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A Geoduck is a clam, indigenous(sp?) to the Pacific Northwest, where I live.

Pronounced "gooey-duck".

You can often see many people out on the beaches at low tide, digging for them.

So I thought the "hunting" part is relevant to this sport.

Thought the "geo" part of the name fits.


Therefore - geoclam.

Also thought that sterilized (no animal/food smell) clamshells (with some artwork) might be a cool signature item.



you can call me geoclam

or you can call me gooeyclam

just don't call me late for dinner!!

(my grandfather's saying)



You can go here for more than you want to know about geoducks.


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icon_rolleyes.gif<!--graemlin::ph34r:-->  How did you develope your screen name?<BR><BR>    I've often wondered about some of the crazy screen names attached to geocachers.  Some are obvious. (maybe not icon_confused.gif<!--graemlin::confused:-->)  Some are downright hilarious icon_biggrin.gif<!--graemlin::lol:-->.<BR><BR>    Several people have questioned mine, so here is the explanation:<BR><BR><BR>    I recently spent 9 months in Australia.  Aussies definitely enjoy the english language.<BR><BR>    Among other quirks, the Aussies use a lot of slang including some Cockney rhyming slang.<BR><BR>    In Cockney rhyming slang, septic tank refers to Americans.  (Tank rhymes with Yank)<BR><BR>    Being a Yank, I thought sept1c_tank fit pretty well.<BR><BR><BR><BR>    HOW DID YOU ARRIVE AT YOUR SCREEN NAME?

Warning: Off topic but related to the quoted post.


My cousin and her husband bicycled through Australia. He kept getting REALLY weird looks when he would refer to his "fanny pack". Finally someone told them that the word "fanny" means vagina in Australia. Slang is sooooooo very weird.

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We are on our 3rd name already.


rokman - was our first. We were into kites and battleing Rokaku's. So we became Rokman. But then we stopped Geocaching for a while and when we came came back to it could not remember our log in. :ph34r:


Buggyho - was our second name. Still into kites but then Cliff became a kite buggy racer. A friend called him buggyho and it stuck.


Bandit & Magna - Our name right now. We are into Geo Caching with our motorcycles. Cliff rides a 1200 Suzuki bandit and I ride a Honda Magna.


Hopefully, this remains our name for a long time to come. :lol:

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I have had a handlebar mustache for over 40 years (before r.fingers of baseball fame). It also makes me recognizable if you should meet me in the outback one day. It's silly but I can't see it. Why is it that you always find the cache in the last place you look?

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...My cousin and her husband bicycled through Australia. He kept getting REALLY weird looks when he would refer to his "fanny pack". Finally someone told them that the word "fanny" means vagina in Australia. Slang is sooooooo very weird.



And good on ya for sharing. Now fill your bum bag with some tucker and a pot, or a couple of stubbies (or maybe a slab) and point your push-bike out to the bush for some caching. Oh, and watch out for the septics and the mozzies; they’ll try to steal your lollies. :P:rolleyes:

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I actually use my "screen name" for a lot of things outside gc.com, like email address, etc. A lot of people (other than those who personally know me, who have figured it out) have asked about it in the past and I am noting it for the first time.


My first name is Harry and "Man" is the first 3 letters of my last name, and I've been joked at that I'm a pretty "hairy man" befitting my name. But it seemed "Hairy Man" or even "Hairyman" was taken everywhere (i.e. eBay, email, etc.). So I changed the "man" to "mon" as it wasn't taken and still made sense, kind of sounds like the way someone from perhaps Jamaica or thereabouts might pronounce "hairy man" or "Harry Man"

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I was doing some research on Buddhism --not sure why--and discovered the "Ten Fetters"--obstacles that one must overcome/transcend in order to become "enlightened." One of them is Kama Raga -- The attachment to sensual pleasure. It made me realize I could never be a Buddhist! :anitongue:


So, I stopped reading about Buddhism, and started listening to some great music while eating Brie, drinking wine, day-dreaming about traveling and sight-seeing, and had a nice scented candle burning, until my Sweetie and I became err...well... amorous. Kama Raga seemed more like something to savor than to transcend! :anibad:


The next day, I discovered Geocaching.com and decided to use the name.


