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  1. I've enjoyed watching you create avatars for others and was wondering if you could give it a try for me. My user name is 2cvdriverr as you can see. I usually drive a Citroen 2CV (Charleston - Gray/Gray). I was wondering if you could create something for me incorporating a Citroen 2CV (if possible a Charleston Gray/Gray)? Here is a picture of what one looks like
  2. Is there a way to identify who are the "users watching cache?" I was curious if this could be done. I don't have any problem with them watching my cache. Just was wondering who they were and why they might be watching my cache.
  3. I would just put a warning that this cache may not be suitable for little kids
  4. I would just put a warning that this cache may not be suitable for little kids
  5. I don't have the particular cable, so I can't walk you through exactly what happens. But, typically what happens is, you download an executable file, you double click on it to run it, and it puts some files into the system directory (or directories). When you plug in your cable, the computer detects it (if asked if you want to connect to the Internet to check for drivers, say "no") and loads the correct driver. I don't have Vista, so I don't know if they make you jump through any extra hoops for "security". Perhaps someone running Vista can give a better description. A COM port (short for communications port) is a serial port found on most older and a few of the newer computers. It is a RS-232 port and the standard is very old. What the USB adapter (and its driver) does is to emulate a COM port interface so that applications think they are talking to a COM port. The application should either probe all available ports, or ask you to choose one. If you're not sure which one it is, trial and error will not hurt. GSAK - Geocaching swiss army knife. A very popular application / database for managing geocaches. Check the website for more information if you like. Thanks for the reply. The problem I keep having is that the program doesn't detect my cable and asks me if I want a particular com port or search for another. Neither respnse to the dialog box gets it working. Anyway... Thanks for the information and giving me a better understanding.
  6. I have a Garmin eTrex camo (older style with the four pin hook up on unit). I ordered a usb cable for my gps unit and now to need to install a "driver". Problems encountered.... #1 - Not a techy guy. Can surf the net but installing programs is scary. Is there a step by step process available? #2 - com ports????? Huh? What you say? How do I get to them and how do I change them (in the program or on my computer)? (btw - I have vista) #3 - GSAK??? huh? What's that? I ordered my cable from "discount cables 4 u" and they weren't much help. They sent me to rnrplace dot com to get my driver. Only problem I can down load a driver (I think I did it) but I don't know what I need to do next or how to set up anything else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. That is a very, very nasty cache! At least be fair and don't make it "a needle in a heystack" cache too. I don't see that one being muggled! Ouch! It IS a nasty one. I'm rather ashamed of myself I may have to give up geocaching if people start regularly using this forum! All I have to say... Evil with a capital "E".
  8. I was wondering if anyone ever had an exciting food find while geocaching? I talking about the wild kind: mushrooms, wild leeks (ramps), fiddleheads, watercress, and whatever other wild edible you may come across. I regularly pick up wild leeks and watercress and are always on the lookout for more while caching in areas that may possibly hold such treasures. No need to disclose where you made you find... I like to keep mine secret also
  9. I think you could have used better camo paint pattern to match the post and skirt!!
  10. My handheld - no. The street map Garmin in the car is "Gigi".
  11. Just posting my tenth post to grow some legs on this tadpole.
  12. Just a thought. I would be concerned that it is mistaken for a pipe bomb.
  13. I drive a Citroen 2CV6. Fun to drive and great on gas.
  14. Plan on putting this one near another one of my caches. I haven't yet found a similar type hide locally. I know they are out there though. Can't wait to drive the local geo-caching population insane (I hope).
  15. Not a scooter... but at 40 miles a gallon and only 2 cylinders - I think it sort of qualifies as one.
  16. Brobdingnagian Geocoin, LE (Gold) How about this geocoin! It is listed as a geocoin but has a TB tag stuck to the back. BTW - Makes it an interesting hike carrying it in/out.
  17. Brobdingnagian Geocoin, LE (Gold) You gotta see this coin! It'll kill you trying to lug this one out!
  18. Sergeant in Kingston NY. 17 years completed --- 3 to go!!
  19. My name is based on what I like to drive, a Citroen 2CV. During the summer, you'll see my "toy" parked while I or we (my family and I) are trying to find a cache. Fun car and planning a cache in its honor.
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