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  1. This is a great show - I'd love to have Alton Brown's job. There is some information on the Garmin website about the GPS equipment he's using on his travels. There is also an article about the show on Wikipedia which provides another chart with lat/long coordinates.
  2. I posted this in another thread last year, but seems appropriate here. My mother-in-law mailed this newspaper clipping to me about a GPS church... Perhaps this is taking it a bit too far!
  3. Absolutely. I'd like get a list of the other places that meet and see if there is a cache nearby.
  4. That's actually one of my favorite places in the Pacific Northwest! It would make an excellent location for both a cache or a worship service!
  5. From their website, it looks like they don't have a fixed location, but meet in various buildings in the Anacortes, Sedro-Wooley area. If it is a traveling cache, I'm not going to venture a guess as to the swag. It would probably depend on their concept of worldly possesions and whether or not they use real wine for communion.
  6. My mother-in-law, who lives in the San Juans north of Seattle, found this in her local paper and sent it to me... Sounds like an interesting way to attract new members. If I read her attached note correctly, the coordinates change each week. I haven't checked to see if these coordinates match the address for the church, but I'll do that this evening.
  7. Personally - one neighbor, one disc-golf buddy, one kayaking buddy, one sister, one sister-in-law and her boyfriend, two nephews and their friends, and two co-workers - roughly 15. Indirectly - many through workshops sponsored through our school district and our district-sponsored virtual (SCALE), and I've heard from others about getting started in geocaching after reading an article I was in.
  8. While this particular thread may have run its course, I don't think closing it down will make a hill of beans difference. There is an entire forum here to be taken out of context.
  9. Go to where you edit your profile, and you should see where you can change your title. Edited to say, "Dang, beat me to it."
  10. Right now XM Cafe, channel 45 on XM, is in the midst of a set it has entitled "Global Positioning Songs". I'm jotting down the song titles as they appear - the first being Disappear Fear's "For Hollywood". Don't know how relative they will be to geocaching, but it should still be interesting. I'm betting it's going to be songs about places.
  11. Um, TandS, how does this not have a "crippling effect" on Geocaching in SC??? From what you have described, Ceips is getting everything she wanted and more.
  12. Interesting idea. I'm assuming you mean the smaller items that get left. At my schools, we usually save the lost-n-found clothing for donation to our local charities. Jackets, especially get left, and these are often the most appreciated for donation. I would be very careful as to what goes in the cache - making sure that items that a parent might really want to claim are kept at least for a little longer.
  13. I'm working on one for the Greenville Fishwrap, but with end-of-school-year duties, just haven't had time to finish it. I'll post here for feedback before submitting. Let me also add my thanks to all those that have been working on this on behalf of SC geocachers. ...and on another note... According to the website Dumb Laws, according to Spartanburg City Regulations, it is illegal to eat watermelons in Magnolia Street Cemetery. So just don't hide your GPSr in a watermelon.
  14. I just picked up two great CDs that are going to be a part of my Geocaching soundtrack. First, The Duhks, a group out of Winnepeg, Manitoba, caught my attention. Produced by Bela Fleck, they can best be described as alternative bluegrass with incredibly close vocal harmonies. These guys really rock, from the opening cut "Death Came A-Knockin'", to some very traditional fiddle tunes. The only letdown was a cover of Sting's "Love is the Seventh Wave." They are much better when they do their own (or at least own arrangements of traditional) stuff. Putumayo is a label best known for compilations of world music. I've got several CDs of Afropop and Carribean music from them. This evening I found "Blues Lounge", which features some excellent remixes of traditional blues tunes. Generally, I don't care for remixes, but these complement the originals, adding a rhythmic vitality that keeps interest and a driving impetus to the music. Excellent for the drive to a cache.
  15. Gee, this line from the article sounds familiar...
  16. That is a good article, and we need positive press right now. As far as the Greenville News is concerned, in the 2001 article, the reporter did travel with us (don't know if he ever went to find one on his own, though.)
  17. Well, the Greenville News isn't going to help us one bit. This was published on their opinion page in Saturday's paper... The link is http://greenvilleonline.com/news/opinion/2...05051464405.htm I think it's time for a few letters to the editor of the Greenville News. I'll work on one this week.
  18. Uh-oh. Somebody's got some 'splaining to do. I have not seen the print article. I will pick up a Greenville Newspaper today. It's on page 3 of the Metro section (fortunately not the front page.) I just checked the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, and didn't see anything.
  19. I believe you hit the nail on the head. Generally speaking, the Greenville News has published articles favorable to Geocaching, such as this July 2001 article featuring yours truly... http://greenvilleonline.com/news/2001/07/22/200107229347.htm This one, in the Greenville New's weekly paper called The Link, published in February 2004, is still fairly favorable... http://www.upstatelink.com/outdoors/2004/0...04020924498.htm
  20. What is this "clothing" thing of which you speak?
  21. The online versions are very, very different from the version actually printed in the Greenville News. First, there was the change in headline. In the actual article, almost all of it was from Ceips point of view, with only the single quote from Heidi Roth. All of the comments from John Barry and Jonathan Leader were omitted in the printed version. Holland may have written a very fair and balanced article, but for whatever reason, the Greenville News chose to print only one side. It's strange that their website does at least contain the full version. For what it's worth, one of the bill's sponsors, Dwight Loftis, is from Greenville.
  22. I'm a big fan of board games, starting with the old Avalon Hill games, and now with the German games including Cardinal und Koenig. I never was into RPG, but prefer strategy games. Hmm, new idea for a cache - something based on a hex-grid.
  23. Good to know the press likes to take a lie and spread it around. My thoughts exactly. The article was very one-sided, and the alteration of the title in the Greenville News version really doesn't help. Is anyone familiar with this Jennifer Holland of AP? I haven't checked the State or the Charleston papers to see if this or any other article has run in them.
  24. Well, it looks like going to the press won't help our situation. This AP article came out this morning in the Greenville News... South Carolina bill cracks down on high-tech scavenger hunt ...although in the paper version it was entitled, "Bill cracks down on high-tech scavengers" - not the same thing at all.
  25. "The Seeker" - Who "Everyday is a Winding Road" - Sheryl Crow "Left of Center" - Suzanne Vega & Joe Jackson Beowulf's Axiom states that for every situation in life there exists at least one song or bastardization thereof.
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