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I think mine is pretty self evident for any self repsecting Star Trek fan...hehe! As a kid growing up with the Original Series of Star Trek it didn't take me long to realize that if the show started out with two security guys in red shirts exploring an unknown planet it wouldn't be long before one of them bit it and I'd get to here ol' "Bones" McCoy say that famous line, "He's dead, Jim!". Cracked me up everytime....:lol:


Live Long and Prosper.....!

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Clothahump is the name of the elderly Turtle Wizard in Alan Dean Foster's Spellsinger novel series. I also love computer games, especially the fantasy kinds; I always play a wizard. This is why I sometimes make reference in my logs to my+5 Wand of Poking or my +10 Staff of Searching, depending on whether I was carrying the short stick or the long staff on the geohunt that day.


Not to mention that after a hard day of caching, I sometimes feel 300 years old as my namesake is! :o

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A climbing partner started referring to me as "OGBO" on a climbers' website some years back. When asked what it meant (after a half dozen references), he said "Old GreyBearded One", which is appropriate. The grey beard came about as a result of an attempt on Denali - I didn't shave, of course, during the whole month we were up on the mountain. I decided to leave the beard, with a bit of trimming. My companion of 40 years and mother of our son (she used to be a climber, too) decided she liked it, although she had had less than favorable feelings about my dark brown beard of younger days (that attempt only lasted a couple years). She didn't say anything at the time, but I got the picture when she thanked me profusely for finally shaving it off. The favorable reaction to the Grey Beard decided me to keep the souvenier of Denali (I summited on the next attempt). The clincher was when several of the female engineers at the company I worked for came up and fondled the beard, saying how sexy it was :D . Now, understand, these were the same female engineers who were involved in a suit against the company for sexual harassment and discrimination in promotions :D . I get comments about how it makes me look "wise", "knowledgable", "distinguished" - hey, you can fool some of the people .....

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I bow hunt, and when hunting season started this year, I realized I only had one arrow! Thus, " Arrow One". :lol:

The funny this is, my favorite necklace is a "Spirit Bear", which has a crooked arrow running through it.

An American Indian told me one time,(years ago) that my spirit animal was a bear. Thus my Avatar.

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Well, I love nature (I majored in outdoor recreation) and love the little stumps of trees that the beavers chew off. However, I wouldn't be completely honest in saying that this was the only reason I chose this name. My boyfriend (also a geocacher) and I had recently broken up, and I suddenly had to get my own account, since we had shared one previously. I won't go any further than that, but lets just say my main motivation at the time was to anger him. We're friends now, but the name remains. As a disclaimer, I would also like to say that my name is of ABSOLUTELY NO representation of my character. :lol:

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I spent several years performing as a juggler at various rennaisance fairs in Northeast Ohio. I never could stand to wear a jesters costume, and I preferred working as a strolling entertainer then a stage performer. I always had more fun being down in the crowd and looking them eye to eye. I still perform occasionaly in other events under the name "The Gypsy Juggler" in Cleveland Ohio

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Ok when I got started a few months ago, finding a name was a challenge. All my choices were already used, so much for my own originality.

Anyway I think there was a James Bond marathon on the tv. I'm not sure which movie it was but one of the lounge act characters was named Shady Tree and the Acorns. Perfect. How many times have we been under a shady tree, signing a cache log? :lol:


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Ok when I got started a few months ago, finding a name was a challenge. All my choices were already used, so much for my own originality.

Anyway I think there was a James Bond marathon on the tv. I'm not sure which movie it was but one of the lounge act characters was named Shady Tree and the Acorns. Perfect. How many times have we been under a shady tree, signing a cache log? :lol:


I believe it was Diamonds are Forever, one of my favourite


Wouldn't you say, Mr Kidd

Definitely Mr Wint


Gotta wonder about those 2

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In this forum I tried using the search feature for the first time to see if anyone had written about the origin of each person's geocaching nickname. I see this thread, although started a long time ago, fits the bill. So here goes. Rather than start a duplicate I will chime in on this one.


I joined a Yahoo astronomy group a few years ago then after I signed up, at least two other Tom's came in as well. To distinguish myself from the other Toms I started to call myself Iowa Tom. There was a NY Tom as well.


When I joined the geocachers group I wanted a name that sounded like a friendly teacher, so I chose Iowa Tom. Besides, I was able to get IOWATOM on my license plate. :ninja:


Then again I like being able to abbreviate my nickname as "it." :ninja:


As many mistakes I make when typing, I feel like calling myself "Ctrl Alt Delete." :ninja: I have never learned to type. I use the Columbus Method. When I find a key I land on it. [!]



