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  1. Just yesterday I picked up the remains of a cache that had been muggled. It was strewn about, soaking wet and pretty dirty. I brought it home, am drying it out and replacing it in as close to the original place as I can manage. My log includes a note explaining what I am doing and the cache owner is fully aware of it - This seems to me the most reasonable way of dealing with this kind of problem. (just my opinion)
  2. farthest from home: GCJ5T7 (arizona) 1552.656mi farthest north: GCND1M N 42° 46.595 W 082° 56.407 (this one was actually close to home when I logged it)
  3. I use a Lowrance - I don't see those around much - not sure why, they have great features and good prices
  4. (it's a magnet - I have been known to leave them on vehicles and other odd places, too)
  5. geez Louise - if you don't like puzzles, don't do the puzzle caches duh!
  6. I always mark a waypoint when I put my GPSr down - that way all I have to do is look at it
  7. I always leave something when I take a sig item - and in addition leave my own sig magnet - I figure anything removed from a cache should be traded for
  8. if you want to be sure that nothing in your new cache will offend anyone, don't place the cache
  9. BRAIN: are you thinking what I'm thinking? PINKY: I think so, Brain, but burlap always chafes me so
  10. <offtopic>you are being entirely too kind about internet exploder</offtopic>
  11. I usually make sure I take at least one photo that does not give away any details if I plan to post one with my log.
  12. I find that the electronic compass need to be recalibrated too often to be reliable - I use a magnetic compass when I want to shoot a bearing. The altimeter may be useful if you are in steep country - along with decent topo maps - but again, only if it is calibrated.
  13. your english is very good and this sounds like an excellent cache - love the water!!!!
  14. I use lock-n-locks - bu that is because I haven't found a good source for ammo cans locally and don't relish paying for shipping on them. of the ones I have hunted and found, the ammo cans are by far the best
  15. use it freely check out this thread and this one
  16. (yeah, that's the one I like best, too) for those who combine flying with geocaching:
  17. I just thought it might be nice to have a geocaching image that included a globe - so I bashed a few together: if you like them, take them - no strings
  18. tin melts almost as easily as lead and is not nearly as likely to cause health problems - on the other hand, I have worked with lead most of my adult life and routine tests for lead in my system invariably come up with levels well below anything that would trigger alarm among healthcare professionals.
  19. I like singh's book - and have the cd (it came free when I joined the American Crypotogram Association) - it has many useful tools as well as descriptions of a number of ciphers here is a website that is also useful: Rumkin cipher tools - you will find a goodly number of tools for manipulating text and solving ciphers Good Luck - have fun!!!! BTW - the Dunin book is available at amazon.com for US$11.86 - the Singh book for US$10.85 - there are used copies of both available for lower prices.
  20. Falkland Islands? Do you mean las Malvinas?
  21. found a cache with a rubber rat fastened to the top of the lid - the whole thing hidden in a hollow log - does that count?
  22. my first is currently archived - no telling if it will rise from the dead or not - I notice that it was a micro, within a mile of where I lived at the time and obviously before I learned how much more fun a REAL cache could be. chuckle
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