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As you may have recognized, mine came right from the Harry Potter book series. As I found geocaching, I thought it was great that cachers used the term "muggles" from the series.

When I actually found my first cache, to me it was like Harry being taken to Diagon Alley (the wizarding shopping district in London) - here was another world, intertwined with our own, and most folks don't even know about it. I decided tht I had to pick a name from Diagon Alley, and as I thought of the shops and characters, I realized that Ollivander was perfect - Ollivander operates the wand shop, and to me, the GPSr is a geocacher's magic wand.

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icon_rolleyes.gif<!--graemlin:;)-->"Mzee" is Swahili for old person / man. When I was in Kenya (2 1/2 years of service with the Peace Corps) I was Mzee Robert, the handle just sort of stuck ~~~ icon_cool.gif<!--graemlin::(--><BR><BR>Mzee ~~~ "And now where"<BR>

:(Changed from "MZEE" to "GIDEON-X".........Just because I could I guess?? :(

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My choice of screen name really wasn't too creative. My interest in geocaching was piqued about a year ago when I first heard of it. However, I didn't pursue the sport at the time. Then, two months ago, I purchased my first GPSr for an extended road trip vacation. After being completely amazed with the capability the GPSr unit to route me around most of western North America (it was a 8000 mile road trip <_< ) I was hooked! I started searching the 'net for new ways to play with my "toy", and was reminded of geocaching. I decided I just had to play!! :huh: Hence the first part of my screen name... "Cacher".


The second part was easy........ I'm a paramedic ......


Thus, "CacherMedic" was born!!! :huh:


Boring, but there you have it! :huh:

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I think it says it all. . .actually most of my friends think that I really do believe I am a "princess". . . and I do so there ya go. :huh:

You go girl (you jack-booted government thug). :huh:


Watch out for Rita! B):blink:

mr tank-are you saying it's not possible to be both a jack booted govt thug and a diva?? Trust me it is. . .just like I'm sure a guy as sweet as you can still be sept1c tank. . . :blink:


We dodged Rita -- thanks!!

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This is a little bit PG-13, so don't read ahead too far if you are extremely sensitive.


I played baseball when I was in college and I had a coach who always gave new guys "dirty" nicknames. He changed my last name, Barcomb, into "Barbie's Cones" (That's as dirty as this message gets). The assistant coach, understandably, felt a little uncomfortable about yelling that out in the middle of games, so he modified it to a more suitable "Bar-B-Que". From then on, I've been BBQ to all of my baseball buddies.


Thanks for the fun thread.


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I'm a hot air balloon pilot. We fly, then after everything's packed away we party hardy! Thus, aviate and deviate.  :D

I piloted a Barnes balloon (commercially) in the 80's, accumulating about 500 hours. In '83, I placed 7th in the US nationals at Indianola and was honored with the "Rookie of the Year" award. I also flew with about 1000 balloons in the Montreal world event, but I never made it out to Albuqerque.


I can certainly relate to Av8ndv8! :lol::lol:

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Krazymtbr is for - crazy mountain biker. I just spelled crazy with a "K" to be different and my last name starts with "K" so that's another reason. I was refered to as krazy when mountain biking by my friends cause no matter how difficult the terrain was I'd always try it. And QT is my girlfriend, just say the letters fast and you'll here the word. She had her own account at one time but she didn't like updating it all the time so we just put hers onto mine and that's what she wanted.

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I owned an icream store for a number of years. If you are too young to know, the sodajerk was the person behind the counter that made all the treats including banana splits, sundaes, malted milk, as well as ice cream sodas. The name comes from jerking the handle on the soda dispenser to get the fizzy water (carbonated water).

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I like to hide really big caches. Huge caches. Huge-a** caches. I want to trade swag when I get there, and the bigger and more swag the better. The trend toward tiny caches alarms me.


And my favorite type of music is Jazz. Specifically the cool jazz of the 40's through the 80's. John Coltrane, Hugh Masekela (from which I take my first name), McCoy Tyner, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, Lester Young, Nat Adderly, Oscar Peterson, Thelonious Monk, Yusef Lateef, etc.


