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By the time I found this website, all the good names had already been taken. *snip*


Ain't that the truth.


I spent most of my high school years in Ethiopia, so in searching for a unique name I thought back to the Amharic words I still remembered (yes, high school was a while ago). Gobuzz means brave.


I'm still trying to figure out if it is descriptive or wishful thinking :D

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For the last few years one of my other hobbies has been rebuilding a 1960 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. I started using KG1960 as my online name in an air-cooled VW forum which turned out to be quite useful at times. Since then I have used that name everywhere else. That way my little brain has only one name to remeber!

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Mine came from an incident that occurred on a camping/canoe trip that I took my Scout troop on to the Fulton chain of lakes at Old Forge, NY in June of 1973. We were using dehydrated food and back then the amount of water to be added to a pack was exact. There was very little room for error. The number of campers we had required the use of two different size packages. In our case (2) 12 man and (1) 8 man packages. The boys who were cooking dinner the last night had the water on the fire and it had just come to a boil. I noticed that the water level was almost at the top of our largest pot with no room to add the dry ingredients. fortunately by measuring a correct amount of water into our next largest pot all would be saved. We could add (1) 12 man and (1) 8 man package to the larger pot and the remaining 12 man package to the smaller pot. Some how the instructions got garbeled in trnasmission and the (1) 12 man pack was put in the large pot and the remaining 2 packages in the smaller pot, so when all had cooked for the required time, 30 min I think, the cooks informed me that "something didn't look right". They were correct! When we served the troop, each Scout had to make a choice. "Thick or Thin". We have had so many laughs over the years about that meal that I chose to commemorate it with my trail name.


Thick or Thin

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icon_rolleyes.gif<!--graemlin::)--> How did you develope your screen name?<BR><BR> I've often wondered about some of the crazy screen names attached to geocachers. Some are obvious. (maybe not icon_confused.gif<!--graemlin::confused:-->) Some are downright hilarious icon_biggrin.gif<!--graemlin::D-->.<BR><BR> Several people have questioned mine, so here is the explanation:<BR><BR><BR> I recently spent 9 months in Australia. Aussies definitely enjoy the english language.<BR><BR> Among other quirks, the Aussies use a lot of slang including some Cockney rhyming slang.<BR><BR> In Cockney rhyming slang, septic tank refers to Americans. (Tank rhymes with Yank)<BR><BR> Being a Yank, I thought sept1c_tank fit pretty well.<BR><BR><BR><BR> HOW DID YOU ARRIVE AT YOUR SCREEN NAME?


--==--PG 13 Post --==--

Well, mine's not all that inventive either. It was the domain name for my now-defunct band - Money Grubbing Bastards. Just kinda stuck. I'm somtimes called the Master Bastard, since I was the band leader/front man, but that's a bit too PG 13 for most sites.

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We travel quite often and our employment requires travel as well!


The number of crossroads that we all encounter every day is amazing, some of them actually a road that we travel on and others being the choices we have to make. Making the right choices is hardly ever easy and sometimes we are left wondering if we made the right decision or not. So every decision we make we try to make the decision that would be the one that would lead to the cross!


Our handle is one we chose as we hope to develop a ministry with the same name and it really defines alot about us!


We are attempting to begin a ministry under this name that reaches out to people who are living a nomadic lifestyle. For instance one thing we want to do is minister to carnival workers, coming to them after the show closes and serving a hot quality meal, bringing in guest speakers that will do presentations on healthy and positive living, also offering #'s and contacts in the area of substance abuse and counseling! There are many other things we would like to do in the ministry as well.


Hope this helps anyone with an interest a better understanding of our handle and a little bit about us, stay tuned as we are working on a website and organizational geocoin, for those who are intrigued to know a little more!!!

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My nick is a spiritual nick. I am silvrhawk. SILVR comes from the color of my hair after experiencing a tramatic event in 1980. HAWK is for the red tailed hawks we see everywhere when we travel. They seem to come when I need them the most. My protectors if you will.


mtman is my hubby. He is so named because he looks like one. Yummy





Not all who wader are lost.

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I came up with tenacityj from a mixture of ideas.


I had been described by many of my coaches in high school as an athlete that wasn't necessarily the best, but the most determined. I also really enjoyed the band called Tenacious D, so I merged the band name with the first letter of my real name and my coaches description - Tenacityj was born.