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Mine is from an old Sean Connery movie. One he doesn't claim, in fact you can't find it on his list of movies at all. It was a Sci-Fi post-apocalyptic thing, definantly a grade B flick, but one that really tickled me for some reason. The 12 comes from when I tried to get my very first screen name.... zardoz was taken, so I tried zardoz1, it was taken, so zardoz12, and voila..... I've been zardoz12 ever since. I used to joke that the 12 stood for my WPM while typing..... I'm not much better now :(

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Me and my friend had different user names, but were always geocaching together. No point in having them seperate so we were trying to think of a name. Some thing that rymed. And we came up with Dew Crew because it rymed, and the year we came up with it there was a mountain dew contest going on and boy did we drink the mountain dew! :P

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Well mine was, I believe, given to me. I got into ham radio a few years back and was given the call sign N1ODA. I joined a radio club and got a jacket with my first name on it over my call sign. When I met people outside of the radio comunity they thought Nioda was my last name. sk

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I must had answered this on our state webpage but here's how I got my name. NitseHee is a hiking trail name I earned on a scout trip a few years ago. I'm told it very roughly translate to Eagle Woman. The only way I'd ever become an eagle in scouting was by being placed in a patrol called Eagles during a course I was taking. I became good friend with one of the other participants in the group and we expanded our scouting interest and the name went from there. NitseHee now doubles as my geo name and trail name. I finally got my eagle! SR-496 Eagles Dare to Soar!

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I use ProvWoman everywhere on the net, because I want to be like the Proverbs 31 woman in the Bible.


"A wife of nobel character, who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value...charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised." (Prov. 31:10-11, 30)


Not that I measure up, but it is something I strive for.



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My husband and I share the same initials...CLS x 2. I have used it online since my first trip on the internet back in 1994, however a few places I frequent have similar names, so I also use TurkeyFace. My Grandpa used to call me Turkey and my friends growing up called me Face.



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When I was 12 I got my first job as a golf caddy at the local country club.  When you are young you are given a nickname...mine being Pancake.  Please don't ask why cause I really couldn't tell you.  For some reason the name had stuck to the point even my mother was callin me it.  Since then, I was called evenything from cake, to cake man to Pan man to flapjack, to 15 years later Pan.  Even my wife sometimes calls me it.  So to keep a long story short, my screennames usually have the infamous Pan in it.


oddly enough I am a cook and it has nothing to do with that icon_wink.gif

I've read that three times and I can't put it together.

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Not very interesting, but when I first signed up I wanted the name Cache22 because I think Catch 22 is the best book written in the 20th century. Cache22 was taken. I was in a hurry, so I took Catch22. I didn't like it, and after a couple of days I Googled around for an ancient God, and bumped into Thoth, an Egyptian character. I liked his looks -- http://images.google.com/images?q=thot&hl=en. Amazingly Thoth was taken, but Thoth and Thot are alternate spellings. So I changed to Thot.


There you have it.


Cache22 took the name in February of 2001 and never signed on again.


And, where is that Thoth guy anyway? Only 6 finds in all these years but he keeps logging in? What's up with that?

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The NFL Arizona Cardinals boast a “colorful” history! The team began as a neighborhood group on Chicago's South Side, playing under the name Morgan Athletic Club. The team was acquired by Chris O'Brien, and soon its playing site changed to nearby Normal Field, prompting the new name Normals.


In 1901, the team gained longstanding identification when O'Brien, finding a bargain, bought used jerseys from the nearby University of Chicago. The jerseys were faded maroon in color, prompting O'Brien to declare, "That's not maroon, it's CARDINAL RED!" The club's permanent nickname had been born!

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We were all ready to seek our first cache when we realized we needed a user name. We tried this one, then that one, and started getting pretty irritated, when the DD said, "Why don't we use Henki? We know no one's using that!"


Henki is the dog's name.

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Well lets see. Our name started out at Rykoala which is Hubby's name shortened Ryan: Ry and his birth lat name was Kowalski so he shortened it and adapted it to koala.


This was supposed to be his hobby( it sounded geeky when he talked about it) to do with our son, but the first cache we all went out and all 4 of us got addicted. So he added the Team, since we all are now a geocaching team!


Pretty boring name I know, Its been so cool to read through all the names and reasons. thank you! Even if its been shared before. I dont think we would of thought to go searching through all the posts for this topic!!



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