is the most depressing and discouraging post I've seen in a long time. If everyone had this attitude I probably would have stopped hiding caches after the first two or three. I'll go you a compromise, though. I would support instantaneous cut-and-paste autologging on any cache that's part of a power trail where the cache discriptions are also identical cut-and-pastes. You are correct . . . your SECOND paragraph is my point, exactly - THANKS. On cache runs, I always write a personal email to the CO to express appreciation and share my 'run' experience though the logs are C&P. This usually precipitates a kind & appreciative response form the CO. However, when one has a nice hide with a nice written cache page that is worthy of a nice find log - they deserve such a log and I like to provide it within my meager scripting ability.
  22. HA! I have one that is up on top of an old oak tree limb and you can see it from the ground. To log it, you gotta get up there! I carry a fold-up ladder with me or I climb trees, if needed. I have logs where cachers say they found it but could not sign the log and they call it a 'find' I simply email them and remind them that a 'find' requires that the site log be signed and that they should return to do so or change their log to a DNF. After that, I am done with it! I am not a morality cop or a cache policeman so I leave it to them to do what is right while I go find some more neat hides for my own logging! Hiding, finding, logging, sharing interests/time with geofriends and cache maintenance are all I want to have in the game.
  23. Finally got the time to return to the forums and see if there were any constructive responses to my thoughts, and there were - THANKS a lot! Regarding my original OP and to disarm all the comments about being a logger who is lazy, inconsiderate, needs another hobby, disinterested in the hider's hard work and their deserving of a nice log . . . sorry, I SHOULD have been much clearer in the query. I was referring to caches placed for the express purpose of being a cache run . . . stop sign series, lampskirt series, a Jacksonville micro run or the ET series in Nevada . . . the CO's would never expect his very kind gift of the run to generate unique experience logs from those grabbing the caches. A log does tell them it is sound in place (or, I will replace them as I go to help them and in appreciation). I say this with the knowlege that I have personally placed runs for my local and visiting friends and received C&P logs, as expected . . . I got/get a kick out of the crowds that show up and seeing the names of all my friends in the cache logs. THANKS for your replies . . . , was hoping for someone from Groundspeak to consider the ideas.
  24. It seems that, over time, the process has become even more tedious and slow when one is logging a larger number of finds . . . for instance, having to scroll to the bottom of an ever lengthening logging page to key the "Submit Log" window. Is this by design to discourage logging/doing runs or is it an oversight that can be addressed OR, is this cacher in need of an education to become more efficient? It seems to simply be unfriendly for it to be so unresponsive to logging larger numbers of finds . . . the runs are out there begging to be sought and the game has evolved to encourage this caching activity - can it be made easier to log finds? It would be grand to be able to bulk upload, say by gc#, a large number of finds from a run using a nice C&P log, directly from GSAK after the GPSr finds are downloaded into GSAK.
  25. The ONLY places I will walk away fom the hunt are those places for small children when the little ones are there and their caretakers would be concerned . . . play grounds, schoolyards, nursery schools - there is NO way to look like I belong there at my age (64) in my caching cloths. Otherwise, I go about my business like I belong there and show concern for the integrity of the hide when returning it so as to protect it from a muggle. We live in a society where adults will ignore us being fully involved in their own business . . . it is the eyes of the curious little ones you must watch, they see every move you make!
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