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Using French pronunciation rules, "beauxeault" is pronounced "bozo." I'm not French, and I'm rarely if ever a clown (at least on purpose). But I chose the name because it's a slightly self-deprecating way to make fun of the French language's affinity for waaay too many letters in a word. In the case of "beauxeault," the excess is 150% (or, 2 1/2 TIMES the minimum number of letters needed).

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For several years I worked for the EGIA (Equitorial Guinea Intelligence Agency) under the name James Bond. This worked great until two things happened. 1) Being a white guy in Equitorial Guinea with little knowledge of the local language makes a spy stand out quite a bit and 2) Somebody there actually saw a James Bond film (I think it was "On Her Majesty's Secret Service); that went a long way towards blowing my cover. The powers that be decided that it was then time to retire me. They set me up in the global intellegence community's equivalent of the witness protection program under the name "Smith" in central Nebraska.


Or maybe I dreamed that and my name really is Smith and I have always lived in Nebraska. I forget.

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One of my other interests outside of Geocaching is Micronations and how they run. I actually had an opportunity to tour one of these micronations a few year back called "Sealand." I paid 30 pounds to become a (non-binding) "Lord" of this little nation and now represent it in Geocaching!


"Rovers" I think because I wanted a name that meant wandering around and I searched some football team names. I could have just as easily made my name "Sealand Wanderers" if I spotted that word first.

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My husband is retired army, who early in his training took a Ranger course. They wore caps that had reflective bars stitched to the back of their caps, which would glow at night. He tells me that when out in the woods at night, one could see these "eyes" bobbing around from the soldiers ahead of them. He enjoyed his Ranger training time and wanted to use the term, Ranger Eyes as our geocaching name. I designed a logo for us, which you see as our avatar. I also made a wooden signature token with this logo on it (the back side has a leaf "patch") and have just now started dropping in the caches we find.

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In the late 60's, I lived down the shore, near Asbury Park.  Loved the boardwalk.  Put down a quarter, they spin the wheel.  If you had the right number, you won a prize.  I loved the stuffed dolphins!  Got several of them.  One was named Harry.  When I started hiking in the 90's, I ended up following that white trail out of New Jersey.  In ten years, I section hiked half the AT.  When you stay at shelters, or reach the tops of mountains, you signed with your Trail Name.  So, mine was Harry Dolphin.  When I started geocaching in 2004, my Trail Name came with me.  I still consider it a 'trail name'.  

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