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  1. Each time this topic comes up I ask, How long do you wait to go get the cache? It's posted publicly. How much more notice do you need? It posts and you wait a hour, day, week? I am a professed hound. Not as much lately but there has been times I would check for listings and there it'd be. I'd go get it. I was dogged on the forums a long time ago for it ( I had only a 144 finds at the time but my FTF ratio was high) and I'd ask, how long do I wait? No answer. They just wanted to whine about. Even accused me of being a Reviewer cheating. How bad do you want it? If you want to get an FTF, get online and check. Better yet, go premium and have it emailed to you as the reviewer posts it. If you don't put in the effort/time, stop whining about it. Let the games begin.
  2. If you feel you should place a cache, obligated, don't let it eat at you to the point you put one in a garbage dump. Resist the temptation 'gotta place one'. Think about it from the cache finder side, is it interesting, what's the muggle population like, parking, safety. I've walked away from caches placed at highway asphalt/garbage sites. The view isn't all that great. ... Know what I mean? Slug away.
  3. I dunno. I see alot of TX cachers who at least read this section. They/we are 'specially prominant in the other forums, Off Topic, General, etc. ... But you are correct about the TX GC sites. I read most of those as well. To get local attention, you are better off axing in one of those locals. Top Shelf!!!
  4. My wife is more hooked than I am. Since getting her first FTF, she's been on full steam since. We cache together from time to time but since she's a teacher, she has more time than me. She has another teacher from another school as a partner (Thelma & Louise). They went to an event today!!! Slug away!
  5. I don't think I conveyed what I was trying to say very well. I wasn't calling anyone a name or trying to insult anyone. If were either, then I apologize. Slug away.
  6. They're kept. He's/they have been called on it more than once. The explainations are so weak. The other locals here just don't leave them in caches found within 50 miles. Sad really.
  7. What I've learned is that I can see the other side of a discussion (PC term). Holding your ground when someone makes a point and not trying to understand the utter side, well, is hard headed and selfish. Slug away.
  8. We have a local clan that grabs 'em and never checks them out. It's just 'missing'. False caches were set up to throw off the local population about their whereabouts. We figured it out. they took them to Mexico, we figured it out. I'm recommending that anyone who hunts my caches not to leave trackables. I just hate having to list them as missing. ... And yes, I've tried to talk to the clan leader, does nothing but stir him into a fury. ... If we pick one up, we take a long way aways from here. Slug away.
  9. I've got 114 FTF's. No where near a record. And I was too was one of those who'd take off in the middle of the night or get up before most duck hunters, to fetch a FTF. I've slowed down in the last year. I've had some FTF's within a mile of home and not go get it. But I got another FTF this week. As far as proving it? Read the finds and scroll back ... if you have a day to waste doing so (918 finds) but I'd stake my creditability to those numbers.
  10. At first, it was about the adventure; finding new trails, new parks; exercising and logging a cache. There were just a few of us in this area, East Texas. Then it got to be about the 'smileys' and I went through a stage of high competitiviness. But I think that lead others to do the same. "Just find it BA-BEE!!!". I never damaged a cache or not use stealth to jeopardize a cache (I'll walk away from it if there are too many people watching). But others did just that to log the numbers and I believe I was the culprit that everyone wanted/wants to beat. Landscapes have been damaged, private property has been damaged. I know one cacher south of us who deliberately defaced a landmark with a screwdriver to retrieve a micro that everyone else was finding without incident. He put it in his log!!! The cache had to be archieved. ... These are just examples/facts. I tried to call down some of these actions but it only got ugly. So I laid out for a while. Finding the occasional cache. Hoping if I wasn't there to compete with, the local game would grow through that phase. It did and it didn't. The newbies still have the new innocent angle going, the way it should be. The more 'experienced' have continued to the stage of actually stealing trackables from caches they have already found. One guy has over 4K finds and still takes the time to explain every find. It's great reading (ALOFT23). NOTE: A lot of local cachers have kept to the initial process. They get numbers, clarify their logs, have fun and are dear friends of ours. It's 'those few who ruin it all for the rest of us' that give me heart burn. And I've admitted that I might have lead some down that road but their tactics were their own. I'm getting back to hunting again. I've found a few this past week or so. It feels good and I'll continue as I did before but with a better understanding of my responsibility. Slug away.
  11. There is also an event in Dec in Longview. Texarkana always sends representatives. Longview is about an hour and half from Texarkana. You're welcome to come on down.
  12. Up in that area you'll run across OLEMAY (something like that), they are a duo just west of Texarkana. There is also THATSITBILL. There are some other really good cachers there and to the east such as SpankytheWizard. One or two of them put out some really challenging caches, ie GirlyCache down at Wright-Patman Lake. Over to the west, Mt Pleasant, there is a crew there lead by ALOFT23, BuffaloScout, mthquist and others. Hang in there.
  13. I'm an FTF guy. ... What I've done to give everyone a chance on one of my new caches is to ask the Reviewer to hold the release of the cache until Friday afternoon/evening. This increases the odds for everyone around here for the FTF for Saturday morning. Seems to work.
  14. In Texas, you might also try Academy Outdoors and Sports. Its a regional sporting goods retail chain.
  15. "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. ... Gloom, dispair and agony for me." ... Hee Haw
  16. HELLO YAMAHAMMER I AM FROM SEARCY NEW I AM NEW TO GEOCACHING CATFISH101 When we go up, we have a place on the White River at Augusta, Taylor Bay.
  17. All in all, the mods/reviewers do an exceptional job in what they have, or want to handle. "You can't please all of the people, all of the time" however, they do get close! Some cachers kinda take it personal when they are questioned about cache placements, attributes, etc, and I'm sure out of all those who serve for Ground Speak, they're are bound to be a (very) few who take somethings personally as well. Dealing with people is not easy and it does take some talent and "a little patience" (Guns-N-Roses). For an organization to run as this one does, so effectively, I consider myself fortunate to get to use the services provided and enjoy all parts of this site. From the top down, I thank you all.
  18. I'm an FTF hound I reckon. I have over 100 in a little over a year and a half. 'Have had a few cachers take me to task over it. I just choose to play the game this way. I don't think it has anything to do with behavior or a personality quirk. My family tree is fairly normal. I don't take anti-depressants or any other brain disorder prescriptions. I just choose to go after FTF's as often as possible.
  19. Yup, we have a cacher, he's been caching since Jan '06, and he has tunnel vision. It only matters to get the find. He has no stealth and has admitted to using a screw driver to retrieve a micro from a hole in the wall. He screwed it up so bad, it had to be disabled by the cache owner. He's hidden caches in actual graves and the list goes on. EDIT: spelling.
  20. ALOFT23 and Googling HH. Yes, it's two but I didn't feel like logging twice. I have them listed for different reasons.
  21. I've never deleted any log by any cacher for any reason (sentence with a lot of redundancy). I've been threatened by a cache owner to delete my log if I didn't change the word, 'screwed'. I didn't change it and he didn't delete the log.
  22. We have just like that here in the Piney Woods of Texas. I just taunt him like a string and a cat. Others have placed caches that make fun of him and he doesn't realize it. He thinks everyone around here is glorifying him and we're actually laughing at him. He is our entertainment when we're not caching. Good stuff, try it. EDIT: spelling
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