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  1. Thanks to Winged Stone and Gandal, we know we will be able to drop a coin in Finland and add that country to our list. We are hoping to hear from other countries. Could you please recommend a cache in town that is, convenient to the docking area, not strenuous, and is large enough to receive a travel bug. If none is available, perhaps you were thinking of placing one. As a reward/ thank you gift/ sweetener, we would be glad to drop one of our unactivated coins for your personal collection if you would like. Thanks, Dick and Nancy of Basswood Bend Traverse City Michigan, USA
  2. We are going to be visiting the Baltic on a cruise next week starting on the 20th. Both our time and mobility is limited. We would like to find a cache in each port that is large enough to hold one of our coins that we intend to launch in that city. Our itinerary is as follows; Thursday - Stockholm , Friday - Helsinki, Saturday & Sunday - St. Petersburg, Monday - Tallinn, Tuesday- -Gdynia, Thursday Oslo, Friday - Copenhagen. We would welcome your suggestions and comments.
  3. Lots of folks have mentioned his name but few gave reasons why. Rusty has been a great help to us here in Michigan. Although he is unusually fast, he is not a rubber stamp. If someone is placing a complicated multi he works with them to help them meet the new waypoint requirements. He is also responsive to information requests. If you are having problems with coding on your cache page, he is willing to assist and explain how to accomplish what you want. That is important to those of us who are chronologically challenged. Some of you may have reviewers that are great but there are none better than Rusty. We love our El Diablo staff, we know that Rusty will appreciate his also
  4. Wow! It looks like we need another chapter or two in the book "Geocaching Rules and Regulations" . If we are attending an Meet and Greet with another couple, can I log it if they drove? If a CITO is scheduled from 9 - 12 and I arrive late or leave early, can I still log it? What if I just drive up and shoot the breeze for a while? This is a recent log on one of our caches; Yup, I signed the log today too. Great hide though I was assigned by the group to replace it which presented a great task since I arrived at the scene only moments after it was found. I was informed of the general location but had to locate the exact spot it was hidden myself. Since several of the group had already spent a fair amount of time looking and didn't want to wait several more hours for me to find the hiding spot I was provided with some guidance. Should I delete the log and prohibit them from ever logging it because they did not "find" it and now, since they know where it is, they never can. I would think that one should ask the others in the group if they would be offended if you disclosed the location of the cache before they "found" it. If they would take offense then it would be rude of you to reveal the location prematurely. We have this mental picture of a group of 6 cachers wandering aimlessly, all having spotted the cache but unaware that the others had also.
  5. I use a Palm and GSAK; but, before I did, I would select a cache I had not found and print out the page. Then I would print out a MapQuest map for it. Next I would select "All near by caches" and one at a time select the others that I wanted. I would x them on the MapQuest Map and print them out. Then I would plot a route and put them in a note book and head out the next morning. That is why I use a Palm and GSAK
  6. I spotted Bob and Kitty out for a stroll. They didn't seem to be very friendly.
  7. We are novice lap top users. On our first trip the motel had cable hook ups and we were able to log our finds and run PQ's just fine. This last one it was phone dial up. We haven't used dial up for a number of years. We got a disk and signed up for AOL to use the free hours. We quickly discovered again why we didn't like AOL. Is there any other provider that one might use on a low cost or temporary basis? How do you access the internet on trips?
  8. We each received Garman Foerunners for Christmas, that brings our GPS total to 5. We have a pair of radios and we each have a Palm. We are not obsessed! This is how our log from yesterday begins; "We muttered mightily when this one popped up in our PQ this morning. We had been down caching Cadillac yesterday. Oh well we had to go out to Sam's Club and this is practically on the way. (Just an 80 mile side trip." We were FTF by 15 minutes.
  9. I have enjoyed reading all twelve (and counting) pages of this thread. Thanks Septic Tank for keeping it alive. We have owned our river front property for over forty years and used it as a vacation campground. The fire pit is on a bend in the river under a huge clump of basswood trees. When, upon retirement, we moved here permanently our eldest presented us with a Maize and Blue flag featuring crossed paddles and the name Basswood Bend. Our property had a name. On fathers day 2003 we went out and found our first cache and then had a discussion about how to sign the log. Upon reflection the answer was obvious.
  10. I have in my possession a Travel Bug from Germany that wishes to visit a cache on Crete.(TBG0FR) Do the Crete/Greece Geocachers have a forum where I could post ?
  11. basswoodbend


    I have in my possession a Travel Bug from Germany that wishes to visit a cache on Crete.(TBG0FR) Do the Crete/Greece Geocachers have a forum where I could post ?
