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  1. W3W has 3x3 meter boxes. Accuracy north-south would be 3.00m (that is, one unit represents that distance). Coords of the form DD MM.MMM` are accurate to 1.85m (north-south), and (except near the equator) less than that west-east. Also, the W3W coords can be translated into WGS, which makes them appear somewhat more accurate. Apparently, good enough
  2. I'd like to clean up my cache page from all the images (some outdated) that I have uploaded. See image: the current way to do this seems to be to open every single image, then press the delete icon. It would be nice to have a checkbox with "Remove all images from cache page" (or "select images to bulk-remove").
  3. Why can't I see Adventure Lab caches on the Map on the Geocaching Website?
  4. I've come across more and more caches that require a special tool, and do have the appropriate attribute. However, it's not given which tool is needed. The cache description doesn't even mention needing a special tool. Only when I click the hint, it is revealed. Since I typically use the hint only after searching GZ, this is near-useless. Why not put the information on the cache page?
  5. When posting a new log, I am unable to change the log type. The dropdown is unclickable. Happens in Firefox. In Chrome, it works fine.
  6. Good to know about the order being freely configurable. Thanks. About the number of locations: this page https://www.geocaching.com/play/request/adventurelab mentions: "Geocaching HQ is offering qualified Premium members an opportunity to create an Adventure Lab experience with up to 5 Locations."
  7. Thanks, GeoTrekker26! I get a LOT of really great logs on them. Cachers are enjoying themselves. For reference: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC8Y394 + its siblings.
  8. So do I, but with a LOT of edits, or a LOT of images, that becomes quite annoying. One 'remove all' button would solve this.
  9. My observations: Lab caches seem to be a combination of multicache, virtual cache and Wherigo cache elements I love the geofencing aspect, but Wherigos have that already Groundspeak grandfathered Virtuals, for good reasons: this game is about finding a box And, most importantly: Lab caches are hardly integrated into the regular geocaching experience, website and app; this makes it awkward to play, doesn't gain from the favorites system, makes it hard to keep track of them on the map, skews the numbers, etc. Why not rebuild Wherigos into an experience including geofencing, retaining all flexibility (more than 5 locations, not restricting the order), and a box to find in the end? And integrated into the geocaching experience.
  10. +1 for developing Wherigo/Labs into what it should be: an awesome experience including geofencing, fully integrated into the geocaching site and app, with a box to find. The Lab experience seems to be a watered-down combination of multicaches, virtual caches, and Wherigo caches. Please re-think this concept.
  11. I have : Lab Cache Founds : 5 after doing one Lab Cache with 5 stages. It indeed adds 5 to my Geocache Finds total. Quite weird. Especially since this page https://www.geocaching.com/play/request/adventurelab says: Geocaching HQ is offering qualified Premium members an opportunity to create an Adventure Lab experience with up to 5 Locations. This suggests, to me, that I could create ONE cache with 5 WPs.
  12. I'd like to clean up the image links from my cache page. There's quite a few different versions of the images I uploaded over time; it's just clutter on the cache page now. I can click 'Edit' --> 'Remove' for each image, but it would be nice to remove them in one go.
  13. Then it's a feature request now! Dear Groundspeak, please add a Bulk Upload feature for WPs.
  14. There is no "first" waypoint here. It's a set of 100 WPs, and you'll have to narrow it down yourself.
  15. Just released my "multicache trail" -- a series of caches in a the woods nearby. The idea is that you're given 100 waypoints and 10 multicaches, and you first have to figure out which waypoint belongs to which cache. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC8Y392
  16. Is there a way to bulk upload a large number of Additional Waypoints to my cache page? They're part of a puzzle; it would be nice to include them on the maps that GC generates with my cache. I'd rather avoid typing them in one by one.
  17. Looking for inspiration to create great multicaches in my area. More specifically, I'd like to stay away from the standard "count the number of bolts and fill in the formula". Looking to be different here! I've created a cache of the type "follow a trail of pictures" (e.g. https://coord.info/GC129P7) which I get very positive response about. Another cache of mine asks the cacher to find the cache at a given distance from image locations that need to be found first (e.g. https://coord.info/GC17HVF). Suggestions welcome!
  18. I never understood why there's a separate list of images visible to everyone on my cache page (besides the images actually being visible on my cache page). Every time I create a cache page, I delete the list of uploaded images (these could be many, since I iterate a lot to get it right), to reduce clutter. In any case, a 'delete all my images from list' (not from cache page) feature would be nice.
  19. Ouch. I figured it out. Groundspeak wants me to type a reason. A text box is displayed with grey text, suggesting it's optional. When I enter a character, the "Yes, delete" changes colour, and becomes clickable. WHY?!
  20. I'd like to delete an image from my own cache page. I click Edit near the image. The image page shows. I click Delete Image. A dialogue appears: "Delete image?". Now, the "No, keep photo" (should be "No, keep image" really) is clickable, but "Yes, delete" is not. Is there any other way to get rid of images from my cache page? There are some that are outdated.
  21. Laatst enorm staan prutsen met een Wherigo. Ik gebruikte de app op mijn iPhone, die het normaal prima doet. Bij deze cache was er echter audio nodig, en dat ondersteunt de iOS-player niet. De CO had dat ook in zijn listing staan, maar moest dit van de reviewer omschrijven als "werkt alleen op telefoons met besturingssysteem met groene mannetjes". Hij bedoelde Android. Dat detail had ik dus gemist.
  22. Interesting. I wasn’t aware I changed any coordinates. Thanks for the replies!
  23. What's the blue thing on the multi-cache icon? It isn't listed on the cache types page.
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