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  1. Thank you very much for getting this fixed! While the new google and yahoo maps are nice, this interface is still my favorite way to search for caches.
  2. This error has been happening for a couple of weeks now... The old style maps are the primary method I use to quickly scan for and browse new caches in my area... If they could be fixed that would be great. For anyone not sure what the problem is try going http://www.geocaching.com/map/ME.asp or any other state's .asp page and you'll see the VBScript error at the bottom of the page where the cache info normally would appear. Thanks, R&T
  3. Just wanted to bump this. I realize this issue is probably not high on anyones to-fix list, but the old style maps are still broken. The new features and yahoo maps are great, but the original map.asp format is still my favorite. If they can be fixed that would be great. Thanks, R&T
  4. I just noticed that if I use the old-style map search, I get the following error instead of a list of the caches in the view: Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0046' Permission denied /map/maplib.asp, line 191 for example: http://www.geocaching.com/map/ME.asp just thought I'd let someone know...
  5. I helped with the beta testing of the new puzzle cache in Acadia. While the experience was fun, I was a bit dissapointed, as it really is just a multi-point earthcache. It will be a great way for a new visitor to Acadia to see some great areas of the park, but to me it seems like just another virtual cache. Oh well, it is a start, and hopefully it will pave the way for more caching opportunities in NP lands.
  6. Thanks for the new Google maps interface, I like it as much if not more than the original maps on the site, very easy to use and you get a ton of info on one page!
  7. I use the old style maps to keep up with new caches around my area: maine cache map Until the last couple of days I was able to zoom in, ID a cache, and then click on a link to the cache page. Now I am getting an error "Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0046' Permission denied /map/maplib.asp, line 191 I have checked/confirmed this on mac and pc, in opera, firefox, and IE.
  8. Magellan GPS 310, my 1st and only unit. I'm hoping to upgrade sometime in the next year or so.
  9. I think your thinking of www.lostoutdoors.com. The site appears to be down at the moment though.
  10. It seems to vary from area to area, or rather manager to manager; I have had bad luck trying to obtain permission from them for an area here in Maine; others have gotten permssion easily in other areas.
  11. There is a plant called jewel weed that can be helpful in treating/preventing poison ivy rash. some info on jewel weed What i've done in the past is to macerate a bunch of jewelweed in the blender, then freeze it into ice cubes. You can then rub the jewel weed cubes onto your skin to help alleviate the rash.
  12. oops... sorry about that, looks like I was beaten to the punch. I guess it helps if I read the whole thread before shooting my mouth off :-)
  13. here you go: Google has got you covered
  14. yep, getting the same thing here. The site usually slows way down this time of day, especially on the weekend, but I've never been completely unable to get to the cache page or my profile page before. oh well.
  15. I'm getting "Server too busy" here...
  16. Overall I like the new look. My one concern is that it appears the side bar navigation is not available from the state maps pages. ie http://www.geocaching.com/map/ME.asp has no left hand nav bar any longer.
  17. At first I was getting only the pink box also... however I was using Opera. Under IE or Firefox the maps load and work normally.
  18. I am not being allowed to log my finds today. I have had an account for years, but now all of a sudden I am required to re-validate? WTF!!!! so I jump through the hoops to validate my account, and now I am waiting for validation emails that apparently aren't coming. I have tried sending the validation emails to 2 different addresses of mine, and no change, so I know it is not on my end.
  19. Normally I keep my mouth shut on the forums, but this is bothersome. It seems to me that a person who happens to be involved with Groundspeak found the cache and didn't like it. Instead of just posting their opinions on the cache page, they seem to have gone out of their way to create an issue with the land manager. This seems petty and a sort of a stab in the back of the cache hider, who had already developed a good relationship with the land managers prior to hiding his cache. The hider did nothing wrong, and should not have to defend his already approved cache.
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