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  1. Yes. I keep a bookmark list of solved puzzles and have a PQ of it. I update my GPS and Android app weekly. Every week my PQ is there but my bookmark list disappears. So I have to rebuild my bookmark list from GSAK, delete and rebuild my PQ, then I can run and download the PQ (yes, I know I can update directly from GSAK, but that's not the point). I just reloaded Saturday and I checked this morning and my bookmark list is gone again. Is this a GC bug?
  2. Going the way of the DoDo I'm afraid. The way the game has changed I rarely go caching anymore and I am getting out of the CO business almost entirely. I may go on more hunts when my life simplifies and I can hit the trails, but if all I'm gonna do is that urban micro grab routine, then I'd much rather play "the game that shall not be named".
  3. If it had no number and did not say "Trackable on geocaching.com" then it is not a trackable geocoin. There are a bunch of non-trackables out there. They should be treated like any other trade item.
  4. I'm a man, so the risks are different, but I would have offered to call 911 for him. I know that some are going to be take this the wrong way by some, but I was taught as a small child not to pick on girls. Does that not get taught any more? I was in a similar situation once and that is exactly what I did. I was looking for a cache and some random lady pulled up and said she was calling the cops because I had no business being there near her neighborhood. For the record, I was at a dead-end road at least 3/4 mile from ANY neighborhood with little to no traffic anywhere near and pretty well concealed by a stand of trees along the road. I could not even fathom how she saw me in the first place. So I told her that's fine. I'd wait. I sat in my car while she sat in hers eating her quintuple cheeseburger and drinking her giga-gulp, yelling at me while she ate. I finally had enough and I called 911 and asked when the officer would be arriving. They said no one had called. So I reported this lady was harassing me on a public right-of-way and they said they were sending a cop right over. I told the lady I was tired of waiting and so I called 911 for her. She left immediately. I called 911 back, cancelled the call, and then went and found the cache.
  5. Or just send an email to the reviewer via their profile.
  6. That's the main page I use to get anything done, and the page I have bookmarked to get to this site in the first place. Can you please share some information about what will be replacing it? +1 Same here. Ditto. Any chance at a sneak peek before we just sign on one day and we can't find anything? Maybe even get to have a little input into the new look? sorry. Lost my mind for a moment. In April of this year, you were given a week-long opportunity to provide feedback on the following questions: Your response? "I would love to respond, but right now I just don't have to time for this much detail." Just sayin'. That's right. I did. I also stated, in the part you so so conveniently ignored, that "...each of these questions should be split into separate topics of much more specificity for more focused discussions and better clarity. Broad, open-ended, multi-point topics will get confusing quickly and will go off on so many tangents it will be difficult to reign (sic) it all in and make sense of it." Perhaps if you were not so busy trying to be clever you would recal that I and many, many others (including you if I recall correctly) have been contributing or discussing various ideas and suggestions for years. How much input do they need? Apparently none since very little of what we have suggested or begged for, or even what they tell us they are working on, ever sees the light of day. Just sayin'.
  7. That's the main page I use to get anything done, and the page I have bookmarked to get to this site in the first place. Can you please share some information about what will be replacing it? +1 Same here. Ditto. Any chance at a sneak peek before we just sign on one day and we can't find anything? Maybe even get to have a little input into the new look? sorry. Lost my mind for a moment.
  8. And therein (the bolded part) lies the problem with most of the changes over the last several releases. What about what your customers want?
  9. And a bunch of folks looking for a cache that isn't there is oging to cause more damage and raise more concerns than just making a quick find and moving on. You're not going to stop people from looking for the cache if their data is out of date unless, maybe, you put up a sign near GZ saying that the cache has been disabled and removed at the request of the HOA. Even at that there may still be a few who will still look.
  10. I always access that via Your Profile | Quick View http://www.geocaching.com/my/recentlyviewedcaches.aspx Yes there was. I guess only about 200 of us used it.
  11. I don't know how to say what I am thinking and feeling. It seems every release we only het more changes that cater to n00bs and/or smartphone users while existing featuures get carved away. If all I want is to play a smartphone game I will go to that "m" game exclusively and take my money with me. Circumstances have kept me from caching as much as I would like to and these last few sets of changes are not encouraging me to return any time soon. You are making a lot of us feel like you neither want or need us any longer. How long will it be before you just stop with the pretense and shut down the web interface entirely?
  12. By Jeremy's own word, they will never force pay-to-play, but I can certainly see an overall limit for an unvalidated user and a per day limit for an intro app user. If they want to go past the limit they can use the website or pay for the full app.
  13. I generally don't mention that coords are "off" if they are within 30-40 feet and everything else seems fine. When you account for any variance in the accurracy of all GPSr's involved - the one used by the hider and then the one used by the seeker - on any given day under various circumstances and conditions, the combined deviation from the true coordinates can easily be 30' or more. Now, if there are other factors, that changes things. If the coords seem off and the description and/or hint clearly indicates a different spot, then I will diplomatically mention my findings. It could be bad numbers or the cache may have been moved from where the CO meant it to be. In any case, I won't say what, if anything, is wrong. I'll just say what I experienced and let the CO decide what to do. As far as others making comments about coords on my caches, I generally ignore them if it is an isolated incident. If I have a few reports of it, or there is other info on the log that makes me concerned, then I'll check to ensure the cache is still where I left it and, if it is, I will reshoot my numbers. But I am NOT gonna get into an argument about it. It is absolutely pointless. There are way too many folks out there that think the coords should always put them right on the cache. They simply don't (won't?) understand that it doesn't work that way. Then there are the arrogant ones that think that if THEIR gizmo doesn't read 0', then YOUR coords MUST be wrong.
