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  1. Is there a maximum cache page length?
  2. Ja, maar daar trof ik alleen een behoorlijk incomplete lijst. Ik hoopte eigenlijk dat dit openbare informatie zou zijn.
  3. Ben op zoek naar een kaart of bestand met alle ANWB-paddenstoelen in Nederland. Locaties en nummers. Is zoiets vrij beschikbaar?
  4. This turns out to be the problem: the suggestion list in the GC app sometimes produces the wrong result.
  5. Ok, hold on. The user -does- exist now. The GC app was acting up, I guess.
  6. The Lab Cache is called “Ommetje over landgoederen (‘t Harde)” by “user” “jcbets”. Located east of the village ‘t Harde in Gelderland, Netherlands.
  7. Ouch. Too bad. User doesn’t exist. He must have used a nickname for the Lab cache.
  8. Ah, you both suggest that I switch over to the GC app or website and contact the user there. Will do so. I figured there must be an easier way…
  9. I tried to complete an Adventure Lab Cache. One of its stages went missing, so I wasn't able to answer one of the questions. How do I give such feedback to the owner?
  10. Promised you the new geocache with ... well, 400k+ waypoints: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC9JD77 (you don't need to visit them all -- they're part of a puzzle)
  11. Ah, yes: I own one of them: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC8Y39T . For my next project, I was thinking bigger. It will be a mystery that has many, many more waypoints, although they are more like potential waypoints, to be used in puzzle solving. Stay tuned for this one.
  12. Alas, not. It requires "An initial installation of the Palm Desktop for Garmin iQue must be completed before installing this utility.". No idea what that is.
  13. Curious: What's the geocache with the most waypoints? (note that, for mystery caches, it may not be needed to actually visit all of its waypoints).
  14. I'm looking for a map for my own use, for the Mapsource program. I'd like to plot waypoints on it, and measure some distances, etc. I know the plotting is possible on Google Maps, but Mapsource allows me a bit more options. I don't think using images of maps helps me out. The website http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ would be a logical first stop, but I can only seem to find per-continent maps, not full world maps (and I do not need all the detail).
  15. For Mapsource, I'm looking for a basic, free world map to display waypoints on. Just an outline of continents and/or countries will do nicely. Does anyone know where to get that?
  16. W3W has 3x3 meter boxes. Accuracy north-south would be 3.00m (that is, one unit represents that distance). Coords of the form DD MM.MMM` are accurate to 1.85m (north-south), and (except near the equator) less than that west-east. Also, the W3W coords can be translated into WGS, which makes them appear somewhat more accurate. Apparently, good enough
  17. I'd like to clean up my cache page from all the images (some outdated) that I have uploaded. See image: the current way to do this seems to be to open every single image, then press the delete icon. It would be nice to have a checkbox with "Remove all images from cache page" (or "select images to bulk-remove").
  18. Why can't I see Adventure Lab caches on the Map on the Geocaching Website?
  19. I've come across more and more caches that require a special tool, and do have the appropriate attribute. However, it's not given which tool is needed. The cache description doesn't even mention needing a special tool. Only when I click the hint, it is revealed. Since I typically use the hint only after searching GZ, this is near-useless. Why not put the information on the cache page?
  20. When posting a new log, I am unable to change the log type. The dropdown is unclickable. Happens in Firefox. In Chrome, it works fine.
  21. Good to know about the order being freely configurable. Thanks. About the number of locations: this page https://www.geocaching.com/play/request/adventurelab mentions: "Geocaching HQ is offering qualified Premium members an opportunity to create an Adventure Lab experience with up to 5 Locations."
  22. Thanks, GeoTrekker26! I get a LOT of really great logs on them. Cachers are enjoying themselves. For reference: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC8Y394 + its siblings.
  23. So do I, but with a LOT of edits, or a LOT of images, that becomes quite annoying. One 'remove all' button would solve this.
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