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  1. i have been cruising this from cache to cache its a Ural from russia up checking out my bigfoot cache
  2. Yeah we do get stuck from time to time but we are self extracting.
  3. After many years of 4x4s this time i opted for a 2x3 http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=500594 and so far it seems to get the job done and is a blast , but it does up the muggle factor a bit .
  4. And its really calling you shirley surely, so surely ill take october 5th besides all those ZZZs make me sleepy
  5. Why?? Wht not?? It can make for an exciting adventure , and you get a chance to meet some very interesting people . In all my caching adventures i have met some real cool and interesting people and have come to the conclusion that 99.9% of the people out there no matter where they live are good people . After all its just another form of jungle .
  6. me myself i like all the caches even the ones on front door steps . I did three on a trip to arizona including the one owned by humanloofa . Also did another in that same area that was full of large travel bugs and the owners even stated on the page you could knock on there door and they would give you there password for there wifi so you could log the cache from there porch and the cachers then came out and we got to meet them which was a bonus . They can be a bit scary but hey that just makes the game more of an adventure,and it seems that most of them placed as such are known about by the neighbors that live there and it kinda adds to the fun. Not to sure i would place one where i live as it would get a bit old having people driving up my half mile drive and fighting off the dogs to look on my porch. But all in all i seem to like all the caches as long as i dont have to scoot to far on my but to get them . Thanks
  7. still useing my original yellow etrex held togeather with duct tape and super glue and the lady on the dash board a garmin 2610
  8. alone i have done 44 in a ten hour period caching around the redding california area yeha
  9. I have a travel bug http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=113410 that i sent out to see the tropics and after its trip to hawaii and back to the mainland i ran across it in the palm springs area where its was dropped off by THX4SHT from the shasta area so i took it along on my journey to arizona and dropped it off in a cache there in pheonix and a short time later THX4SHT was in the area and picked out just a few caches to grab while he was there and low and behold the first cache he comes to is the cache i placed the travel bug in so he grabbed it again and took it back to shasta where it had came from . Another time i grabbed a travel bug from Oregon where i live and took it about 800 miles away on a trip and picked one of 100s of caches i visited and placed it in the cache and was emailed later that the cache i placed it in was owned by the father of the cacher who owns the travel bug and lives in idaho
  10. Is that one of those Rooskie "Ural" rigs? Looks cool. If it is, and if I remember right, the sidecar wheel is driven, correct?
  11. this is what i am riding around caching on this summer
  12. most of the site is ok the way it is search out some 1 stars and see what happens some are easy some are hard and after a while you do get the feel of what you can and cant do , some of this is all trial and error . Sometimes i have to go after several caches to get just one but hey its fun . And also lots of caches are a lot harder then the one star terrian they are listed as but thats all in the challege of it i suppose . Lots of times i only get fifty yards away so i mumble under my breath and life goes on . Life is the prize and then you die
  13. geocheaters shame on you .if you do one of my caches and log a DNF ill be glad to give you a hint if you would like if you want to call a friend to get a hint after you have looked for awhile and not found it i think thats ok also But as for sitting down and trading notes on the whereabouts of caches or calling a friend before hand as to the whereabouts or cache container discription before even going out to do them well i think thats geocheating but then again thats just my opinion , never mind. life is the prize and then you die
  14. try this site pretty cool and it gets updated once a week i believe http://grand_high_pobah.home.comcast.net/LocationIndex.html Life is the prize and then you die
  15. I looked behind me one time and there they were Life is the prize and then you die
  16. I also tend to shy away from multis when i am out caching for the numbers but i do not mind them when i am just casually doing a bit of light caching as for what i do when putting out caches i tend to like the series type cache where you have several stand alone caches that are tied together with a mystery cache at the end i have done one with 20 different legs that count for 17 regular caches and three mysteries and the folks who went out and found them did it in only two hours so they ended up with the best of both . also i like to put a two stage multi where the first stage is a cool micro with the coords to the next stage an ammo box but i try to put them no more then a couple hundred feet apart from each other and once you find the micro the ammo can stage is a give away that shouldnt take more then a mintue or two Life is the prize and then you die
  17. Does this mean i have to stick to one star caches from now on?? Life is the prize and then you die
  18. Hey yeah do a multi in conjunction with a mystery cache i have done a few of these were on you get counted for each part of the multi beings there is a log book in each one and also a cache page ,and have parts of the coords for the mystery cache in each of the legs of the multi . So who ever wants to do the whole series can and will get the booty at the end and those who just wish to grab a few for the numbers can do this also, and i think it matters not of the weather or season if you hide them they will come Life is the prize and then you die
  19. When i am putting together a cool cache i think of it as a hobbie or artwork but when i am out in the weeds seeking out another cool hide or lurking around a big city trying to be unnoticeable i think of it as an adventure Life is the prize and then you die
  20. Hey just about anything works i just clean off the can and spray it with what ever paint i have about the house and then get some leaves and ceder branchs and a few bits if fern and lay them over it one at a time and give them a quick spray with what ever contrasting paint i have left then i spray paint a bit of fern black and press it along here and there and wahlah its done . Most green ammo cans do well by them selves but its fun decorating them
  21. Hey lets not ban anything , heres what i do i hide a real cool micro then put the coords to a ammo box in it but put it real close by (under two hundred feet )and give a real clear and easy clue to it . That way you get to try and find a cool and unique micro but get a crammed full ammo box to boot . I know it just a multi but you can get them both without having to go very far. And the ammo box is a freebee . Also micros are great for series caches along roads and what not , there easy to place and easy to find and usually they lead up to a big cache at the end and sometimes see ( Chess # 1 ) etc three full ammo cans yeah
  22. I did cache once that was down in a little creek type waterfall in front of a busy place , and when i got there there were kids all over a hundred of them on a field trip so i waited and as they all left i scanned the area and seeing where the cache was i proceeded to figure out how i was gonna get it . I spotted it and it was under a rock below the water line and try as i may i couldnt get the rock to move with my stick i use so much to retreive caches. So i figured it was another case of out of my wheelchair and onto the ground to fetch it . So out i jumped and scooted over to the bank and sat cross legged indian style and retrieved the cache signed the log replaced it and was ready to remount when i hear from behind me a group of people . They turned out to be a group of elderly folks there to see whatever the sites where and then i hear one of the ladies say OH LOOK THAT POOR MAN HAS FALLEN FROM HIS WHEELCHAIR so thinking quick i put my hands (palm up ) on my kness and look to the sky twas then i heard the lady exclaim OH LOOK HE IS MEDITATING WE BETTER LEAVE HIM BE and off they went inside and up i went with the help of a cement turtle for leverage and into my chair and on my way .Thanks to the quick thining i didnt have to resort to the usual foaming at the mouth and mumbling to get them to leave .
  23. Well i have done a few of geolite69s caches and i really enjoyed them i do like the in your face type of cache that is not really hidden under anything but more or less disguised as something everyday but also i like to have an ammo can to leave a bit of something nice forthe kids , so i tend to do multies where i have an in your face micro that will lead you to a bigger cache container real close by so you get the best of both . Also i tend to leave a few lame (for the numbers) caches along near or on the way to the harder ones to make it worth your while.
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