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  1. "Nope" ... not as of right now any way
  2. "Stand By To Stand By ... Get Ready To Get Ready ... Time Does Fly ... Yuma, Az Feb. 2013 Mega Event Check It Out .... Come On By !!! *** www.geocaching.co... www.yumaevent.com/
  3. Back In The Day ... (01) A Pony Express Rider Dropped Off A News Article @ My Digs ... The Search Began!!!
  4. Check @ the local laundermat (empty soap buckets) I get'em for $2.00 (Snap on lids)
  5. It all came to pass on a dark and windy night in the hills of southren California, when a chosen few where sent a message / invitation to join the group (the year of 01)And Yes we have control of the "the platinum memberships"
  6. Here in the "Desert Southwest" (Yuma, AZ)....out @ first light...till noon / 1:00 PM. Then Head To The "Cave" Once In A Great-While Do Some "Night-Caching" (nights` are for sleeping and such in my Book Anyway)
  7. Hmmm, I think it's all à "C-C" (crock of crap) .... I
  8. Good Choice For All Around Caching, one of several I've used, Really like the size (shirt-pocket) and easy of use, the paperlesss function, etc. etc. It'll find'em right along with the "Big-$$$" ones!!!
  9. OFFER: $80.00....shlpplng and pay pal fees included.
  10. I really don't care..... as long as I get my "Flavor of the Month"....each and every month as a "Charter Member"...(since 02-01).
  11. As Starbrand said......open / unzip the file...Drag and Drop to GPS's cache file..(quick and easy)_
  12. Well as I'm a 75 yeaf old "Hippie"........I just bump along, using the wisdom of the Gods / Life to keep safe.....
  13. What's ever handy.....did pick up a dozen mini gel's @ Staples for $2......on sale (they are ok)
  14. Yep. Your GPS when connected to the computer is basically a drive, you find that drive on "my computer" (assuming Windows, of course), and you just drop the sucker in. I have Magellan Vantage Point software installed, but have not used with PQ's (seeing as drag and drop is so easy). Have you tried, Gideon? "NO" (got it but have not used it)
  15. Pocket Quires...Drag and Drop.......1000 @ time woks fine with my explorist GC....not all that hard to do / learn.....
  16. My "Tank" cache I placed a "Tank" cache in 2003, so far it has 412 logged finds (the last one on the 5th of February 2012)
  17. Drag and Drop....(as Redwoods Mtb Biker said) just loaded 1000-caches to my GC......took a "skinny minute"
  18. On the cache page there is a link to all the other caches (hidden) or (found) by this user. FIND:........
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