A friend of mine is know calling me The Nocturnal Cacher because I do almost all of my finding and hiding at night.

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Well, for some reason I just jumped on the first thing that came to mind. I work with plant collections and am constantly looking for specimens, while just out and about/geocaching/etc.


I'm also looking for a bit of real life in this bizarre world that we live in. So there you have it. Would I chose the same name again if I thought about it, probably not, but here it is.



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Well....most people think I have a bully for a kid. Which I do in a sense...but not how you think I do. I do have kids but they aren't bullies. But I do have a Miniature Bull Terrier..hence the mini bully and I'm a mom! Simple as can be...but then my son and daughter do both play full contact ice hockey. The daughter rules the neigborhood since she is one year older than all the boys and there have never been girls living nearby except for about 6 months in Kindergarten. Hmmm..maybe I should reconsider my name and make it TomBoyMom!! LOL

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I used to have a different account that I shared with my girlfriend. We parted ways, and so I needed another alias. The story behind my new alias is:


My oldest son joined the Army after 9/11. He spent all of last year in Iraq. The week after his unit returned to the states, I signed up and joined the Army. I am still angry about 9/11, still angry whenever I think back over the year of my son's deployment and all of the close calls he had with IED's and insurgent snipers, and still angry about the way that many people want to just ignore the threat.


So there ya go. That's my story. <_<

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I am a Newfoundland and Labrador Ham Radio Operator

So naturally my licence plate reads VO2WW

When I wanted a 'name' here in place of my actual name I chose VO2WW


VO = Newfoundland and Labrador, 2 = Labrador, WW = Gordon Parsons, which was my original name on here and is my actual name from when I was Labrador West's lone Geocacher hoping for a local Geocaching buddy to call me up. The country VO designation was entrenched as a 'term of union' when we joined Canada in 49 which had the country designation of VE, A call sign beginning VO1 would be on the island of Newfoundland.


WW is said as Whisky Whisky and is a call often used by illigal or pirate radio operators working outside legal bands, quite often outside the CB bands, which was how I came to use it. When I became legal I kept it as I was sort of attached to it.


Victor Ocean Two Whisky Whisky calling CQ DX and standing by..............

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A couple of guys occasionally referred to me as "The White Urkel" in the Army, but it was never a nickname by any means. I don't resemble him in any way. Although I do have big goofy glasses, I wear contact lenses 95% of the time. I regret not changing it before "the deadline" because I'm not really a geek. Really I'm not :unsure:

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My nickname from the first day at college was Hook. It was so pervasive that the college pastor, who blessed my marriage to my lovely wife, Biffer (another long story) had to ask my given name before the wedding because he had never heard it, nor used it. I didn't even try to use it here, it is always taken.


ProsperitySeeker is an inside joke with my friends. I have spent the last 25 years intentionally and successfully staying poor. Both of my roommates from college came from wealth and have done very well professionally, I have managed to work for not-for-profits and, true to the term, have not profited, at least in dollars. Interestingly I moved over ten years ago to a little village named Prosperity, thus the name.

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I originally started caching thinking it was something I could do with my 6-year-old daughter. Because she liked the cartoon character Dora the explorer, and she loves “treasure hunting”, we came up with the name Geo-Dora. Now I get chastised if I try to go caching without her! :P

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Self explanatory. I get a hard time from my 9 year old, too, if I suggest I go caching by myself . I still do re-con missions behind her back when I think there might be issues with finding a cache. I also go after FTFs when she's in school. If I get the FTF, I log it and then wait for 5-10 cachers to log it after in order to bury my log in the physical cache as well as on the cache page on line. Then "we" go after it and while she's looking over the booty I pretend to log it. This has worked out so far 4 times. If I strike out on FTF I walk away without logging it and come back with my partner on another day.

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My but this string has been going on for a long time.


Just thought I would weigh in again.

Deimos because I am a astronomy buff and 444 because 4 is my ( ha ha ) lucky number.


The black water kitty is a feral cat in the cat project at Foster City, CA that was standing in a pool of water next to a golf course for some crazy reason.


The really crazy part is that he/she stood there long enough to be photographed.


