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  1. This is what I have been doing. I'm just upset about losing functionality in the app itself. Wherigos is one of my favorite cache types, but it seems to be mostly ignored by Groundspeak and it's only through the efforts of people like Ranger Fox that keeps it going.
  2. I guess this was beyond the scope of this forum. I'll see if I can find a solution.
  3. Greetings, I hope I picked the right forum. I don't know if this is specific to the iPhone version of Wherigo, or if other platforms experience the same problem. Lately, when I try to search for Wherigo cartridges (using the magnifying glass), I get asked to log into geocaching.com. After I enter my user name and password, I get the message "Either your session has expired or your authorization credentials have failed. Please try again if you believe this is an error. I then hit the '<Search' button at the top of the screen (next to sign in), and I get a popup message saying "Groundspeak Auth Error - Error Logging in". I then hit the 'Retry' button, which takes me to the familiar screen to Allow Access or Do Not Allow Access. I touch the button that says 'Allow Access', and after it thinks for a while, I find myself back at the Sign In screen again, which starts the whole cycle over again. (Both the Login and the Password have red text below them saying I should enter a valid login and password). I'm not sure what's going on here, but any suggestions would be helpful. I apologize if this is a duplicate post, but I could not find another topic that addressed this issue. Thanks! Wherigo version: 341 iPhone 6 iOS 8.4.1
  4. I hope this is the correct part of the forum for this question. I just played a new Wherigo cartridge that came live as part of WWFM X, which performed flawlessly on my iPhone 4S. What I'm looking for is some suggestions on how I can cut down the number of steps I need to go through in order to get the cartridge loaded on my iPhone. Right now, here are the steps I go through: 1) Find the Wherigo on the iPhone Geocaching app 2) After reading the description, touch the button that reads 'view on external browser' 3) After noticing that Safari has logged me out from my previous session, log myself back in to Geocaching.com 4) Hit the 'back' button to get back to the Wherigo Cache 5) Touch on the link for the download page for the Wherigo cartridge 6) Touch on the navigation bar on the new page and use 'Select all' when the iPhone decides to finally give me that option, and then select 'Copy' 7) Exit out of Safari and open the Wherigo app 8) Touch on 'Download new cartridges' and past in the URL from the Safari web page 9) After futilely trying to download the cartridge a few times, notice that I have to log into that web page 10) After logging out, back out of the 'download new cartridge screen' and then go back into it 11) Download the cartridge and begin playing Any suggestions would be most helpful... this process probably takes me at least five minutes and probably more closer to 10. (I have big fingers... doesn't make things easy) Thanks!
  5. Ah yes... if it's that simple, why do we have an app at all? Why do we request new features to it? If we have a browser, then there's really no need for the app. How silly of me! Someone trying to be helpful just suggested a solution. No need to be such a horse's a**. If you don't like it quit carrying so dang many TB's around with you. What's the point of making feature requests if the generic answer is going to be 'use the webpage from your smartphone'? I know that was an option. I was wanting a MORE CONVENIENT way of doing it, rather than going to the webpage. I'm going to be a horse's a** if I feel that the response was intended in the same way.
  6. Ah yes... if it's that simple, why do we have an app at all? Why do we request new features to it? If we have a browser, then there's really no need for the app. How silly of me!
  7. It's been a while since I've posted to the forums, and I did search through the forums to see if these topics had come up... and if they have, it hasn't been in the last six months or so. First off, I'm using the iPhone app (and I have friends who use the Android app). I use it for quick finds when I don't have time to wait for my GPS to acquire a position. I like being able to log those finds from my iPhone, but I find the task a bit... difficult at times. My first concern is when I happen to have quite a few travel bugs and trackables in my inventory. I like the fact that you can log the travel bugs and trackables from the iPhone, but the process is a bit cumbersome when you have a few that one want to 'dip' in a microcache. On the full site, there are buttons to select all your trackables as 'visited' or 'dropped'. I didn't know if that would be possible to port that feature to the app. It would save me a lot of time on logging a cache, especially when the cellular coverage is spotty. The other feature is when you're entering the logs themselves. Has the option been explored to allow app users to enter their logs in 'landscape' mode? Again, it's a question of efficiency when entering logs. (Two thumbs as opposed to one in my case) Just my two cents or so. Thanks so much!
  8. Is there a central place for a wish list for the iPhone app, or do people just make their requests on the latest version of the release notes? (Trying to do things right... just not post willy nilly )
  9. Yup... I just did that today and uploaded them to my eXplorist GC by both GSAK and Vantage Point. My lifetime found is still at 3 (which is how many I have found with it so far), and it did not update my total number of found caches. Database tweaking still seems to be the way to go, unfortunately.
  10. I have to say that I love my GPS12. I bought it from a fellow geocacher who had switched to using the Rino. I have mine set up on the 'bread crumb trail' screen most often so that I can see what caches are around me as I'm walking somewhere. (This was most helpful at Disneyland) You will find no complaints here.
  11. I did that a while back with my bug... and the fellow apologized and posted the next day. However, it's now been in a holding pattern for almost a month, and no one has logged a find on that cache either in that amount of time.
  12. Well, I just went and checked the A Resting Place logs and found out that ol' Geoffrey left there on the 20th of May. I sent a message to the kind person who picked him up asking to log it on the travel bug page. We'll have to see what happens......
  13. Thanks for that page, Husker! I'll keep that one bookmarked as well! GO BIG RED!
  14. Yeah... that was cool to see. Meanwhile, Geoff is still resting in Massachusetts. Sometimes I wish he'd stop and ask for directions.
  15. I'm hoping that Geoff will be able to make the turn back south again from Massachusetts. Although his current spot (A Resting Place) is pretty apropos.
  16. I have another 'problem' along those lines also. I have the box checked to delete the items from my mailbox once downloaded. With Thunderbird, it just marks them for deletion. (I am also able to access this account as a 'shell' account using pine) However, GSAK deletes and expunges them. Is there a way to get GSAK just to mark them like Thunderbird does? I would like a safeguard in case I do something foolish again like reading my email while GSAK is retrieving pocket queries.
  17. True... I do use the same account for my caches as for my 'regular' email. I think I can set up another POP3 with my current shell provider. I hesitate to use gmail since I can't access it everywhere (read: work), although I do have an account on gmail. But that's a good idea to have a seperate account for that information. Thanks!
  18. I was able to 'break' the getmail feature the other night. (It was completely my fault... not Clyde's) I had asked GSAK to get the gpx files from my POP3 mailbox while I was also reading my mail in a different browser. After it had finished with some of the mail, it encountered a message that I had deleted since it had fetched the headers. As a result, GSAK was very unhappy and refused to go any further. So, now I know to first check my email and then let GSAK do its thing.
  19. I think Geoff took that last turn a little wide....
  20. That will be $5 trademark slogan fee. What's a cwass anyhow? Saying out loud... it's 'class' in Fuddspeak.
  21. I think I can probably take 10 of each (metal and wooden, that is)
  22. Be vewy vewy quiet... I'm hunting cwasses....
  23. I would be interested, but my order will be minimal due to funds having to go other places.
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