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  1. Fire Dept. Lieutenant in Special Operations. We respond to Hazardous Materials incidents and Technical Rescues. Also the committee chairman for my son's Boy Scout Troop.
  2. We just got the new issue of Advanced Technical Rescue at the fire station yesterday. As I was thumbing through it I came upon the training section of it and found an article about geocaching. The magazine is advocating using geocaching as a way for Search and Rescue units to get more familiar with using GPS, maps and compasses. It's a fun way to train as it breaks up the training routine and provides something diffrent to do. Learning as you go while caching is one thing, in a SAR mission you have to know how to use it before leaving the station.
  3. I'll call the main offices of EVERY chain, grocery and every other store in the country if you like.......... we're going to South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico, and we're going to California and Texas and New York … And we're going to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan. And then we're going to Pennsylvania to take back my geocache! Byaaah!!!" To quote a comdeian- "That's funny I don't care who ya are!"
  4. If I really cared I wouldn't have been so quick to archive my caches would I? YOU people may reign in your little silicon castle here, now we'll have to see what private property managers have to say in the REAL world. Then why bring all this up to begin with?
  5. Off-limit (Physical) Caches By submitting a cache listing, you assure us that you have adequate permission to hide your cache in the selected location. However, if we see a cache description that mentions ignoring "No Trespassing" signs (or any other obvious issues), your listing may be immediately archived. Caches may be quickly archived if we see the following (which is not inclusive): Caches on land maintained by the U.S. National Park Service or U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (National Wildlife Refuges) Caches that are buried. If a shovel, trowel or other “pointy” object is used to dig, whether in order to hide or to find the cache, then it is not appropriate. Caches that deface public or private property, whether a natural or man-made object, in order to provide a clue or a logging method. Caches placed on archaeological or historical sites. In most cases these areas are highly sensitive to the extra traffic that would be caused by vehicles and humans. Caches hidden in close proximity to active railroad tracks. In general we use a distance of 150 ft but your local area’s trespassing laws may be different. All local laws apply. Caches near or on military installations. Caches near or under public structures deemed potential or possible targets for terrorist attacks. These include but are not limited to highway bridges, dams, government buildings, elementary and secondary schools, and airports It may not be the government that requires permission, Geocaching requires it.
  6. All that fuss over a micro with a marble?
  7. A little over 12 hrs since this thread began and it's up to 5 pages. Is that some kind of record?
  8. Mr. $70+ per hour but uses a disposable phone, too busy to call but able to stay on top of the forums, isn't going to call. He's been called out and is unable to produce.
  9. Leave the DNF and log the find. The DNF is part of the cache history. If for some reason you go back to the cache (drop a TB for example) then post a note and not another find.
  10. Who is "threatening" anyone? There is quite a difference between the word you keep insinuating and the one it really is which is promise. That was discussed a ways back. Perhaps you should take a look? Track, Do it or take your ball, go home, pout in your room, and cry on mommies shoulder about all those mean geocachers. It has been explained to you over and over about what needs to be done and you still don't get it. Everybody on here is sick of the whining, crying, and the itchy finger. If you come in with an attitude and yer gonna get attitude.
  11. Interesting. I've never heard this before. I wonder if this practice is common in other states. I may have trespassed and never realized it. It Texas, I know that it's part of the state's penal code. I've seen the paint used in other states as well (Arkansas and Oklahoma, for example). If I remember correctly in Florida, if the property is fenced and,or under cultivation it is considered posted even if no sign exists.
  12. I called Magellan and they said a Burn in test is a test when the gps finds an internal error, and it does a self check.
  13. Today while searching for the third stage of a multi, I looked down at my GPSr (Magellan eXplorist 200) and the screen said Burn-in Test press enter to start. Well, it wouldn't let me do anything but press the enter button so I did. It then went to another screen that said test starting do not disturb. After about30-45 seconds it went to another screen that had a bunch of letters and what I am assuming to be numerical results of the test, and it stayed on that screen. So after about a minute I pushed the enter button, nothing. So I pushed the power button. It briefly shut off then powered on again and had the satellites still locked on. The only thing different is that my track log was erased and I had to reenter my goto point. All my way points are still there and everything seems ok. What just happened?
  14. I used to work part time at a sporting goods store. I had several customers come in looking at GPSr’s for Geocaching, not just the regular hunting, fishing or camping. I asked one of the assistant managers about it. That’s when I found out he was a cacher. I came home, looked it up on the computer, and just went from there.
  15. I'm a FD Lieutenant/EMT with 21 years of service. Right now I'm asigned to Special Operations, which handles Haz-Mat and Technical Rescue.
  16. Yesterday I had to respond to a vehicle accident. One of the drivers was trying to enter a waypoint into his GPSr, (he wasn’t a geocacher, just trying to enter an address) and didn’t see the brake lights ahead of him in time to come to a complete stop. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured. Moral of the story: Pay attention while driving/caching. If possible let somebody else use the GPS, otherwise pull over if you need to make adjustments. At 60mph you are traveling 88’ per second. So, that means if you take your eyes off the road for 3.4 seconds to check the GPS, change radio stations, or whatever, you have just traveled the length of a football field without watching where you are going. Please be careful. An injury or worse isn’t worth the smiley.
  17. I had to glance at Fearsum4sum's location to make sure that it wasn't the same person. I did the same thing.
  18. The police have a duty to act. Whenever somebody calls they have to go check it out no matter how trivial it sounds. They just can't say " Naw, that sounds stupid. I'm not going to that." But they may be thinking "Why am I going to this?" I have worked for a fire dept. for 21 years and have my share of calls that we shouldn't have been dispatched to. On the other hand I have been to calls that were called in as a general illness, we get there and the patient is in cardiac arrest. We never know for sure what the call is until we get there. The same goes for the police.
  19. GPS technology is very popular in the hunting/fishing industry. I used to work part time at a sporting goods store. The gps sales were mostly for hunting/fishing. I had very few customers that wanted one for caching. However using Lat/Long. in the advertising would be an interesting spin.
  20. I used a google translate tool and it came back as German for "Thanks for the Treasure."
  21. Maybe "Thanks for the cache" in German.
  22. "Didn't find diddly squat"?
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