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  1. Hi, some of you might remember me, NotThePainter for a bunch of puzzle caches placed in the Manchester NH area years ago, placed in the 2005/2006 time frame. I had moved from the Manchester area and the Manchester community volunteered (after I suggested that I archive all my caches) to take care of them. That has worked well for years but I think it is time to move on, many many Manchester area cachers have looked after them over the years but decay is starting to set in. Does anyone want to adopt a bunch of oldies including puzzles?
  2. Something like this? Rubik's Cube: Outstanding in his field #1 I was getting jaded writing puzzles that could be solved at home.
  3. Steganography is of course permitted. Just don't use any forms of it that require a download, that's all. :- ) And yes, one of my puzzles does just that. And no, obviously, I can't tell you which one. You just need to use an unusual form of it. Paul
  4. I'm quite fond of my "stout stick" which is about an inch in diameter and about 4 feet. Light and agile it is not. But stout it is. I always carry it with me. Well, I guess not when I need to get on an airplane...
  5. Wow, thanks. Maybe I should just stay home. :- ) I like the idea of the mop handle, easy and cheap. Thanks!
  6. I'm a New England cacher who will be spending almost 3 weeks in New Mexico soon. I was checking out some of the very cool caches there, quite unlike New England scenery, and I saw some mentions of rattlesnakes. Uhhhhh.... what do I need to know? There's no way I can bring my 'stout stick' on the plane either. Thanks. Hoping not to die, Paul
  7. If anybody wants to show an east coasters some caches, that would be great. I can also take TBs back east to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Thanks Paul
  8. I like finding the UPS, it means I can get back to hiking, which is more fun that looking under stuff.
  9. I used to live with a beekeeper. I always wanted to put a micro in one of the hives! Yes, the cache page would tell you to knock on the front door. We'd fire up the smoker, you would put on the bee suit and go and retrieve it. Would have to make it a puzzle I guess to make sure that cachers actually read the page. Never did it, it could have been fun.
  10. You are wrong sir. Please excuse my ignorance but I'm going on the assumption that you do know any prostitutes. I do. I was at one time married to an ex prostitute, I currently consider a madame a very good friend of mine, I have driven escorts to their destinations, and I've collected the fees to return them to their employer. I've been invited to their Thanksgiving dinners, and bounced their perfect babies (whose father's know of their wife/girlfriend's job) on my knee. Note a single one of the women who work in this industry that I've met think they have lowered their morals. They perform a service and get paid for it. Think of them as consultants. Both parties in the transaction are consenting. What might be bothering you is that they are performing a service which offends your moral standards, but you were not party to the financial transaction. (And yes, prostitution is not all as pretty as I put it out above, but the better word for that is sexual slavery. Yes, it exists, see http://www.freetheslaves.net/Page.aspx?pid=183 and much of today's slavery trade is sexual slavery. That, of course, is despicable.) But please don't go around assume that prostitutes are doing things against their morals. They are doing things against your morals, and that's your problem, not theirs.
  11. I stopped leaving (and taking) swag in 1994. What's the point? And yes, I understand what the point is supposed to be.
  12. 286 finds in almost 6 years. My goal for this weekend is that if someone finds one of my caches, they smile. And if I happen to go out and find one, I smile. And I don't mean that stupid freakin' froggie, I mean a real smile. My other is goal is that I can make my find (and hide) count hidden. Then Nirvana will be achieved. Ignore the numbers, enjoy the experience.
  13. We are so so tempted to put a cache in our front yard and greet all the nice people who would knock on our door. You see, I'd want to put the cache inside one of our beehives! You would have to put on the bee suit, open the hive, and retrieve the cache. My wife nixxed the idea however, doesn't think the bees would like it too much, but what an adventure. And of course there would be tea with honey afterwards. Paul
  14. Everyone of us was placed on this earth with a different set of skills. Some climb mountains, some have the stamina for a numbers run, some can swim, dive or pilot a helipcopter. And some can solve puzzles. Most of my puzzles (and many of my hides) are hard, some of the dadgum hard. I'm proud of the fact that several cachers have held several of my containers in their hand and put it back and logged a DNF, and I'm proud of the cachers who solve my puzzles. At events, I buy them beer. If that makes it elitist, well, so be it, but is a good club, especially with beer. What's my goal? I want to make a puzzle that is so hard, but solvable, that very few every solve it. Not crazy stupid hard, like a fake rock in rock pile, but hard in that persistence and the very few subtle clues I drop make it possible. There are so many lamp post caches out there, too many ammo cans under a big pile of sticks, I think that there is room for some creativity, and yes, even elitist caches.