  14. I've not tried either, but a quick search reveals there's Geocaching Droid Army Knife and an add-on for LOCUS. Yes, I know how to use Google and I was aware of the available apps. I was looking for input from people that had used them. Well, I really like GDAK. I do all my massaging of data on GSAK, hook up my phone to my PC, drag and drop my GSAK database folder to my phone storage, and it's good to go. I can also download and import PQ's that are sitting in my downlaodable PQ list and save them as another database or combine in an existing one. Very easy and often handy. You can navigate to the caches using the app if you want and it supports logging or submitting field notes. When displaying a cache, everything is available right off the basic cache info screen via tabs or menu selections. There is also database filtering and searching capabilities that are pretty easy to use. Most of it is pretty intuitive. It has other features too, but I don't use them often. I suggest you download the free one and play with it a bit. If you don't like it you can always uninstall it.
  15. I'm not big on jumping on bandwagons, but in this case, I have to ask... Of all the things that have been complained about over the years that are FAR more integral to actually playing the game, why was THIS chosen as a priority to shove out there? It's just a profile and it isn't/wasn't that hard to deal with. There are so many other things that actually affect the game that needs attention before this.
  16. When I was wheelchair bound I tried very hard to find caches I could do. In the course of that exercise, I learned... Many T1 caches were rated as being wheelchair friendly only for the cache location itself but getting there was a different matter. Many T1 caches were only rated based on getting to them. Once I got there, reaching them from a wheelchair was impossible without help. Many T1 caches were in no way wheelchair friendly. I came across T1's that should have been rated much, MUCH higher. The wheelchair attribute was almost completely useless. Either hiders did not use it or used it when they should not (see the T1 scenarios above). I even came across high terrain series caches that used the wheelchair attribute just so it would be easier to select all of the caches in a series in PQs. I ultimately had to... Get a list of all caches with T1, excluding all caches with the "no wheelchair" attribute Get a list of all caches with the wheelchair attribute Combine the 2 lists. Go through the combined list manually, reiewing the cache description and logs, to remove any caches that I could tell, or I suspected, were beyond my abilities. I would like to think that things are better now, but I suspect they aren't. Good luck.
  17. This. No find count will ever indicate the true experience level or qualities of a geocacher and should never be used as a basis for ranking, rating, or otherwise granting status or privilege.
  18. I use GDAK. Simple to use but offers everything I need. There is a free version that is full-function. You only have to deal with a small ad banner at the bottom of the screen. The paid version gets rid of the ads.
  19. I have one that was sent form Texas to visit battlefields, cemeteries, and a special fountain in France relating to US Marine Corps history, legends, and lore. I always wanted to go there, but I know I never will so I sent this TB off in my place. It made it there and has collected some great pics. But now it can't seem to get out of Europe to find its way home again.
  20. I earned the smileys--I read the cache pages before I went, I knew what the COs required, I fulfilled those requirements, so yeah, I logged them as finds. I doesn't matter what the CO wants, to log a find on a multi on this website you are required to sign the log. You did not meet those requirements. Not always so. Look at the hidden date of the multicache. There are plenty of what I call "MultiVirts" that predate the end of Virtual caches. If the cache was originally set up as a virtual with multiple stages and the owner chose "multicache," back in the 2000-2004 timeframe the reviewers didn't make a big deal out of that. To this day, they're considered grandfathered. Ditto that for a few virtuals that are really locationless caches. It's different if a cache was set up as something other than a virtual AND was converted to a virtual at a later date when the container went missing. Since you're here is it or is it not required to sign a log (on caches with containers) to claim a smiley on GC.com? NOTE: if your reply starts with something along the lines of "most of the time" or "not always" or something similar, knowing you are a lawyer I will refine my question because I know you know exactly what I'm asking I have zero interest in dancing on the head of the pin that's labeled "when is a find a find?" But if I did take out a magnifying glass to look at the head of that pin, I would likely say "cool, Toz is hosting a rave." Keystone, you owe me a new keyboard and you can help clean the coffee off of my monitor. That's the funniest thing I've read on this forum in quite a while!
  21. And this is where you veer of on a tagent, missing the entire point. It is very simple. The checkbox does not need to cause a presentation of anything. You seem, for some reason, to be fixated on this list thing. Get that out of your mind. All that checking the box would do is set a trigger in the code so that once the cacher clicks the button to submit their log the system would then redirect them to the page where they would enter the item's tracking number. No more, no less, and pretty easy to do. It simply provides another path within the logging process to do what you keep saying it is you prefer to do.
  22. The proposal does nothing whatsoever to help sort out which item goes with which link. That list will still be just as confusing whether it's the list in the description page, or a list on the log entry page, or a list that pops up because you checked a box somewhere along the way. I'd even go further and suggest that as confusing as the list in the description page can be, injecting that same list later in the middle of the process of logging the cache would make it even more confusing. I'm not sure it wouldn't be as likely to make logging the cache harder as make logging the TB easier. This example just underscores why it's better to look up the TB via the tracking number rather than mess with any list associated with the cache. Sorry, I'm still not seeing how it's in any way more convenient. In fact, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to show why it's less convenient. OK, catching someone's eye is a possibility, but doesn't seem sufficiently likely to warrant adding it to the process. I see no reason to think that someone that doesn't know how to log a trackable is going to recognize that they should check your box. I don't have the time to get into this point by point, but I said nothing about replacing the cache page list or putting the list on the log entry screen. In the post you quoted, I only was talking about a simple checkbox that facilitated doing the very thing you suggest...taking people directly to the page to enter the tracking number after their log posts. Some people would see it and make use of it, others would not just like many other features on the site. But if it can help people find their way to the tracking number entry page and properly log trackables out of caches, I can readily see a potential benefit.
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