-Hugh Jazz

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My first motorcycle was a 1984 Honda Nighthawk 700 SC. Even though I moved on to a Kawasaki Concours, and dream about a Goldwing, I've kept the Nighthawk700 name. (Some people ask me if it's a Dungons and Dragons thing. Never got into that stuff).


I thought of using my nickname, "The Admiral" but didn't. When I go to group rides, I like checking out everyone's bike, seeing what type of modifications they made, how many miles, they have, etc. My friend commented that I looked like an admiral looking over the fleet.

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I went to the US Army Airborne parachutists school as an ROTC cadet a few years ago. (OK, a few decades ago.) My "name" was on my helmet: "CW28" for "Cadet, Woman, #28", or (as they said it when they hollared at me) "charlie whiskey 28". (You know, the "alpha, bravo, charlie..." alphabet.) I thought "charliewhiskey" sounded a little more fun than "almost-50-year-old-mother-of-two-teenagers". <_< </p>

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I started with 'kiltedcacher' and i saw there was a 'Kilted Cacher' so I decided to change mine.


I wanted something Gaelic because of my interest in Celtic history and heritage. I looked for something referring to 'searching/searcher' or 'seeking/seeker', but everything I tried was too clumsy in spelling or pronunciation.


Next, try - Latin and a nod to my Marine Corps ties. I started with the Marine motto of Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful), did a little research, and settled on Semper Questio (Always Searching).

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<_< I posted this before but what the heck.

I have been an astronomy buff since my first telescope at age 11.

Deimos and Phobos are the two moons of mars and I use both of them for screen names depending on the application or intent.

My initials are DM and my fav number is 4.

I guess this is about as anal as one can get and still be somewhat reasonable. :ph34r:

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My name comes from the name of my home brewery (I am a rabid homebrewer) and our hounds that own the house.


The wife and I were involved with Coonhound rescue for many years and as such had many foster dogs come through our care. One of the fosters was diagnosed with cancer so we adopted him to stay as part of our pack. The name kinda stuck as a tribute to his memory. So we have three hounds around the house and one "missing man".



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Well my name started back when I played highschool football. My last name starts with Van, so everyone either called me Van or Vanman. When I started using Yahoo mail, I just plugged that in and had to throw a number after it and figured my football number, 30, would work and I just never bothered to change it since. I'm also a big scooby doo fan, so the mystery machine worked well with my name and I use it on my sig cards.

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Mine is kind of a melding. I used to eat as if I had a bottonless pit for a stomach, so my uncle nicknamed me Pit. It quickly caught on with the rest of my family. I am honestly not sure that uncle even remembers my real name. B) That screenname was taken though. :anibad: I have a graduate degree in ecology and teach environmental biology, so I threw it all together.

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Some years back, having brunched on seasonal fungi, I slid into a very muddy ravine. Did 2 complete flips so was covered thoroughly in yummy dark mud. This triggered a serious case (many, many minutes) of that distinctive, disabling, self-fueling laughter from fellow fungi-loving hikers. This is when we learned that curling your toes really hard works wonders to cure PLS (Perpetual Laughter Syndrome). Anyway, after we all agreed to avoid eye contact and started getting under control, a straggler arrived asking what's funny. He took one look at me caked in dirt, and said, "Oh, I see. It's mearth." And the screaming/sobbing/guffawing started all over again. Bizarrely, each of us heard "mearth" vs. "mirth" and so it's been my handle ever since. Haven't seen any of those folks in a long time. Been even longer since I had a fungal brunch. Sigh.


Just wanted it known that my tag has nothing to do with Jonathan Winters ((shudder)).

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Well, we live in the country in Illinois and have a two acre native Illinois prairie restoration going. We call our "country estate" Prairieview. When we signed up, Prairieview was already taken so we became Prairieview_IL. We have lots of deer we enjoy watching, and the picture is a photo I took of one who rewarded us with a shed antler in our front yard the next week. We use the same photo on some of our sig cards.

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