  15. I know, and I use additional waypoints, that's what I found so odd about his statement.
  16. Back when I used to be a FTFP hound I would have whole heartedly disagreed with you. I didn't care about the log or the smiley, just the FTFP. I once drove half an hour for a FTFP, got there, found the usual suspects cars in the lot and didn't even bother. (Yeah, it would have been fun to meet up with them again, but I had other stuff to do that day.) Some of us just don't care at all about the numbers, except the number of FTFPs.
  17. I have one that is 36.488 miles from the posted coordinates. See The Precise Career of Col. Benjamin Rolfe. And yes, I had a good reason and yes, I worked closely with my wonderful reviewer to make it happen. And no, it doesn't get found much but the finders seem to appreciate it. Curiously, my reviewer said that it is theoretically possible that another cache could be placed within 528 feet of my final in the future and nobody would really know! From a database standpoint I find that fascinating.
  18. I don't see why you would adjust the geochecker to take into account the coords being off even a little bit. The geochecker should tell you if you solved the puzzle or not, that's all. I've not used a geochecker for my puzzles, am I off base or missing something here?
  19. Many NEFF caches are now up for adoption! (These are, for the most part, wonderful caches through great wooded areas.) Here's an email I just got. I do have Nate's permission to post it. Please contact him directly at NCyrus@newenglandforestry.org I no longer live near any of these but I thought some members of the geocaching community would want to preserve these wonderful caches. I know that the Townes Forest is an almost magical place, quite different from the civilized woods seen in Southern NH. Paul --------- Greetings Paul, This is Nate Cyrus with the New England Forestry Foundation inquiring on your status as a geocache steward for the Kettle Pond- Townes Forest caches. I understand that there has been little to no contact in the past year, for which I apologize, however, It would be great to hear your status on monitoring (even if it is discontinued). Also I have included a list of other geocaches that are without stewards if you would like to switch, take on a new one, or perhaps know people in the areas who would be interested. Thank you for the help! Sincerely, Nate Cyrus ORPHAN GEOCACHES Beaver Meadow- Luce Forest (Winthrop, ME) Rock Around The Pond- Rocky Pond (Boylston, MA) Dog Central- Groton Place (Groton, MA) Beaver Lookout- Hawk’s Hill Forest (East Barnard, VT) Gale River Reserve- Gordon Forest (Lisbon, NH) Mountain Spring- Rich Memorial Forest (Sandwich, NH) Salty Flats- Arnold Family Forest (Freeport, ME) Loon Nest- Allen Whitney Forest (Manchester, ME) Heron Nest Pond- Mixter-Nields Forest (Hardwick, MA) Moose Trail Creek- Horace Clark Forest (East Hartland, CT) Moosewood Forest- Harnett Manhan Forest (East Hampton, MA) Gilman Pond Dam- Bradley Draper Forest (Jaffrey, NH) Beech Grove Gorge- Savage Forest (Reading, VT) Timber Bluff Stream- Mountain Pond Forest (New Ipswich, NH)
  20. I've used copper garden tags to give coords for multis. You can write on them with a ball point pen which dents the copper. They do get hard to read over time, but a line shined obliquely on them still reveals the writing. I would suspect that they might get banged up if the water is moving a lot.
  21. The Ash Street School ( http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...47-c3f6678e57cc ) The cache page said: At the listed coordinates you will find an object that will help you decipher the puzzle. The cache is located at: 42 in.aca 71 aa.tcf If you went to the historic school and looked around, you could see several signs that said "Caution Falling Ice." To decipher it, C=1, A=2, U=3 and so on. The signs were bright yellow and the hint was "yellow". Renovations removed the signs so I archived the cache. 80 Feet of Waterline Nicely Making Way ( http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c5-0918b658f34e ) This started you off at an Alexander Calder sculpture. You did the traditional letters off a plaque bit. The hard part was that you had to find three plaques. It turns out on campus there was a smaller model of the sculpture. And further research would show that this sculpture had been MOVED and the original site still had the original plaque in the concrete. Googling the sculpture's history would eventually reveal that the model existed, and then a bit more work would find the model's history. Some finders even spoke with MIT curators about this! The hide was a water bottle in a bike locked to a bike rack. (This fooled many experienced finders even though the water bottle was labeled as a cache.) Construction seriously depleted the amount of bike parking and I felt it wasn't fair to take up the space. The cache was archived.
  22. It is a puzzle, not a multi but http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6a-3f0746fedd31 is 36.488 miles from the listed coordinates. (Yes, I had to work with my reviewer on this one.)
  23. I like hunting FTFP's. The prize in the container is of little interest to me, all I want is the blank log sheet. So feel free to make the bumperstickers, but that's not what motivates at lot of FTFP hunters. (And besides, my car has too many bumperstickers on it already!)
  24. My real name is "Paul Cezanne" so I guess that explains my geocaching handle...
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