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Ever since visiting Australia back in 2001 I have been a big fan of their most wonderful wine, Shiraz. I wanted to include it in my geoname and could have left it at that but just had to take it up a notch. I wanted something that rhymed and considered ending the name with "-a-dazzle" but thought that seemed a bit over the top. "-mataz" was shorter and seemed to flow a little better, kind of like that smooth wine from down under!

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I always get the "Do you like bacon that much" or "Are you a cop" when ppl see my SN. However, the story goes like this:


When I scored my first goal in college (I played ice hockey), the announcer said "MU goal scored by #18, Chad Bacon" mispronouncing my last name. Everyone that knew me thought it was hilarious and called me Bacon from that point on (I was known better as bacon than as Chad). At some point, somebody stole the sign for "Hot Bacon" dressing from the cafeteria and stuck it on my dorm room door. I thought it would be a good SN and have used it for 10 years or so now.

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I'll bump this to make it easier to find. Never really wanted to post here but here is my short story:


Copied from wilipedia - A bogle, bogill is the Scots term for a legendary creature with a fierce temper. They are reputed to live for the simple purpose of torturing young children that disobey their mothers, or of punishing those that are lazy, incontinent (lacking self-restraint), or guilty of crimes.



I guess if the shoe fits go with it.


no its all a lie :laughing:

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I chose the name Banshee Reeks in honor of a large farm used as a wildlife preserve in Northern Virginia where I am a volunteer. It was a fairly quick decision. I happened to have a hat and a shirt with the name on it so adopted it as my screen name.


The word "banshee" is a Gaelic term for a female spirit and the word "reeks" is a Gaelic term for hills and dales. Legend has it that around the 1840s, the owner of the farm was of Irish or Scottish decent. After a night in town he came back to the farm and heard strange cries and sounds in the woods, what he thought might have been banshees. Since the farm was very hilly, he is supposed to have said that he heard, "banshees in the reeks." In the years since, the name has become Banshee Reeks.

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Mine just popped into my head. I used to be a lighting technician and a Skytracker is (was) a brand of really basic moving head Xenon searchlight, the type used to put those light columns in the sky at movie premieres. Seemed like a good name for geocaching and one day I intend to get a cartoon avatar to go with it.

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There are some interesting (and some not so interesting) reasons behind screen names here...


About Civisi


I always pronounce it suh-vee'-see, but technically, it should be pronounced Siv'-is ooh-nus.


It's formed from the Latin word for Citizen (civis) followed by the Roman numeral I (one), as in Citizen 1. The Latin word for one is "unus," hence civis unus. The correct way to display the name is CivisI or in all caps as CIVISI; however, over time, I have become more lax and simply use Civisi.

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VT-Vermont(I'm not a native Vermonter,but 90% of people will assume I am,and I LOVE my state)

MTN-Mountain (Vermont has lots of mountains...From french origin-Verde-green....Mont--mountain)

MN-Man(I'm a dude)


If you've ever met me,or even saw me,you'd probably say it fits nicely.Suspenders,at least one article of clothing is camo or flannel or a combination of the two.I don't own sneakers or hiking boots...leather boots or knee high rubber boots.I like muzzleloaders,hunting,fishing,raising my own food,snoeshoeing,ice fishing,making things with deerskin(Pouches and bags mostly),growing intrest in blacksmithing,fly tying and bows/bowhunting.Squirrel hunting is equivelent to deer hunting for me.


At times I'm surprised I broke down and bought a computer. :D But then again I wouldn't have been able to do this madness of finding ammo cans full of plastic toys in the woods using those "new fangled satellite things cooked up by flatlanders".... :):D Sometimes technology is good for something other than a distraction. :D;)


I originally started out with ^^^The Mountain Man^^^(from an MSN blog that has been long deleted thankfully,but that's another rant elsewhere),but I wanted to include VT in there.Folks who've been talking with me usually use MM for short.

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Ours is a combination of two things. I have a HUGE love of elephants. I surround myself with them, in my home, my car, my caching account. So, as my kids were born, I just started refering to them as "my herd."

Fast forward several years, and this is what you get:





Need I say more?

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I chose angevine because I grew up in Angers, France, and a female who comes from that region is known as an angevine (for those of you not fluent in French and curious, a male from Angers is an angevin).


My husband is NotThePainter – to distinguish him from that *other* Paul Cézanne!


-- Jeannette

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