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  1. You're right, that could be an issue. Yes, but after painting it for camo, that information most likely not still be available.. So it might be best to eat a lot of candy so that you can have a replacement ready to go...
  2. I saw these candies and knew there was a Geocache inside. Here's how I made it so it could hold up to the weather. How to waterproof the Fruit Tart. DAryl
  3. I like this idea very much. I'm willing to bet that a cache somewhat similar shows up in my neck of the woods someday..... Very neat idea.... DAryl
  4. Just to put my units into the list. Started with a Yellow e-trex, and still use quite often. now I also have a legend DAryl
  5. I ain't sticking my hand in that mouth, not even for a smiley!! But you don't have to reach into his mouth to get it. Just poke at his left eye until he spits it out. Getting back into it's hiding place, on the other hand, is a whole different story. DAryl
  6. You're ok, it was a joke. the real number is 1539. DAryl
  7. I have a locked cache, it's a metal box on a post with a pipe fitting out the top thru the bottom, and a fake cell antenna on the side. On it, it says "Geomonitor, precipitation reporting station. It's name is "Easy as 1539" and the combo number is? Yep, that's right. 9473 DAryl
  8. As a plumber that often caches in the plumbing truck, I was wandering the edge of a park that was next to the back yards of several houses looking for a place to hind a cache. One of the homeowners came out of the gate to see what I was doing. Holding up the GPSr I said that there was a gas leak reported and that I was testing the air for combustibles. He was satisfied and left. I was hoping that he'd have some more questions, cause I was getting ready with the "If you see me running, try to keep up." DAryl
  9. Other than the "use no pointy object to place a cache" rule, I like it. DAryl
  10. How about a 20 gallon trash can? This can also be found on page 18 of the CCC thread. DAryl
  11. I'd like to add to this thread, but my cat just climbed a tree, and I have to get him out of it before it falls over dead............. The tree that is, not the cat.............. DAryl
  12. Yea going to be hard, the door thing would work. Or pad lock it... Pics coming in the next couple of days.... Thanks, but it's really a 3 year old POS Toshiba 3.2 MPix DAryl
  13. Maybe I shouldn't show this one. If you look close you can see the string that ties the penny to the cache container. You have to reach through the crack to the left of where you find the penny, and pull the container up by the string to reach it. I didn't put the hole there! DAryl
  14. Just be sure that the hole is too small for a skunk to fit into. Most other critters wouldn't bother me as much, but a skunk would be bad. X2, well put. DAryl
  15. I've got one of those and folks have enjoyed it (GCRET0). All I'm going to say is that a "pointy object" was used sometime for this style of cache. How's that different from someone putting an amno box in an existing hole? If we really need to hash this out, let's take it to a new tread and stop the hi-jack. DAryl
  16. I've got a laptop that goes with me some of the time. I would have to scan the jump drive as soon as I put it in. I like the idea of using it as an electronic log book. DAryl
  17. Too bad we can't make locationlesses anymore, It wouldve made a good one Huh? He said a mystery cache. I'm curious - How could it be a locationless cache anyway? More of a virtual cache, I'd think. See the movie, answer a question about it, get to claim the find. Either way, both types of caches can't be set up anymore. But the mystery cache might be able to be done. See the movie, get the clues to fill in the final location of a cache. EDIT: I should have heeded the warnings of the others on here. But I went ahead and watched the trailer.......... Now I can't get "Going on a GPS Hunt" out of my head........... .02 DAryl Cimarron, KS
  18. I looked and looked at this picture and didn't see it. But I thought to myself, how cool would it be to put a cache on the top of the limb that's leaning against the tree, so that you had to move the limb down to the ground to get to the cache? Very cool one of the voices answered. 7of the 9 voices I hear really like your cache (plus myself, of course). DAryl
  19. I love this one! Thanks, It's been found once now (Under the Great America Flag in Dodge City. (GCRDA1)) The seeker didn't take note of the cache size, and spent a bit a time looking for a micro. He ended up calling me to ask for a hint while looking for another cache of mine, and asked for a hint on this one also. I gave him the hints, then went to the cache site to see if he got it. I think he was impressed. At page 16 you should have been able to see the light at the end of the thread. You could have made it! DAryl
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