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  1. I started caching in 2004 so phones were not really capable of doing such things. My first GPSr was a Magellan Meridian Color (still, in my opinion, the best device ever created). Depending on the situation, I use either, or both. I don't find the phone that accurate and as others have stated, the limited battery life absolutely sux.
  2. Some nice ones in Alice Springs. Although some are accredited to me I did not place all of them, I adopted them when the owners left town. There are loads of really bad caches in Alice Springs, it would seem that someone is throwing out geotrash caches just to get the numbers up. These are masking the good ones. https://coord.info/GCR9Z4 https://coord.info/GC1N663 https://coord.info/GCV2DM https://coord.info/GC73MZK We have had had a hot spell the last few months (45+ degrees), with a few deaths, so PLEASE TAKE LOTS OF WATER, wear a hat and use sun screen. There are a few others but due to the season I cannot recommend them.
  3. i think it is unscrupulous that Groundspeak charges GST, try and get proof that they pay it to the Government. You will get stonewalled, we went through this with VAT in Europe where it is a requirement that they publish their VAT No. to date no-one has been able to obtain it. Just a rort by Groundspeak to increase their prices by 10%.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. In case you have not discovered, you can't really "stop" auto payment. There are a few ways around it. 1) cancel your premium membership, this only takes effect when your current membership expires. (as far as I know). This is a hassle. 2) purchase a gift membership and give it to yourself.
  5. Nope it does not. I don't stay logged in. Besides, let's face it, Groundspeak does not care about the people paying them so long as they pay. I don't know where you're seeing this, in your posts in this forum it says "Member" and not "Premium Member" under your avatar. When I was basic for a while, it still showed premium here in the forums. I could log in/out a hundred times and that never changed. Could still access off-topic too. It wasn't until I mentioned it here that a Mod or Lackey "fixed" it for me... Same here. Funny how no matter which computer I logged in to it said premium until the last post when it was fixed
  6. I usually put Valued Customer 'cos that is what is written on the card. Amen brother yeah but you have to do it every time. I just won't bother any more.
  7. i'm confused, you're saying a) it's time for a price increase and price is not the point, in the same post ? what will users gain by a 2x 3x or 10x increase for the subscription, in your view ? To dumb it down for you.... $30 is cheap. The price has been $30 for a long time despite ever increasing costs. No matter the price it is the principle of the matter (ie. the auto renewal) Users will gain continued access to geocaching, 'cos stuff like servers and bandwidth costs money. Money is derived from membership fees. "Money can be used for goods and services" like bandwidth, hosting, development, software and paying people to do stuff. Hope this helps
  8. But only works properly if you are a premium member?
  9. Nope it does not. I don't stay logged in. Besides, let's face it, Groundspeak does not care about the people paying them so long as they pay.
  10. I have not been a premium member for about a year, however under my avatar it still states that I am. Once again, Groundspeak doing a stellar job.
  11. Yup that's me. We have a group of people in our area who have places nanos and micros out bush. I figure it is just because they are too lazy to maintain them.
  12. I find this auto renewal not to my taste, especially when grouped with the other things GS has done. Contrary to what it says under my avatar, I have not been a PM for a few months. The price of PM has not increased for over 10 years and is a paltry amount, if you cannot afford it try doing without a beer a month or cut down on a pack of cigarettes a month, that should cover it. It is high time for an increase and even $39.99 is not too much. Price is not the point, it is the principle of the matter.
  13. This one was taken from near here
  14. The part that irks me is this: I was a premium member for about 11 years, I used to place vouchers in caches that, when returned to me, would earn the finder a years premium membership (I gifted about 10 memberships before the cards vanished). I purchased the app twice. once for the iPhone and then another when I got my Android phone. Now that I am no longer a premium member the app is going to stop working. What about the premium members who have paid for the app as well as membership, do they get a refund or anything extra? I really dislike extortion, and in my opinion this is extortion. Others will have differing opinions.
  15. That Joshua Norton dude seems pretty annoyed that geocaching exists
  16. I agree. Now it seems we get saturated by mindless Nanos in the woods and just plain garbage because "there was a hole on the map. " Man don't get me started. See now you did. When I get into town in 2005 there were 2 geocaches, I placed the 3rd one. Now there are over 100 nanos in the bushes. I haven't found any of them, I just refuse to. It has spoiled it for me as most of them are not maintained as well.
  17. Interesting thread. I been doing this for about 11 years, if you are into numbers, I only have 232 finds which means something to some people. I consider myself a geocacher, not so sure about the 'newbie or 'old timer' stuff.
  18. I just created a route but when I went to save it an error message popped up. I can see it is an error message I just have no idea what it is trying to tell me. Can someone decipher it for me please ? thanks
  19. + 5 000 000 I liken it to putting a used bus ticket in a cache as swag.
  20. I would say Viajero Perdido is very close. Can you use your USB ports normally in the windows vm ? If so try unmounting the g's from within Linux and see if that helps. Sorry I can't be too much more help but am not familiar with redhat at all.
  21. I usually take numerous readings over a few days and then average them by hand. I then use those coords to try and find the place where I want to hide the cache.
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