  12. Signature items which are often cards or buttons but include hand made trinkets and even decorated golf balls are very common here and collecting them is an important part of the game for many of us. A number of caches have been created solely for the purpose of exchanging them. For an idea of their variety see; http://sigitemdb.mi-geocaching.org/ If an item is left for the cache owner, and some are, it is attached to the log book, otherwise it is considered fair game for trade.
  13. In the help menu under Misc. Features there is mention of the Change Icons dialog box. How can I access that? I have run through all the buttons with out sucess.
  14. After a 12 year hiatus from the world of Apple, Santa presented us with an iBook. (1.33 GHZ, 256RAM, 60K hard drive) For caching we are currently using his gifts from the prior years, a Magellan Color with Direct Route and a Palm Zier 21. We get waypoints and cache pages into them using GSAK and Cache Mate on an older Dell running (except when it's crashing) Doz 98. My question is, beyond using the laptop to log our finds when on a trip, how can we best incorporate it into our geocaching? Most of the comments in this thread seem to deal with Garmins, how much of it applies to the Magellan? Is anyone using a Mac with a Magellan? I should further point out that we do not have technical backgrounds and although we use our computer a lot we have rather slow learning curves. What I mean is that what we really need is "Geo-Mac For Dummies" (Old Dummies at that.)
  15. Here's mine, Expand Your Universe GCJ104
  16. Cougars as well as wolves and wolverines have been spotted and/or killed in Michigan's lower peninsula this year. This is from todays Detroit News. "But the mountain lion is moving east again, expanding its territory for the first time in a century. Since 2000, more than two-dozen have been killed or photographed outside the animal's normal range" The link is; http://www.detnews.com/2004/metro/0412/03/A11-22646.htm
  17. My caching partner is my girl friend of 53 years and my bride of 47. We started on fathers day in '03 and have been having a blast ever since. A mystery ailment has slowed her down so unless we are doing a virt or a 1/1 she pretty much stays in the car and reads her book which, although she is a good sport and we keep in touch by radio, is pretty boring. I have soloed the gonzo hiking trips in the area but we are now to the point that we have cleared out all those with in 30 miles or so. While recovery has been slow, we see progress. Where 200 feet was a challenge, now a quarter mile while slow, is doable. My terminological skills are not sufficient for me to post a picture but that's just as well. You would see a fat, grey headed, old broad while I still see the cute blond in poodle skirt and bobby sox that I put the moves on at the dime dances in the 50's.
  18. Here is the one I use. http://www.texasgeocaching.com/cache_docs.asp
  19. The one I ordered last year for my wife was the major attraction Christmas morning. It is a unique "one of a kind" and truly a work of art. A medical mystery was causing declining energy levels and shortness of breath thus a staff to lean on became an important part of our kit. It got a lot of use poking into snow drifts and also accompanied us to The TC Winter Convergence in January where it drew rave reviews. As the year and the condition progressed, and our stops more frequent, we've had to set it aside for a cane that folds out into a chair. Now with a firm diagnosis and a change in meds, we're hopeful that, in the new year, it will once again accompany us on our hunts.
  20. I have both a Magellan Meridian and a Garmin Rino 120. The advantage I see for the 120 are; 1) the power button is located so that it does not shut down accidently when you stick it in a pocket. 2) It has less of a time lag reporting your position when moving. 3) It sounds an alarm when near the target. The advantages I see for the Magellan are; 1) It has expandable memory, I have topo maps of the entire state loaded. 2) I prefer the controls over the thumb stick. 3) It holds signal better under tree cover. I bought the Magellan Gold for my daughter for Christmas.
  21. I am a lurker, folks have different goals in what ever activities they have. Some are posters, some are lurkers. I have posted with a question (pretty much unanswered) and a comment but for the most part I'd rather be out in the field than sitting at the "puter. I check the forums sometimes when I log my finds but I generally find more valuable information on the MIGO site.
  22. Geocaching is an enjoyable game for participants of all ages. I have enjoyed games, mental and physical, strategic and tactical, for nearly seven decades. All games have rules and most have a code of ethics, written or understood. I learned long ago that it is more fun for me if I play by the rules, and I avoid others who can't. I was introduced to this game/sport just last spring and I am still learning the rules. I think a written code of ethics is a great idea. There are those who will flaunt it but that's OK, I'll just add them to my list of those to be ignored.
  23. Given the following; 1) Computer running Win 98 with more confusion than competency. 2) Magellan Meridian with competency gradually replacing confusion. 3) Three adult children wanting to know what to get their parents for Christmas. (The source last year of the GPSr) What should I wish for? a) The optimum. "Forget the grandchildren's college fund, think how happy you'll make your mom and dad". and The adequate. "Don't spend too much, you've got a lot of people to shop for, but this would be nice".
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